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Grady Health System Professional Schools Reviews

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It is very rewarding learning how to become an EMT or paramedic. The satisfaction that you get when you were learning to save a persons life is very high and worth it. The unique aspects of our program goes into the para medicine portion. Understanding body functions and how it works goes hand-in-hand in the profession. Also understanding different types of medication that are using the emergency field that will save a persons life. The workload is task cool. However it gives us a great understanding of what we need to know in the field. The curriculum goes over everything that is needed in a step-by-step fashion. Which makes learning a lot easier. The facility has everything that we need to know and use for hands-on training that will be needed in the field. Everything is state of the art. We do our internship at Grady Memorial Hospital. This allows us to have right along's with preceptors that will show us the ways of an EMT or paramedic. Job opportunities are available for those who wish to apply as an EMT or paramedic for Grady. All in all, this is a great place to be apart of.
This institution gave me real life, hands-on training, that will be beneficial to me in my career. The instructors were very caring and were very concerned about our well-being as far as learning the materials needed for the course. The class sizes are not as big, which makes learning a little easier than normal colleges. I recommend the school to anyone who has a desire in becoming an EMT or a Paramedic. In addition to this, the school has also given me the insight of wanting to further my career in medicine.
The computer lab has just been updated as of last week. We now have more brand new computers installed and new desks. The only downside is you must bring your own paper if you want to print. If that is a problem, Emory has a library next door where everything is free for students.
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Grady offers the best clinical training in the state. Being a hospital based program and the states only Level 1 Trauma Center the type of training that you receive here as compared to what other schools offer cannot be beat!
I like my school. The training that we are receiving, I feel, is very good. The instructors are very caring and they truly want you to succeed. They are very flexible and approachable. Their equipment and classrooms are in bad need of an upgrade but with tuition costs very low, they do the best they can with what they have. I am not impressed at all with some of the technicians we must perform our clinical time with. A lot of them are very unprofessional and have no patience although they themselves went through the same program.
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