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Gordon State is always on top of everything and someone is always there to assist you whether its on the phone or in person and they always get the job completed
I am currently enrolled in Gordon State College. It is an excellent school to attend. There are plenty of activities and you are able to meet a diversity on people on campus.
It's a wonderful school but their isn't much to do on campus. The teachers are nice and the employees are nice but no one isn't as enthusiastic as teachers and employees should be.
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I truly enjoy attending Gordon State College. I love the home town feel. The atmosphere is relaxed. The college offers regular activities.
My time at Gordon State College was really good. I got to stay in my own room and made some new friends while I was living in the dorms. I even participated in club activities that helped me get connected to other people. While Gordon was a great school to live in, it wasn't without its challenges. There were some things I struggled with, mainly writing papers that required approximately 1,000 words. I was good at math but that didn't meant I knew just about everything because I sometimes had trouble understanding the problems and would always seek tutoring advice from another person. Even though I didn't do as well as I hoped, I still had fun while I was at there.
The staff and teachers, and how much they are willing to help you succeed. They food is great, breakfast is best and the droms are amazing to stay in I say everyone should stay on campus
Gordon State College can be described as simply a hidden gem. It offers smaller sized classrooms where each student can have the opportunity to have their individual needs met. Because of the school's smaller size, it also means smaller tuition but at the same time, over 90% of all professors possess a PhD. Big value with small, hometown appeal.
I love that the campus is really small and quaint and quiet. Everything is so beautiful when walking to class. The only thing I would change is the disposition of the professors. Many are really happy to be teaching, which shows, but many are also obviously unhappy and take it out on the students. I have heard several students refused help in math classes, when they obviously need it, which really scares me as a new freshman.
My experience with Gordon State College was like smooth sailing because this is a small college and you will find everything you are looking for. There are many majors you can choose from. A highly recommended major is biology. This college is perfect for a nursing major as well because it has a great two year program with a guarantee job in the end. If I could change something about this college then it would be to add a dental program to their system. What I really love about this college is that the tuition is low but the quality is high.
It was great. I have made lots of cool friends and learned a lot of new things. The professors were helpful and cared about us students at Gordon
Its easy to find where you need to go and everybody is so helpful. The campus is beautiful and the professors are amazing.
I love the college here, but I wish there was more too do. I stay here for most of the week and then go back home because there is nothing interesting going on. I don't mean like crazy parties or anything i don't do those. The campus is very lovely and the people are friendly and easy to talk too for the most part as well.
The best thing about Gordon is the beneficial tuition fees because, it is one of the lowest costing schools to attend in the state of Georgia. The things I think Gordon could improve on are the guidance counselor's ability to reach out to students. I believe if Gordon had counselors/ advisors that actually wanted to help their students they would go out of their way to make the time to get in touch with them and, that would help may students graduate at the rate they wish to.
I thoroughly enjoyed all of my classes with Gordon. There is a wide variety of courses to choose from and the professors are very helpful. I wish they had more courses to choose from that are approved for dual-enrollment students but other than that, Gordon is very good starter school or 4-year school.
I loved being at Gordon. Its super cheap and the classes can be very good, depending on the professor. The biology labs are nice, and the campus is small enough to easily get around. I got a bachelors degree in 4 years without a dime of debt, so I really am very happy.
The college is a fantastic school with classes that are small and big at Times but yet the teaching and the lessons are still effective. Fees may not be easy to pay but eventually you will get them paid. Overall the college is just fine.
I love how Gordon is willing to help my any means possible. Also I would love to see the price change for housing.
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I enjoy being at Gordon. It's a very exciting school because a lot goes on. They keep the students very interacted and involved as far as school activities. One change I would like to see is more students.
I believe Gordon State College is a great school. Their professors work with you when you need assistance and they provide many study halls and groups on campus to assist you.
Gordon State is a great college for those who wish to strive for excellence. The professors push you to continually improve upon self and encourage you to reach beyond your limits.
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