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Governors State University is a great college to attend for students who are looking for an affordable college experience. The professors at this school truly care about the student's education. The school is full of rich cultural experiences and student life involvement.
I am a single mom, and I work part-time. I have worked very hard in all my classes. My advisor failed to check the coding on my transferring classes, and I had to retake a class within that category, which is costing me more money. I have been on the Deans List several times within the two years I have attended, but was unaware of the honors society, which I could have joined. I am very excited to graduate, and I want my son to know I did this all for him, as he is my inspiration. Thank you.
My experience at Governor State University has been average but I rate my overall experience good. I have had two great individuals as the advisor that guided me and they were the Junior Advisors Ned Laff and Lakia Colquitt. I enjoy individuals that want to help and guide you in the right direction without making you repeat or give you a class and it was not in your major. They are helpful and it does not matter Lakia would walk you hand in hand to the right place.
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Governors State claims to be for the students, but I felt like I was tricked into believing that the school actually cared. for undergrads, there is no student life, and most tend to transfer out after one semester.
I love the amount of help that is available here at Governors State. There is no reason not to be successful here.
I like how close it is to home and how it is one of the more affordable colleges when pursuing a nursing degree. The library itself is a very cozy place to study or take a nap. I receive helpful instructions in their state-of-the-art nursing laboratories.
I'm a transfer student into GSU. The academics and professors are great here! The campus is a bit of a maze, but there is always someone around to help you find where you need to be and there are signs everywhere helping you figure out where you are. The athletic program is currently growing, so the school doesn't offer many sports yet but is in the process of adding more and expanding its current programs. There are always events going on through different clubs and organizations on campus. GSU has a diverse population of students in terms of race, religion, and age. Many students are commuters and transfer students because GSU only started accepting freshmen a few years ago.
My experience at Governors State University is one of the best experiences of my life I came into this school with my mind set that I will be successful once I graduated I have a current 3.7 Grade Point average. I'm on the multiple honors societies and on the Deans List. Being in a student at Governors State University was the best decision I could've made reaching for my dream in going to law school. I was expertly advised about the options of taking required classes in person or online which is very useful information for students who wish to succeed.
The college is very pretty, everyone is very friendly and if you need help finding something the staff is always willing to help. It's located almost near Chicago so the zone is not too bad. Classes are generally easy and there is a lot of activities you can do there.
I love that this school is so accommodating and appealing to the working adult. I am able to work full time and complete my degree part time!
Governor State University is a place where the faculty/staff come together to help students get on the right track for success. The library hours are amazing and the school provides great tutoring for any subject. This university is well organized. The grad-programs are awesome.
What I like about attending Governors State University is that it is close to my house. Academic wise the work isn't challenging to me, but for others it might be. The demographic is a mix of all races and all ages which I also like.
The university does an excellent job of promoting effective mental health. The professors and administration work well with students.
I am currently Commuting to Governors Sate University to get a Bachelor's in Accounting. I haven't been there too long, but from what I've seen it is a good school. It is large and offers many different subjects to study. There is a diverse number of people both learning and teaching at the University (3 of my 4 teachers are from other countries). It is a pretty safe school. There are plenty of lights around the school as well as security cameras, and the parking lots are patrolled by security in the evenings. Governors State is always looking for people to add to their roster, and they are willing to work with you towards your goals.
As a freshman 2 weeks into the school year, I don't have much experience at GSU. I will say that the campus is excellent and the academics seem to be very good from what I've seen so far. I do like this school.
I like the affordability of this University. I also like some of the teachers I have had, very much. I dislike that some of the teachers don't actually teach, and instead, read off PowerPoint presentations. Some teachers seem to not be concerned with the successfulness of their students being that they have already accomplished their goals. Teacher evaluations don't seem to do much to change these teachers.
The school is great but there are barely any activities for students. More activists or social events would make this school way more interesting and more fun
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Governors State University is a progressive success. Only time can tell the wonders GSU will continue to produce. This University is well-rounded and is a comfortable environment and foundation for students of every type.
What I like about GSU is the variety in culture and the diversity. It is a total learning environment from the classrooms to the classmates. GSU has friendly faculty and many different resources for students to utilize. I think certain offices shoule be more organized but overall GSU has been a good learning experience for me as a student, a parent, and as a professional.
This is the best university that I personally have been too. The fact that it went from a graduate school to a 4 year so is amazing . And it gives the people who didn't want to go away to school and opportunity to be close to home. This school is ideal for the working class.
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