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Wonderful College to enhance both Faith and Liberal Art knowledge. If you are a Christian and eager to learn under Biblical base, Gordon college is a place where you can achieve that.
The students and staff at Gordon College are so welcoming and loving which is what I think makes it so unique compared to other schools!
There is an atmosphere of love and willingness to serve others. This truth changed my perspective of college and motivated me to seek God freely.
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Attending Gordon College has easily been the best decision I have made in my life. The community and environment on campus is thriving to grow and to deepen learning and faith. I have never been so happy in my life and I can thank Gordon College for that. The campus as a whole strives to improve and shows a high importance on education.
Definitely the place for me! Obviously there are some flaws, as every school does, but overall I have been very impressed with my college.
Gordon provides a lot of opportunities to get to know your faculty and to get involved on campus. Overall, students are quite friendly. The facilities are nice and there is a lot of investment in the science labs. I have had a positive experience there. The campus is extremely safe.
My daughter Rebekah will be returning to Gordon College in Fall 2018. She has been blessed with wonderful roommates during her 2 years in Ferrin Hall. She had good experiences with dorm students, classes, and professors at Gordon College. Gordon offers many great ways to grow in knowledge, wisdom, and physical health. Taking La Vida classes, working in the Outdoor Adventure Camp, and being a teacher's assistant for La Vida have been great opportunities for her to be physically active, help new students, and work with in the summer camp program. This summer, Rebekah is blessed to be a Gordon summer missions fellow. She is working in Columbia, South America with Viento Fresco. The Gordon campus is beautiful. The Gordon police and dorm staff maintain a safe campus. We are fortunate to have our daughter attend this wonderful Christian college.
It is very safe place than other universities.
This college's education major has high quality that it has 99% opportunity to have a job.
This college is good for Christians that we have to worship for 30 times in a semester.
It's a great Christian College. Sometimes people may think we are inside a small circle on our own, but we do learn subjects that are out of our value and beliefs. Because the school's little smaller than other colleges, students can directly relate themselves to the faculties (who are very passionate about teaching). I can't say too much about foods, but they are working on that thankfully.
Great academic programs and great faculty and staff. Lots of things to do on and around campus. Great student involvement on campus, and wonderful community throughout the school.
Gordon is a great Christian school and I would recommend it to everyone who wants to pursue a Christ-centered education. I would add diversity to the school if I could because I believe that a diverse surrounding community is very important and beneficial to healthy social growth.
I loved the campus, it was simply beautiful!! One of the major things I love about Gordon is the community. It is a very close knit family and they are all very friendly. Out of all the colleges I have applied to, Gordon was the most comfortable community I saw. I hope to be joining their campus in the fall. I wanna be able to experience a christian community and make new friends.
Gordon is for a very specific type of person. Being such a small campus there are basically only two groups to fall into. One being the group that goes off campus and parties, or the holier than thou extremely religious types. Not that there is anything wrong with being religious, but the self righteous and arrogant attitude of most students and faculty can get on your nerves. The food at Gordon is terrible. I have suffered food poisoning at least 4 times in the year I was here. The professors are extremely pretentious, they expect you to see things exactly their way and if challenged with an alternate point of view become extremely dismissive of the student. Chapel is something that is unique to the school and not easy to get out of. For those that are religious this shouldn't be an issue, but for someone like me Chapel can become a tedious task that you ultimately dread attending. The one thing I truly like about Gordon is how absolutely beautiful the campus is.
I absolutely love this college, at first I was hesitant because although I am a christian I still wanted a regular college experience, yet Gordon has not failed me with either one of the things I wanted. Not only am I able to have a great college like Gordon. I am to also have an environment to freely speak about my faith and flourish with it. I am challenged with my faith but also surrounded by professors who share the same love in my faith as I do.
The admissions process has been amazingly easy and flexible and every visit and conversation with the employees and other students has been a joy!!
Gordon College has a highly positive atmosphere. All are willing to help and answers questions, from Security Guards, to Professors, to fellow students.
I received a good liberal arts education at Gordon College, however they did not prepare me well for a career.
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It's an amazing school with Christ at the center of everything. Academics, though challenging is. Definitely worth it. It is a school that cares about every single student and makes efforts to make everyone comfortable. The Gordon experience is great!!
This is a place where character is developed and foundations in education and values are built. Gordon is an intentional and tight-knit community. Its greatest strength is within those close connections - the ones you build with peers as well as your professors. These are the connections that grant opportunity and growth. It's a place where you learn more of who you are and how to tackle the work place in a faith-centered way. But Gordon isn't as great as it once was. Though these values, community support and connections still stand, the programs have been cut, professors let go and as a result, certain departments' academic levels are certainly not sufficient. (Make sure you research your department before coming in.) In some departments, resources and professors here are lacking. Overall, I've certainly developed my higher education to be faith-focused and have my Christ-centered purpose as a foundation, which has allowed me to grow with the help of the encouraging community.
Gordon is one of the top universities in the nation! Love it! The scenery is beautiful, it's close to Boston and all kinds of beaches! The North shore is the place to be in the summer and you can get to NYC in like 4-5 hours.
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