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So far my experience at Goucher, is very pleasing and successful. Dorms and campus scenery is amazing. Very safe campus. The staff there is incredible! Great school.
I was recently accepted and have not attended yet but I have been impress d with the focus on diversity at Goucher as well as how attentive faculty and staff are!
This college is terrible on most fronts, it’s only saving grace is the wonderful professors. The food is terrible and very repetitive. The academics is pretty average and less than spectacular. The diversity just come visit and that will answer any questions on diversity. However, I will say the groups such as GWOC( Goucher’s Women of Color) and the CREI center do offer a variety of fun and diverse activities and events. The location is not very convenient if you want some fun local activity but it is good for a walk or a hike. If you came to Maryland for the central downtown metropolitan city then you should go to Johns Hopkins ( not to mention it’s a better school altogether). Well if you want subpar food, annoying classmates, and terrible dorms then Goucher is the perfect place for you!!!
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I think that Goucher is a great school because when I first went to visit people were very welcoming and really nice. And they have drama and theater that I want to major in so I'm looking forward to it.
Very diverse community with a wide range of academic curriculum with specific concentration in the liberal arts.
I have never actually attended Goucher , however I have went on visits and personally really enjoyed it.
Goucher is an extremely academic sound school with fantastic individuals. The college campus is beautiful and people are willing to go the extra mile for their grades.
Goucher is known for attracting weird kids. Most (not all) students here are so socially awkward, and into nerdy activities and being obscure, so good luck to you if you don't fit in either of those criteria. The social life on the weekends sucks because the parties are usually busted by Public Safety. For those that don't partake in doing drugs or alcohol, the school plans events, but they're incredibly lame. Oh, and school spirit is sorely lacking when it comes to sports,
Goucher has great faculty, friendly atmosphere, unique courses, great study aboard opportunities and a swell Russian department.
Goucher is a perfect fit for me. I was looking for a small, liberal arts college that would give me some freedom in terms of my education, but would not have so much restriction that I would feel boxed in. Goucher is perfect for that. In my almost two full years here, I have made friends and met professors that have made my 12 years of suffering worth it. The whole climate is much more mature than high school, but contrary to what your teachers told you, you're not thrown into the wind to fend for yourself. There is plenty of support in every area you can think of - sexuality, gender, spirituality, academics, athletics, etc. The class sizes are small enough that there are plenty of professors that I was able to connect with and ask for guidance. The higher-ups do exaggerate the school's diversity, but the students, professors, and administrators do truly have a commitment to making Goucher as diverse, progressive, and safe for all identities as possible.
Goucher is a place very few can thrive, especially with the ridiculous tuition and costs associated with an education from here. In terms of the education you receive, I have not yet discovered its value. Some classes will be painfully easy and cater towards students who are clearly not prepared for college level academics. Others will challenge you and make you question everything around you.
As a freshman here at Goucher, I'm currently in love with the campus! The students here at Goucher are very artsy and open-minded, which makes the campus stimulating. The on-campus housing is very nice, and the new freshman dorm is incredible! My only current bother is the food since I am gluten free and have several food sensitivities. I would greatly recommend a campus visit!
I love the the Campus, it's beautiful. I also love the fact the it has woods on one side and the mall on the other side. The campus is small so you know where everything is. You can connect more with your teachers since classes are also small.
I loved my time there, but Goucher's a very hit or miss school. If it's right for you, you'll love the small class sizes and unique educators, but what works for some doesn't work for others. You get out what you put in.
Everyone in the admissions office was very kind and helpful. I attended a tour there and I got to see classrooms, students and meet a couple of professors. Besides getting a tour of the classrooms, I was also able to see the dorms for myself. within the dorms I was able to speak to current students and ask them questions about Goucher College.
Strong liberal arts college. Wonderful faculty/staff, and a great campus. Currently (2017) undergoing a lot of construction, but that will make the campus much more modern and will dramatically improve the facilities. Food is incredible, and admin is approachable if you make the effort. Students are often disinterested in engagement as a whole, but there are some very active students that you will get to know at some point in your tenure here.
I love Goucher! The people are super nice and friendly. I love all the teachers. I live of campus and thus I have little to say about the for,s.
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I am originally from Rwanda. I came to the United States for secondary and post- secondary education. For the past year and half, my daily experience at Goucher (in terms of Academics and social life) has been proof of how worth it was to leave home (my family and my culture) for the sake of knowledge. I am much more eloquent, critical, and knowledgable regarding various subject matters-- For instance the condition of the global economy (as an economics major) and the vitality of efficient political institutions ( as an International Relations minor). I am immensely grateful to have been chosen to be part of such an intellectual community. Another thing I like about Goucher-- in addition to its remarkable academic programs is its diversity rate-- people like me are welcomed and easily integrated into the community.
Goucher is great! There are a lot of unique people (students and professors). Classes are small with interesting and engaged professors.
I have personally never had an issue so I do not feel like I can give an accurate opinion about the safety on campus, but I can say that I feel very safe and no one I know personally has had any problems with campus security/ safety either.
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