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Everyone in the admissions office was very kind and helpful. I attended a tour there and I got to see classrooms, students and meet a couple of professors. Besides getting a tour of the classrooms, I was also able to see the dorms for myself. within the dorms I was able to speak to current students and ask them questions about Goucher College.
Strong liberal arts college. Wonderful faculty/staff, and a great campus. Currently (2017) undergoing a lot of construction, but that will make the campus much more modern and will dramatically improve the facilities. Food is incredible, and admin is approachable if you make the effort. Students are often disinterested in engagement as a whole, but there are some very active students that you will get to know at some point in your tenure here.
I love Goucher! The people are super nice and friendly. I love all the teachers. I live of campus and thus I have little to say about the for,s.
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I am originally from Rwanda. I came to the United States for secondary and post- secondary education. For the past year and half, my daily experience at Goucher (in terms of Academics and social life) has been proof of how worth it was to leave home (my family and my culture) for the sake of knowledge. I am much more eloquent, critical, and knowledgable regarding various subject matters-- For instance the condition of the global economy (as an economics major) and the vitality of efficient political institutions ( as an International Relations minor). I am immensely grateful to have been chosen to be part of such an intellectual community. Another thing I like about Goucher-- in addition to its remarkable academic programs is its diversity rate-- people like me are welcomed and easily integrated into the community.
Goucher is great! There are a lot of unique people (students and professors). Classes are small with interesting and engaged professors.
I have personally never had an issue so I do not feel like I can give an accurate opinion about the safety on campus, but I can say that I feel very safe and no one I know personally has had any problems with campus security/ safety either.
I plan to dance professionally after I leave Goucher and go onto medical school after I am done, which is why I chose to minor in public health as well. Even though I am not a major I do get notifications from the Biology department on campus whenever a speaker comes to talk or even when there is any info sessions about the medical field in general. I am not sure about the reputation Goucher has in the medical world, but one of my friends who applied to medical school just got accepted so they must be doing something right.
Every teacher I have had has been attentive, organized, and committed to whatever they are teaching. I am a Dance major but I have taken Biology, History, Computer Science, Environmental Studies, Spanish, Sociology, Business, and English classes so I believe I can make that statement with confidence.

What I love is that the teacher reviews are really looked at and when multiple students have a problem with a particular teacher, the college takes action and makes sure that the students needs are met.

Another thing I like is the responsiveness of most teachers. A lot of communication is done through email but there are also teachers that give out their personal number.
The resident buildings are very old. I have lived in some of the oldest buildings which has been very disadvantageous, especially when the weather is bad, but there are two good residential options on campus. One is the freshman village that was just built this past year. It is extremely lavish, which looks good for visitors, but there is not enough space for all freshman to live in it and it makes the other residential places look very subpar in comparison.
I chose my school because it was one of the few colleges that I was accepted into. Although it wasn't my first choice, the deciding factor for me was the great dance program, financial aid package and study abroad options. I am in my third year now and, unfortunately, the things I thought I was going to be able to didn't end up being a possibility in the end, but I can't say that it has made me regret my decision. I like the amount of opportunities students get to become involved on campus. I am the treasurer of both the Bikram Yoga Club and Dancer's of Color Coalition, and I'm a member of the Student Health advisory.

As a student I do feel taken care of. Some days during the year we'll get surprised with something sweet like free cupcakes on the walkway on the way to the academic classes, or a free outdoor movie screening. During finals week there is a ton of free food around campus and free acupuncture.

The only reason why I couldn't give a five star rating was because my study abroad program was cancelled the summer before the semester I was supposed to go, I didn't get support to find a comparable program, and I felt that it shouldn't have been that difficult since it was not my fault and it is a graduation requirement, but if I knew then what I do now, I would pick Goucher again every time.

I really do feel like the campus environment is enjoyable, there are tons of involvement options and the academics are strong.
There is a push to get the student body more involved with the athletics at Goucher. There has even been a recent partnership with underarmour, but the reality is that there is not a huge sport culture on campus.
Lots of jobs on campus, but the new rule that restricts a student to only earn 1000 per year is maddening.
Its a great school.. Just its so expensive.. the aid isnt even a 10th of the tuition.
Some buildings are terrible, some are ok
We are a D3 school
The athletics are great and school spirit is very high. Athletic facilities are some of the best I've ever seen!
So far my experience with my school has been absolutely amazing. The administration is the best I've ever encountered and everyone genuinely cares about helping you out with whatever you need.
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Not a lot of parties.
There is no diversity on this campus. Just because there might be 15 Asians and 30 Black people at a small college campus does not make you diverse. Also, people have to understand that newspaper journalists have reported horrible racist and discriminatory incidents against people of color on this campus. The college has used many techniques to silence students and cover up their recent and past issues. Do not come here if you are of a different ethnicity even if you fit in one the large religious groups on campus, which is Christianity and Judaism. Outside of the general stereotypes of being diverse, there is no other type of ethnic groups here. It's rare to find Hispanics, Middle Easterners, and other types of groups. If you're of a different ethnicity, you will face a lot of hell. I promise you all, it is not the campus that what I thought it would be. Go somewhere else, it will give you a better experience and education as a whole.
It's ridicolous the amount of people who excessively drink alcohol and partake in illegal drugs.
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