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This is a place where character is developed and foundations in education and values are built. Gordon is an intentional and tight-knit community. Its greatest strength is within those close connections - the ones you build with peers as well as your professors. These are the connections that grant opportunity and growth. It's a place where you learn more of who you are and how to tackle the work place in a faith-centered way. But Gordon isn't as great as it once was. Though these values, community support and connections still stand, the programs have been cut, professors let go and as a result, certain departments' academic levels are certainly not sufficient. (Make sure you research your department before coming in.) In some departments, resources and professors here are lacking. Overall, I've certainly developed my higher education to be faith-focused and have my Christ-centered purpose as a foundation, which has allowed me to grow with the help of the encouraging community.
Gordon is one of the top universities in the nation! Love it! The scenery is beautiful, it's close to Boston and all kinds of beaches! The North shore is the place to be in the summer and you can get to NYC in like 4-5 hours.
It is a great area to live. There isn't anywhere walkable to go to but there's loopholes. There's not that many majors and the programs are limiting. The classes are difficult but in a good way. The professors are awesome and the people on campus are amazing and diverse. The campus is really safe as well.
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I absolutely love this college, at first I was hesitant because although I am a christian I still wanted a regular college experience, yet Gordon has not failed me with either one of the things I wanted. Not only am I able to have a great college experience I am to also have an environment to freely speak about my faith and flourish with it. I am challenged with my faith but also surrounded by professors who share the same love in my faith as I do.
There is something for everyone here, and I mean that. If there isn't something for you, keep looking. You'll find it. It is a great social atmosphere and very welcoming. I never felt uncomfortable. On top of that, the academics are phenomenal... very tough at times, but you leave Gordon a whiz.
This college absolutely has your best interest in mind and will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve your goals.
Gordon College is a great college, academically. It's small and quaint, so if you like that it is the place for you. However, because of that it got boring often in the winter. There is also no place within walking distance (not even a gas station), so that was unfortunate. This is the place for the dedicated student, not someone trying to enjoy a great social life unless he were to put in significant effort.
Gordon has been a mixed experience for me. The academics are amazing; I absolutely love the professors! They all seem to care deeply for both what they do and their students. Rather than get a TA to do their work for them, they really invest in their students. It can really make a difference how the professors feel about teaching, and Gordon has that difference. Unfortunately, the current administration has a listening issue. The president makes lots of decisions without consulting staff or faculty, then does not want to deal with the consequences. Overall I recommend Gordon, if you don't mind being mad at the administration all the time.
If you come from a small, conservative town, Gordon College may strike you as an interesting mix of spiritually challenging and socially familiar. It's small, which is its strength especially when it comes to professorial involvement in student's lives. However, because it's a dry campus and there is so much conflict between the large crowd of liberal thinkers on a proudly conservative campus, it can feel like its own little planet in desperate need of some updates.
I loved Gordon's campus from the moment I saw it. While walking around campus it seemed like everyone knew each other, which was really nice. There was a great feel on campus.
This was oddly embarrassing. I know this seems more like a complaint or rant rather than a review, but I wanted to get my point across. If you are not someone who fits the norm around here, then you will certainly be noticed and treated as an outcast. My final point here is that I am not the only one here that feels the same thing, just a few weeks back the entire faculty senate resigned as they feel like a few students here are not receiving their rights on campus. I'll leave you with that as you can look that up.
Gordon has been amazing. With programs like La Vida for incoming students really helps with creating community. There are always efforts to foster community within this school. Speakers who come to this school have been very influential especially for me. The courses are challenging which is a blessing in itself. The school teaches you how to grow within your strengths and weaknesses so that you can be ready for the real world.
In my freshman year at Gordon College, made many friends during freshman orientation. Live in Ferrin Hall, great community. Love most of my classes. Work-study has been great, working part-time on campus. Like the small campus, short walk to classes, Lane Student Center, and academic buildings. Enjoy working out at the Bennett Field House. Attend chapel services, great Christian community here. Love visiting with friends, seeing Boston or Maine on weekends. Feels like home.
I love the campus and the people. It is a great community where the professors really care about the students. The only thing I would change is to have a better meal plan/better food. There isn't much variety and what there is, is ridiculously expensive.
As a transfer to Gordon College, I have never regretted my decision. I love the atmosphere and the welcoming campus community. There are many opportunities given to Gordon Students and I have enjoyed all of my courses here so far.
So far have had four classes. Teachers seem nice. Adjusting to class schedule, homework, and looking for deals on used books.
There are many international students this year, including students from China, Taiwan, and Africa. I know minority students from my former high school and from Georgia who attend Gordon College.
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Drugs and alchol are not available or encouraged on campus.
I have met many alumni from Gordon College through my church; several work for the church or serve as missionaries. My teachers are very caring. Look forward to working in the classrooms doing education internships in the future.
I am new on campus. Just completed first week of classes.
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