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There have been ups and downs in my experience with Grace University. I have met some fantastic people who have helped me grow in my faith and have cared about me as a person. Some of the processes have not been easy, such as dual enrollment, and there are many people who did not know how certain processes should work.
Health and safety on campus is pretty good. The school is in a rough area, but our school is usually pretty safe feeling given that fact.
It is pretty good in my opinion. They really help you try and get a good job after schooling and help you out with internships as well!
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I have really enjoyed campus housing. I am able to have my own room and bathroom so the experience for me has been very good!
The athletics have been a pretty good experience. I have played soccer the past 2 years there and have enjoyed those years playing with my teammates.
The overall experience has been great. I enjoy the school being a smaller size because I have been able to get to know more people that way. The spiritual growth I have experienced there has also been great.
The only incident I have heard of on campus is minor stealing (the students did this). Other than that our campus is pretty safe.
The professors care greatly about their students. They put in more time and effort than required. They hold dinners at their homes and will make time to meet with students one on one.
It seems that there are many opportunities for students to be involved with internships. Also many of the professors have connections throughout the city.
The community built on the different halls is life changing.
Sports teams are very important to Grace. It is one way that the student boy unites, they even have cheers made up and teach them to the whole campus.
This school has been a blessing to me. So many amazing degree programs with a biblical perspective in each class. Definitely a place to learn and grow in Christ.
I always feel safe on campus, except for walking outside at night. The area is not the safest, but I know the people at the school have my best interest in mind.
I think that most students at the school go on to get jobs. Advisors are good with helping and recommending students.
I really love the people at Grace, even though I don't always get along with them. I wish there was clearer communication at the school.
I have had a good experience living on-campus. Sometimes, the rooms are not the best. But I have loved the community aspect of the halls.
There is no Greek life at Grace University, so there is no way to rate it.
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I love playing soccer at Grace because of my team. However, the facilities are not the best. It would be nice for us to have a soccer field close by.
I really enjoy the relationships I have built at this school. And I have loved being on the soccer team. But I am not always pleased by the academics.
Parties are going on too hard, too late, and hve too many drugs and alcohol, which are easily accesible.
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