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This is a good College to go to the students are friendly and can get to know the professors personally. It's a small liberal arts school that is good for anyone looking for a small college environment.
This is a school that praises diversity, and peace throughout the community regardless of your background or views, but the campus itself could not be more wrong. Goshen College is very diverse in race, however if your political views do not match those of the school, students and staff will do everything in their power to make your experience as difficult as possible. Beware, if you are a conservative you are not welcome here
Great experience, overall! There were some conflicts on campus among students but my personal experience was positive. I was able to meet nice people and I was accepted into the community.
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The professors and administrators are extremely helpful and compassionate. They want to see their students succeed.
Goshen College is one of the best schools in the country that is involved with its students personally and religiously.
As a music major, Goshen College has phenomenal facilities! The concert hall is comparable to Carnegie Hall, and international names come through regularly to perform. Because the college is small, class sizes are often around 20 students, and professors are very accessible.
It's not a very good value. The school is incredibly expensive, and the school has little to no name brand recognition. Student life is awful for those who are not Mennonite. There is someing on campus known as the "Menno wall." This is the divide between the Mennonites and non Mennonites. Professors are all from the same background, and the agenda of the school is obviously in one direction. If you disagree or go against the mainstream college views, you will be called out and penalized by staff as well as other students. Please... save your money.
Goshen has a great diverse campus. And the professors want to connect with you and are invested into your academic career.
As a nursing student, I like the experience of being a nursing student at Goshen College because they have a really good nursing program and the teachers are pretty nice. As an international student, i love being with other students from different countries. I am happy to be at Goshen, but the only thing that we can change is tuition. Too expensive. But I know that there are people who can afford it.
As an International student, I have found a home in this campus. In this comparatively small liberal arts college, I can walk across the campus and see the familar faces. The professors are also very welcoming and are ready to work one on one with the students.
I love Goshen's acceptance of all people, whatever their sex, gender, race, religion, nationality, etc. I've made friends with people from around the world to people in my home town that I had never met before. I'm a science major, and the sustainability efforts on this campus have amazed me, as well as professors that care about preparing their students for the work force or for graduate school.
I really liked Goshen College's passion for service to the community and to learning. Also, there seems to be a strong sense of unity on Campus where everyone is treated the same and everyone gets along. It is a welcoming place and a very peaceful environment.
It is a great school and for the most part the people on campus are very friendly. The biggest issue is with server errors (wifi going down) and sometimes following the menu in the dining hall.
Goshen College is a great small university that lets you have tight-knit relations with both your peers and professors. They allow you to be innovative, creative and best of all, they motivate you to do you best.
Goshen College is a small school, focused on community, and christ-centeredness. Goshen was a great pick for me.
I discovered my passion at Goshen College. When I began as a freshman, I was studying biology but was unsure of what career would be best for me. I quickly began to doubt that my calling was in biology. Thanks to a couple professors and a friend that I met at Goshen College, I was encouraged to change my major to broadcasting. It was in Goshen College’s communication department that I discovered my passion for journalism and TV news. A professor in that department saw my potential, invested in me, and even helped me get a job at a local TV news station. Goshen College is known for academic excellence despite its small size. The advantage of the smaller campus is that students receive more personalized guidance. The campus is also very diverse, with the population of Hispanic students increasing to almost 30 percent. I only wish the college had more black students, but the college is already making efforts to increase its black student population.
From the application process to the first day of class, the follow right along with you. The staff and faculty take the time to know you and your interests. The college over lots of events for students and the community as well. The college is close to downtown and not far from local establishments.
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The college puts on quiet a few job fairs that are very useful in getting students internships that often lead to job offers.
I feel that I am getting what I wanted out of college; a good education and good resources to help me after graduation.
I haven't heard of any crimes occurring on campus before.
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