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Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary Reviews

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Gordon conwell is a great seminary as a whole. I like the fact that is interdenominational and if you are pursuing an MDIV degree you also have to be involved in practical ministry. I do howeve would like to see more diversity in the staff and professors who teach there.
The Boston Campus is small but motivated. There are opportunities for employment, ministry and volunteering around the city. Positive values and social service is encoraged.
I love this school, the professors and administrative team. I feel accepted as a family and a fellow Christian. The environment is wholesome and accepting
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The safety is excellent and the students are like family
I study at GCTS-CUME Boston Campus. It is an amazing program for the future betterment of the Urban Boston community. The administrative representatives and professors are amazing and very involved with the students. The staff cares for the students and make every effort for students to exceed. Their budget, at times limit their ability offer more courses and to do more for the students. Thankfully, there is a scholarship for reduced prices; however, it can be difficult to pay cash for the remaining balance due to lack of more state and other scholarships and tuition assistance for this students who are there to learn and provide services and assistance to the urban community.
This is a melting pot facility. There are people from just about every ethnicity and their cultures are respected. Each person is respected as an individual, even if their life choices have not met the standards of the school. This school encourages every student to become the best that God has created them to be to the glory of God.
The security team is always thinking ahead so that the students do not have to think about security and feel secure.
This is an amazing facility with approachable and caring staff in all departments.
This is a very welcoming and supportive Seminary. I am learning from some of the very best in their fields.
I know where I am going, and where I belong. I am confident about the future.
Gordon-Conwell Theological Institute has the highest caliber of professors and standards in Massachusetts.
Rarely do experiences match the hype, but GCTS did.
Very caring and concerned for students.
Most is at least 10 minutes away from campus.
More awareness about assault concerns is needed.
Very little is open late in the area. But there are some great options.
A lot of international students.
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There are really no formal athletics, since this is a graduate school.
It has been a great experience.
Dining services does a good job with their very limited budget.
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