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Grace College of Divinity Reviews

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I like the atmosphere that Grace College of Divinity sets. Their professor are very professional and they really care about their students.
The community is amazing. I feel like at home when I attend this college.
We do not deal with this on campus, everyone is in a place where they no longer deal with these issues.
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We have 24 hour cops and surveillance going on. Our campus is a one building campus so we are small, nothing gets past the front office.
Professors here at GCD are passionate and more then qualified to teach these courses. Average class size can range from 5 - 20 people, very small and personal. Some classes may be more of a lecture then question based, some are discussion based, it really depends on who the professor is and also what course it is that a student is taking.
Internships are incorporated in three of the degrees that GCD offers. Alumni is now many of the staff members who work at GCD and those who run events for GCD. This campus never fails to want to hire those who grew up in being taught by people who attended.
At my school we get practical life application. That is something I feel as though everyone needs in whatever field they're in. Students should not have to wait until their third and fourth years of school to get in a class room or have an internship. At my school internship programs are incorporated into three different degree programs and practical application starts on the first day in class and that's what makes GCD stand out.
I like the classes, staff and professors..
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