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Good school, very expensive. Great teachers. They really want you to succeed. Help is always available. IT dept is lacking.
I love Goodwin College mainly based on the flexibility of their classes and I am able to take what I need before starting the program and don't have to drive to the campus. The staff is great and very helpful with all questions I have.
Goodwin College has been an overall great experience for me. I was a little apprehensive at the beginning not knowing what to expect. Everyone has been more than friendly and willing to help with whatever you need. The professors are knowledgeable in their field as I have been able to ask any question and receive a proper response. The students have also been great as we are all there for the same reason. I am only able to take the evening classes and have felt safe around the campus. Since my first class I have had a positive experience and I have been recommending Goodwin as a great place to further or start an education program. I am pleased to have met so many wonderful people as well as obtain new knowledge for myself to be able to better myself. I am very pleased that I chose Goodwin to continue my college education.
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I just started my classes at Goodwin college. So far I like it, the environment and atmosphere in classes are excellent. Some professors are not grading fair, but most of them are very nice and understandable. I would suggest for everyone to pick this college, and you will not regret it.
Goodwin college is a small school with frindly staff. Everyone is very helpful in guiding the students towards the right path.
Goodwin College have the best and caring Proffesors. You learn alot. Goodwin is clean and is a kind enviroment. I feel safe because of there are security guards, but it seems that because we are 18 and older, our reaponsibility is to keep ourself safe, in other word they don't care about your safety because we are adults.
I've been attending Goodwin College for that past 3 years and it's been a good experience. Everyone there is very helpful and will help you achieve your goals. I recommend this school to adults who are continuing their education.
Love this place and the staff is great! I wish it was less expensive! I have been to a few colleges and after 8 years I came back here. They help you every step of the way. Someone is always available to help. They are very involved in the community. They have so many programs for the students and the families. They involve everyone.
I liked many things about this college;most of the teachers care and are excellent teachers. The campus is nice and the people that work there are nice and seem to take pride in what they do(campus security, the librarians, etc). I enjoyed the majority of my classes, and felt that I learned a lot and for the most part, got a good return on my investment.
This school is VERY expensive. It is also infuriating that when I started there, they had certain criteria in place for the nursing program point system...which they changed right before I applied, making it even more difficult to get into this program.
Some of the courses required are ridiculous. I also feel that some of the classes and teachers are not up to snuff, and that the teachers do not care at all. Which is why the rating system is so great! At the end of your course, you rate the professor and the course.
I do feel that even though I received a degree, that I will not be able to get a job with it.
Wonderful school with incredible flexibility for someone with a busy schedule. A bit expensive for a commuter school.
The nursing program is great, they are very supportive and the LPN bridge has really been an easy transition for me.
Very strong RN program that now included BSN program as well. I graduated equipped to go to work in a hospital setting right away.
If you are planning to proceed your education in nursing, Goodwin College has a point system in which makes it harder to get to the program. That is the only down side. My advisor, Kristin Moreland, is great. She listens, she gives you feedbacks and she has made a big difference in my journey. The professors that I had taken class with, had been very attentive to my needs.
The support they give to their students. Also the availability of classes, having options for online classes and hybrid. Flexibility is a must in life.
In finding a school that has a LPN to RN program this was the best fit. It is frustrating that I have to retake science classes even though I hold a Bachelors Degree. The option for hybrid and online classes does help in a busy schedule of life, kids, and work.
I love how nice the teachers are in Goodwin college and the school itself. The only thing I would change is the price it’s alittle pricy
I like how the College and Professor's alone work hard and stay longer to make sure their student's achieve in what ever course they're taking. I love the flexibility and the ability to email or chat with your teacher's or librarian.
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Goodwin College is the college that works when basically no other college works with your schedule. I am a mom of young kids, have a house and am married. I have tried community college because it is cheaper but it does not have the flexibility Goodwin does. They offer many online courses, courses all day and evening and even on the weekends. It is what works for a student with a very busy lifestyle especially working and a family.
Goodwin College staff are very quick to respond when I need help. I love the flexibility of the college, you can work full time and still get the career you need. They have online, night and day classes which help with anyones schedule.
Goodwin College is a good college. To be honest its the best college I've ever attended. There customer service is excellent. Overtime I've contacted someone at this college someone always gets back to me. Classes are very convenient to match with work schedule. A lot of online classes are available at this school. This school offers a lot of support for the students. Advisors work so hard along with students every step of the way to ensure success. The only reason why I gave this school a 4 star instead of a 5 star is because of the expense. Its a private school so no surprises there its expensive.
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