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Good Samaritan College of Nursing & Health Science Reviews

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I like the faculty and the small learning environment. I like that this is a Private, Hospital based Nursing School that is located on the Hospital Campus.
I'm just about done with my first semester and so far I love the school. Class size is small. The professors are wonderful. I had no problems or issues what so ever.
GSC is a small, close knit atmosphere, different from most schools. GSC also has the top NCLEX pass rate in the tristate area. The teachers are approachable and easily accessible.
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I think GSC is a great school and I am willing to pay the current tuition because my education is valuable to me.
I am not aware of post-grad services.
The student body at GSC is constantly changing. It is a very welcoming atmosphere.
I love the close knit feeling of GSC. All the students and faculty get to know one another very well and it becomes a home away from home. I would pick Good Sam 1,000 times over!
Technology is not Good Sam's strong point. The wifi connection is poor and the computers move very slow. The printer only works half of the time and causes for unneeded stress.
Because GSC is such a small school, there are limited activities. We do have a library which comes in handy when doing research, but we do not have a student center or athletic center. Those things are not necessarily needed though since no one lives on campus.
Nursing classes in general are great at Good Sam, however, some of the prerequisite classes are less than enjoyable.I was lucky enough to have 2 awesome teachers for Chemistry and Microbiology so I have no complaints!
Nursing is the main focus at Good Samaritan College. I enjoy being able to relate with all the students and teachers regarding my major.
The small size of my school is excellent and provides for 1 on 1 attention from professors. I am completely satisfied with my experience here so far.
It's very hard to get credits that transfer to the guidelines of the College. Since it is such a small school there aren't a wide range of classes/times offered. But that's also a positive. It's such a small school that you're in the same classes with the same people and you're able to stick together through the years and work together and everything. It's really good for keeping you on track.
I was given two grants in two different semesters where they took it away when I was at least 6 weeks into the semester.
Career Service/Inservice – As far as I know so far, They have people that set up booths and talk to students about career options and thats including PCA work while in nursing school.
A Student's Tuition – Good Sam's financial aid one stop center is amazing. The staff helps find the most money you can receive to help pay for your tuition and books. These include loans, grant money, and scholarships to apply for. The only downfall to Good Sam is the expensive credit hour price of $580. The education received is definitively worth this price but for the average student, it can be difficult to make ends meet.
Apply for all scholarships that you can. The school is very expensive, and so are the books that are needed for the classes. The financial aid process can be confusing, but you have to keep up with it on your sonis account.
My first semester I did not get enough loans to cover the tuition amounts. Also they seem to raise tuition every semester, getting very pricey for not getting to pick the time of day to take your classes.
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There is only one time the classes are offered, not convenient for commuting students, and there is a lot of down time.
The classes are very expensive. The majority of the teachers are very good, others are not open to trying new ways of teaching
Bad Schedule but the Same at Other Nursing Schools – The scheduling for classes is not very convenient. Most likely will have same issues at other Nursing schools however there is a gap between morning and afternoon where there are no classes scheduled to allow for classmate bonding but it just makes you wait around the school all day.
Very Diverse in Many Ways – There are mnay girls who attend fresh out of high school and excited to start back school again. Then there are mothers such as myself, going back or continuing their education. There is a broad range when it comes to age and different backgrounds. There are more males attending the institution as well
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