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I love the school. I think it was a great investment to me as a person, my faith, and honest relationships. I ran into issues that were not the school's fault but did effect my experience. This is a Christian institution and there are some heavy rules, but nothing that doesn't follow God's word and it seeks to build us up as Godly adults.
Grace has a wonderful family and faculty to student relationship experience. I plan on attending as a four year student this Fall and am overwhelmed with excitement about becoming a Lancer! Their programs and majors are terrific and the application process is also easy and awesome! Grace College is a good school to choose and definitely one I would reccommend adding to your list.
Grace College is an amazing college. The community here makes you feel like you are home. The professors and college employees are welcoming and encouraging to students.
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Great Christian atmosphere and community and an oppurtunity to grow in faith. However, with a strong Biblical basis, rules can be too restrictive at times.
Grace college has helped me grow in many areas of my life. I have learned to think about my own opinion on a topic and talking about it with someone while not offending them.
Grace College is small. There are a lot of rules and a lot of things that you should know before committing to coming here. But it's a place where people love you. Everyone is going through something but everyone has an ear to listen. If you're struggling there is someone on campus that wants to help you out. It might be the people on your hall, or you RA. Whoever it is, they want to be there. That's something special. Also, the school is just small enough that you get to know people but you always end up meeting someone new. It's fun to meet people because it's more things to do. Another thing that's big at Grace is community. We are all about creating an environment where people are comfortable and they want to have fun. They want everyone to feel like they are in an environment where Christ can love on them.
I'm going to be a freshman at Grace College in the Fall of 2017 and I couldn't be going to a better school. I love how safe the campus feels and how there's so much to do. I also love that the professors and students are so nice!
Grace is a good fit for me and what I wanted in a college! It is christian but also a mission field. The student body is friendly and just a nice size where I feel apart of things. It is a small campus but part of a great town and there are lots of things to do on campus.
I love Grace College. It's a lot of fun living in the dorms and having a bunch of people to grow with and live with. I don't regret coming here. Classes are a ton of fun and homework isn't' too bad. Professors are the best and they become near and dear to your heart.
I do really like Grace. The classes are small and the professors are reasonable, and emailing your professors questions you have about assignments is encouraged. The advisors are very helpful, and they do their best to accommodate all students. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in clubs and intramural sports, as well as service project opportunities. The schedule is set up with eight week sessions, so that you have the opportunity to save money and complete your degree in three years. I do not live on campus; I'm a commuter, but I do have friends on campus and have spent time in the dorms. All of the dorms are well taken care of, but some of them are a little old; however, they did just recently build two new dorms, so those are very nice. The parking situation is a little frustrating, since they are in the process of expanding campus, so while parking is free, it is not always the most convenient. Overall campus is small but beautiful.
I love everything about Grace College. It has helped me grow in my relationship with Christ.
I feel really confident about my prospects after college.
I feel extremely safe at Grace College and in Winona Lake.
I have loved living on campus. The community is fantastic.
The athletics programs at Grace have been improving a lot of the past few years.
I have really enjoyed my overall experience at grace.
Smaller school but adequate facilities
Review Grace College & Seminary
The school is amazing at providing incredible hands on experience. Even as a transfer student, I'm able to graduate on time. I'm also pursuing both aneed undergraduate and graduate degree at the same time!
Grace College does a good job of encouraging student safety and providing student support whenever needed.
Grace College is fantastic at creating a community of students that are actively engaged in class and strong in religious beliefs. The greatest part about Grace is that you can feel the bond between students. You truly feel like you are a part of the community around you while learning, which makes the classes and activities all the better. My only complaint is the website Grace College uses. The website is sometimes less than cooperative and some teachers prefer to use it as little as possible because of this.
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