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I like the diversity and acceptance that is present on campus. One of my favorite parts of Grace is being a part of the soccer team and how we have built a family more than just a team. I also appreciate how the professors are always willing to help with any issues we might face with our busy schedules or language barriers that might raise along the way.
I am currently still attending Grace, and it is a Christian college that is very focused on God and I love that! The professors here are very caring of you. I am on the basketball team here as well and enjoying every minute!!
My experience at Grace has been wonderful. Every one on campus is friendly and welcoming. The environment is wholesome and the professors are helpful. The campus is very safe.
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The campus is beautiful and has many new buildings. Chapel is great and very God honoring. The food could use some variety as well. There are many good professors.
If you are military STAY FAR AWAY. I started last summer, barely started my second week and had to withdraw, mind you in this time frame, I had no grades, no feedback from professors, no nothing yet I get a va letter stating I owe x amount because the school took 50% of my GI BILL funds for absolutely nothing! They didnt offer me anything, taught me nothing and now I have to pay funds back ?! Mind you I withdrew because we were supposed to be sent to Germany, and they could not help me workout a way to finish the on campus requirements between then and our leave date, so I had to withdraw, they are the most unhelpful bumnch of people. This school is not a Christian kind of place. I would not send anyone here.
I'm a transfer student; I came from Purdue University Northwest. Grace is an amazing school. It's peaceful, beautiful, and wonderful. The expectations are high, but not unable to be achieved. Everyone is so kind and they genuinely care about your success.
I would not want to go anywhere else! There are so many wonderful things but the best aspect is definitely the community and welcoming people within. The professors willing devote time out of class to help students academically. They also intertwine each and every major or field of study with Gods word! Lastly to top it all off the opportunity to graduate within three years with a bachelors is a great opportunity.
I’m starting my review of Grace with a 2-star rating, but may take the liberty to up or down-grade that report after we meet with the Dean of Education. I’m afraid that Grace doesn’t have the proper training to deal with students with anxiety disabilities. My daughter has struggled severely, in particular, with a very harsh and demeaning professor in the education department . She informed this teacher of her struggle with anxiety and, thus far, the teacher has ignored her vulnerable email and has went as far as to demean her in front of her class and in her meeting with the Dean. There have been several other students that have had problems with this teacher, but are afraid to report it considering they want to be able to graduate. We will see how our meeting goes, and I’ll report back. Overall, our assessment is that Grace College has good, but costly, academic services; however, they offer little “grace” (in the education department).
I have loved my time at Grace. The res life is wonderful, the professors are great. I just wish they would have better communication between departments, studying in two different departments creates a bit of trouble.
I absolutely LOVE going to Grace College. The community is so welcoming and the staff and faculty are always there to help me when I need it. They all made adjusting from high school to college life easy and helped keep me on top of my grades and extra curricular activities.
Attending Grace College and Seminary has been an incredible experience so far. The people and professors are very caring and friendly. The atmosphere is so welcoming and the academics are of high importance. The scenery and culture Is what really sets Grace apart. The lake view makes college life very enjoyable along with the people at Grace. As well as the academics, the athletics are well-known at Grace. Many students attend games and events to support, and that grows the campus that much closer. Grace College truly is a family.
Love the community and togetherness feeling g and atmosphere. I greatly appreciate the real ness of the professors and love from faculty! Attending and working here is a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything!
I like how the professors are personable and approachable. But somethings that I would like to see changed are all the rules. Yes I get that it is a private and a Christian college, but kids need to make mistakes in order to grow.
Love the small but strong community There is so much that you can be involved in. The facilities are nice and I learn a lot in my classes.
I like Grace College a lot. The professors are great and the environment is great if you like a small size college. The food is okay but they do have a decent amount of options. And you are only 40 minutes away from Fort Wayne!
I am a incoming Freshman and I have visited and toured the school. With my time being there, I can see how hands on the teachers are and how friendly the students and community is.
I love going to Grace. There are so many welcoming and amazing people who help you grown in your faith. There are many classes and majors to choose from. The class sizes are also small, so the professors can focus on all of their students on a 1 on 1 basis if needed.
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its an amazing community they are such loving people. the campus is absolutely beautiful and magical. truly the best college you could choose to go to because god is so good and you can feel it walking through the campus there are numerous career options and great staff to help lead you in best possible decision making. Students are very caring as are the professors. great and god loving place
Didnt like much with the campus and campus life. It wasnt inclusive and didnt live up to the Christian faith. Basketball was ok but there were players that also follow the Christian faith. Professor made comments that was very off putting to me, a student of color.
I love the campus and the atmosphere at Grace College and can't wait to attend! The food there is fantastic and the students seem very friendly.
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