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Everyone is so helpful and friendly. Grace college is a smaller school so you get alot of time with professors. This school was perfect to me because it wasnt far from home, and it is affordable. The culture is nice and i have a chance to play on the varsity Basketball team.
It’s been pretty good so far. I wouldn’t say its the best because I have experienced some issues with a few of my online courses.
Grace Bible College is an amazing college. The staff, students and community are invested in each other and you have an amazing experience on campus.
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GBC is the perfect small college. The campus is beautiful, the staff and faculty are fantastic, and the student body is generally accepting and welcoming. For example, I am a dual-enrolled high school student, and an older student in one of my classes took it upon himself to show me around the dorms and library. That is the kindness that anyone attending this college will see on a daily basis.
I am a student in the adult online program and so far I have had a great experience. Their courses are hard work but I feel are definitely worth it and you learn so much. They are all very kind and helpful.
As previously mentioned the party scenes on Grace are family friendly. Some activities include bonfires, sports games, or friendly competitions such as pull-apart. Each event has a positive impact on the students. They all lead to smiles, laughter, new friends, and new memories. It's wonderful.
Grace Bible provides many options for different majors. The staff is absolutely wonderful. They go out of their way to help you and there are many study groups available if extra help is needed.
Every student and faculty member is very accepting of one another. At Grace Bible College we are all a family.
Alcohol and drugs are not allowed on campus.
I really enjoy going to Grace Bible College, it has help megrow spiritually.
Accelerated format makes for a better concentration of the subject matter.
You can go and talk to the career center at any time, and they are willing to help you.
The professors know what they are talking about, and the courses all relate to your field of choice.
I feel safe and I know that I can talk to people if I have an issue.
The rooms and choices of housing are great. You have dorm rooms, apartments, and houses you can live in. The atmosphere is welcoming and everyone has fun and gets to know each other.
I am a student athlete, and the athletics at Grace are well managed and the facility is good. All of the coaches are approachable, and they are willing to help you. Everyone gets involved even if they do not participate in the sports. Everyone comes and watches and has a great time.
At Grace Bible College, the professors are personable and willing to help you so that you can do well in the field you choose to study. Everyone at the college is friendly and welcoming. All of the staff are approachable. There is so much to do n campus and off. The college does a good job of planning events so that you can get the most out of your college experience.
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We have security that roams around at night so I always feel safe. The area around us is safe so it's not common that there will be problems
Whenever you need extra help professors always willing to take time out of their day to help you.
There is always somebody to talk to. There is a lot to do. The dorms make you feel like home.
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