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The campus is very clean and comfortable. The staff are very welcoming and helpful, as well as friendly. The professor are good and go the extra mile. The cafeteria is small so is the student center not much for me to do as a student. Although the activities that are always offered do make up for the small space. They are up to date on all the latest learning material and technology that is the biggest thumbs up. Overall good school.
Very new and innovative buildings. The teachers are friendly and helpful. Great parking. The landscaping is beautiful. There is no living arrangements and it is all commuters. There is not good food options on campus.
I loved that Goodwin offered early classes that I took while I was in high school. The classes they offered to other students and I were classes we were actually interested in and enjoyed. Not only were the classes fun, the professors were extremely understanding of our situation of being high school students, but challenged us at the same time. I took in a lot of information from those classes and I also earned 15 college credits.
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I am currently a student at Goodwin College. The flexibility that they offer has allowed me to successfully further my education as a working mother of two. The professors and staff are dedicated to the success of the students.
My advisor helped me with scholarship help and assisted with setting up classes that fit my schedule , super convenient to have weekend and night time classes
I highly recommend going somewhere else for your education. Many people go here for the nursing program. The cost for just one of their science classes is almost $4,000. The problem is that you MUST take the pre-req classes there or you do not get the points that you need to get into the program. I would recommend going to a community college before even thinking about going here. Even though they offer a BSN, they make you get your associates degree first. The advising staff are completely unorganized. You make an appointment to figure out your next semesters classes, and suddenly you need to take 4 more classes than they told you that you needed to the semester before. Its almost as they make stuff up as they go along. If you're going to pay an incredible amount of money, you should be able to get a quality education.
The advisors go out of their way to help and the teachers create a great learning experience! The campus also offers tutoring and student services. There is always a place or a person you can turn to for help.
It’s real clean and has a lot of nice places you can go to just hang out. I recommend it to anyone wanting to go to a 4 year school. A bit expensive however
Goodwin College is very helpful with classes that work around my schedule. Most classes are offered online for the people that cannot make it to class because of their schedule. I truly have nothing bad to say about Goodwin College. Very glad I am attending school here.
Goodwin college offers many students services, gives back to their community, events for the students and their family to partipate in.
So far I have had great professors who help me as much as they can . Very flexible with hours . Class rooms feel comfortable and I feel I can learn and have successful class discussions. Prifessores are always available to me every time I needed something .
I’ve had both bad and great professors.
Tuition is very high. Wish they didn’t require you to have 12 Goodwin credits in order to apply to certain programs. Don’t like the point system. GPA should be more of a consideration to get into programs rather than points from certain areas. Earning up to 7 Points for taking 7 classes at Goodwin isn’t fair to someone who only needed to take 3-4 classes before applying to a program.
Attending the Goodwin College was certainly a great experience! All the teachers were very helpful and every student will feel connected with everyone. The way the teachers teach the students are very easy to understand
As far as class times go, they are very flexible in offering a day and night class option. They will also tell you they offer day, evening and weekend clinicals. They do, however the way they determine what you get is by a lottery where each student picks a number out of a bag and that is the order you get to choose. If the only options left are days and times you can't do, they tell you your options are to make it work or sit the semester out and have first pick next time. Seems pretty harsh since it is a pretty expensive program.
I love Goodwin College! They have small class sizes and professor know the students by name. Its good for students who don't like big lecture hall with hundreds of one people and the campus over looks the Connecticut river.
So far as a new student to Goodwin the staff is overall very helpful in picking classes, getting finical aid setup, and picking the right major for you. One thing i would like to change is the cost of classes.
I like the flexibility of the class schedules. The campus is beautiful and so far all of the staff has been incredibly helpful. The pre-requisites to the nursing program can take quite a while so it's best to take as many classes as you can each semester. I like that they have a strong online curriculum and I was able to complete a majority of my classes that way. I rated it low for party scene/dorms because they really don't apply. A lot of the student body is adult based and those who are returning to school.
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I honestly LOVE this college. The faculty and staff are simply amazing. Admissions was incredibly helpful in getting me started and very optimistic about my future. The advising staff is literally ALWAYS available via phone, email or in person and they are happy to help. The professors are caring, patient and genuinely want all us to succeed. I have never felt more at home at a college.
This is my first semester at Goodwin and I am very happy with my decision to attend college here. The professors and wonderful and know the material. The library has materials for the science classes such as models and slides to help learning difficult material easier outside the class setting. Defiantly recommend this school to anyone looking to further their education.
I love Goodwin College. Their class offerings of on ground, online, hybrid, day, night, 15 week and 7 week make it easy to find a schedule that will fit your life and goals.
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