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When it comes to Graceland University there is a lot of things that I personally would like to see be changed. Things like the food served in the commons, certain professors, and some academic changes need upgraded. However, even though it has all of these things that most students complain about, Graceland is a diverse school! People come from all over the world just to go to Graceland and get their degrees! It is beautiful! I love it and would not want to go anywhere else for school!
I like how everyone here is respectful and nice to each other. You could count on your friends to be there for you when you might need them the most.
I like the small town small school experience. It allows for more one on one with professors which is always nice and generally always helps.
I think the biggest thing I would like to see change is their organization. They're trying to do some changes that will be for the better, but right now we're just stuck in the middle of the transition and it makes things messy.
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I enjoy the diverse atmosphere at the college for professors and students! There are very small classrooms so you get to know people easily and it makes you feel more comfortable
I love how each faculty member really cares about their students and wants to see them succeed. They will answer any question you may have and will do anything in their power to help you succeed.
Graceland University is a unique Liberal Arts School. We have a focus on stimulating academics and invigorating campus activities. Professors are easily accessible with regular office hours as well as email communication. We have a great small little community-- professors even will have students over for home-cooked dinner sometimes, especially for international and long-distance students. We don't have Greek life, but each hall in the residence buildings makes up a House that also incorporates students living off campus. The Houses are a great source of community and activity and we have campus-wide activities that revolve around House competitions throughout the year.
There are few restaurant and shop options, but most students find creative activities to occupy their down time.
We have great class sizes-- few over 30, and some as small as 7 students. Overall, Graceland has a thriving environment and excited students. There are familiar faces to be seen anywhere on campus.
Graceland University provides a great atmosphere to pursue a nursing degree. The small class allows for great focus to be put on the professor's ability to connect with each student in the learning environment and clinical environment. Along with a great facility for nursing classes to be held, the school has great opportunities for clinical rotation sites, which is all based on the school's overall expertise. This is a great school to pursue more than just nursing, as the faculty goes above and beyond for their students, and allows for everyone to find their place to fit in.
I like the sense of home at Graceland. The faculty is amazing and everyone is very welcoming. The school is very small and that also allows you to get to know everyone who attends the university as well. The diversity at Graceland is incredible. I have made friends with people from literally all over the world and that allows for growth in different cultures as well. The school is all around amazing and i would definatly recommend it for anyone wanting to go to a 4 year college.
It is a great small university. There is a wide variety of diversity. Sports is the main thing and house activities.
I personally fell in love with Graceland when I stepped onto the campus for the first time. Graceland has such a family oriented feel to it, just a safe, positive,and warm atmosphere. I couldn't ask for a better student life; with Graceland being on the smaller end you really feel the sense of community, it is one huge family! Graceland's profferers are one of a kind, they truly want to see you succeed, and they really get to know you, thanks to the awesome student teacher ratio. Overall, Graceland has been outstanding to me, and I couldn't imagine going anywhere else!
Teachers are very helpful and are committed to my education.
I've never felt unsafe on campus.
Most students are encouraged to attend grad school after attending Graceland. They only offer 2 Bachelors of Sciences degrees and even then most people choose to go on to another school after graduation.
It is very easy to get an A in almost every course. Teachers frequently give out lots of extra credit and they are mostly lenient with their grading and their deadlines. They are eager to see the student succeed, even if that means making the class so easy it is hard to get a bad grade.
Living on campus is good for someone who is very social and doesn't mind someone constantly coming into their room. There is an open door policy, so whenever you are in your room your door is supposed to be open to encourage "community and interaction". This is fine for when you aren't doing anything important, but it makes it hard to study and get things done. There are supposed to be quiet hours from 11:30pm to 9:00am but they are rarely enforced and it is not unusual to have people making tons of noise at 3:00am.
98% of the students enrolled at this school are involved with some sort of extracurricular activity, and the bulk of that is sports. Sporting events are well-attended, however the facilities could use an upgrade.
The classes at this school are too easy. Very little studying is needed to pass these classes, which I feel is unhealthy when looking for a school that will prepare you for your future career. The school classifies itself as a Liberal Arts school, and they definitely live up to that label. It felt to me like the school put having fun ahead of doing well in your classes. Extracurriculars are strongly suggested to the point where you feel peer pressured to participate, even if it means that you won't get your homework/studying done. This school felt more like a continuous party than a college.
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Our school will hold internship fairs at our school once a semester to help students find the right internships for them to enable getting a job faster and easier out of college. Our school does its best to get students out and working in the field that they have been striving for.
Our courses here are challenging but help you really learn the material that is needed within the course. The professors are always trying to help if something is not easily understanding for a student. We can easily schedule one on one time with professors to get our work done or even to get help studying for an upcoming exam or test. There are a pretty good variety of courses offered wishing our school for its size. Our class sizes are about 30 students per class on average.
Our school rarely has any type of safety issues. Our school is in a very small town where everyone knows everyone so we all feel pretty safe here and there are rarely even fights between people. I feel very safe on campus in the day time and even at night.
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