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I like how small it is and how interactive the professors are and how much they care about your success. I wouldn't change anything but its location.
Graceland is an excellent school where students have incredible opportunities to be involved outside of the classroom. Those opportunities are what helped me get my job today! The culture is so community focused and everyone there wants to help students succeed and exceed their potential. The academics are excellent as well. Many of the faculty are extraordinary in their accomplishments and dedication to students. The experience Graceland offers is unlike anything else, from excellent academic programs, athletic opportunities, honors program, Enactus, student government, and beyond. As long as you are willing to go out and get involved you will have a rich and engaging student experience!
There are more activities available than anyone could possibly have time to participate in. If you get involved, you will love it! Professors actually care about their students. There are lots of opportunities to network and gain leadership skills. Strong alumni connections can often lead to jobs upon graduation.
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Graceland University has a main campus in Lamoni, IA and then a sister campus in Independence, MO. I am in the BSN-RN program which takes place in the Independence campus. The faculty in both locations are absolutely wonderful to work with. They care about your success and making sure that you always have what you need to be successful! I would not choose a different place to receive my BSN-RN anywhere else! The ratings that I gave are in reference to the sister campus in Independence, Mo
Graceland feels like a tightknit family. I've already gotten to know a lot of my professors, and they're incredibly kind and supportive. Graceland has accommodated to everything I've needed and has done everything they can to make sure that I have the best experience possible.
You'll enjoy Graceland University in small town Lamoni Iowa. There is always something to do and places to go to.
Graceland University might represent the worst investment you could possibly make when it come to deciding on your future. At almost 40,000 dollars per year you would expect, at a minimum, a good quality campus and competent academics. Instead Graceland is a decrepit remnant of the 1950s with accompanying operations withing the administration. The college is ran as if it was still the 18th century, which was made especially evident with the recent data breach that release students Social Security Numbers, emails, addresses, and various other pieces of personally identifiable information to malicious hackers. If you accompany this with poor athletics and academics you can see why attending Graceland has been the worst decision of my life thus far.
Teachers range but mos of them really care. The tech kinda sucks because they are trying so hard to be modern but its under funded. Honestly I just hope that they don't have another security breach my information has already been stolen. The people that care are really sweet people to know and help how they can.
A few reasons why I love Graceland University is because of the community, that sense of instant connection, and also the people (teachers, coaches, students). When first entering the school there was an instant connection that made me feel like I was home even though its in an area total different from where i'm from. It was just an amazing first year and I cant wait to go back into another. One thing I would love to see change and is currently in the making of becoming that change is diversity. Our school is majority caucasians, and just a few colored but it's coming to the works where equality will be held amongst everyone no matter the race, color, or class you are in. And I find that great to see the fact that when theres an issue or a problem that it will immediately be fixed. Which is also why I enjoy myself at Graceland University.
I like the fact that Graceland University is very diverse and also that the classrooms are very small and that the students are very involved with the community in general. I like the Professors and how helpful they are to students and how much effort they put into their daily jobs. The school is very focused on diversity including all types of ethcinity and in general. I love the environments and the sports at Graceland. Being part of a program that cares so much about its community is something amazing about Graceland.
Graceland was been a great two years so far. There are a few things that could be changes but the atmosphere and education program here.
I love the housing system at GU. It becomes you're second family! There are so many events put on by GU that you are always meeting new people when you attend. Also having advisors that I trust and can ask any questions to is a awesome!
What I like about Graceland University is that they offer online master's programs in the field of nursing. I would like to change how expensive the tuition is.
So far it has been an easy admission and enrollment process. They have been wonderful at getting me all set up to start this spring.
This school lacks diversity and openness to change. Few issues with racism. This doesn't value the wants and opinions of its students. I think with the new president there might be hope for change but only time will tell.
Graceland is an amazing school in the fact that they really care about their students feeling welcomed and wanted. The school hosts a lot of events for students so that we can have fun outside of the classroom and so that we can have some stress relievers. The main thing I'd change about the school is that we don't always have the best resources especially considering the amount we pay to attend the school.
Graceland has open doors that I thought were closed. It is a great school with great professors. I recommend the school to anyone seeking higher education
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For a campus in a small town so much goes around. They always keep you busy with fun activities. One thing I wish they would change is how they treat the students. They expect us to behave like adults but treat us like children.
Graceland University is for those people who want a tight knit college community and where everyone knows everyone. teachers actually know your name and are willing to help you with your problems. They have a diverse range of students and staff and they make you all feel at home. I do not know of any safety issues that I or any body else have experienced while attending Graceland University. The Lamoni community is also supportive of the college and its students. Though it is a small town and does not offer as many accommodations that other college towns may offer, they do their best. I recommend Graceland University to any one that is looking for a small campus where you can make friends, be close with your teachers, and succeed in your academic adventures.
I went to Graceland University for my first college visit. They set the bar pretty high and I have yet to find a school that I feel more comfortable at academically and socially. In the fall 2019 I will be a GU JACKET and I couldn’t be prouder to say that. Graceland gives a very welcoming and homey atmosphere to you as soon as you step foot on campus. I’m from Las Vegas where it’s busy constantly and going to Graceland should be a “cultural shock” but I feel more comfortable there then my actual home.
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