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I think Gonzaga is a community that shines its light all around the world through its loyal alumni, a good-samaritan" campus climate, and a welcoming staff. I can not recommend this school higher to anyone!
The community is very strong and people are very welcoming. One of our biggest thing is holding the door open for anyone behind you. Most of the teachers are wonderful and very knowledgeable in their areas of study. Gonzaga has small class sizes that allow you to connect with your professors one on one in class and their office hours.
I love the small classes and the fact that you get to know pretty much everyone in your major. It becomes a little community within the larger Gonzaga community. There are also so many ways to become involved because there is such a diversity of clubs and organizations. The basketball prowress of the Bulldogs is a plus.
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Very white. Academics are strong, if you choose the right classes. Campus is small, aren’t many cool amenities. All sporting events are awesome. Very, very hard to party as a freshman, especially with Judi Biggs, the new VP of student development, whom everybody hates for her notorious rule changes in all departments other than academics. People especially hate her for her recent stricter reprimanding policy on alcohol. Partying gets easier and more fun as you get older because you will most likely be living off campus. I generally have one awful professor a semester, other than that they’re great. Spokane really isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. I live in Dooley residence hall, which was built in 1960 and not supposed to be open for living this year, but they ran out of space because apparently because they didn’t plan for the incoming class 🤔. Dorms are just college dorms though, not great; the newer, the better.
Gonzaga is very well diverse community and that is what a like about it. It's also really close to home. There's nothing I would change because it's very successful the way it is right now
Gonzaga is amazing! It truly is a community where everyone is willing to help one another out, no matter the circumstance. It's almost unusual how nice and pleasant the environment is--there is not a time where someone does not hold a door open for you (and then you have to do that light jog because you are actually a lot further from the door than anticipated). The Spokane area is not the best, most activities are done on campus; Spokane is honestly a little crusty. If you're used to culture or seeing people of color in your community back home, Spokane will be a culture shock.
Gonzaga has such a welcoming atmosphere. From the moment I stepped on campus, I felt right at home. The students here are very kind, fun-loving, and dedicated to their work. The faculty genuinely cares about our success. I cannot imagine going anywhere other than Gonzaga because my experience here has gone beyond my expectations!
I really enjoyed how inclusive it was when I visited there. Everyone had great spirit and were all very welcoming. The overall atmosphere of the school felt very safe.
I haven't attended Gonzaga University but I visited the school. From what I saw and experienced from the staff was a warm and enriching environment to live and learn in. The student and faculty were extremely kind and welcoming and was able to answer any question I had. I hope to be able to go to this school next fall.
Gonzaga as a school is absolutely amazing. The city of Spokane doesn't have much for people under 21 to do especially during the night. The dining hall does not have the greatest food. All of the professors are extremely helpful and the other students really build a warm atmosphere around campus.
There's always something to go do on and around campus. My very first night there was spent playing bubble soccer and laser tag. They also have "Late Nights" at the COG, which is for bored night-owls like me, where they have food, different crafts, and sometimes karaoke. The classes have been good so far, and the adjustment period was fairly quick and easy. The campus is easy to get to know, the walks are enjoyable, and the buildings are relatively close together. I highly recommend suite-style dorm living, it's allowed for close bonding between myself, roommate, and suitemates, as well as having our own private common room to hang out in.
The small campus is great to navigate. The students are really big on the Men's basketball team, and only the men's basketball team. Being here has impacted me in both negative and positive ways. However, I do wish the school would put more emphasis on diversity and not just basketball.
The community and Jesuit education made the transition into college a smooth experience. The professors seem to genuinely care about your progress in their classes, and the athletics are great.
Gonzaga is really great! The facilities are fantastic and everyone is really friendly. The campus is beautiful and well taken care of!
What I most enjoy about Gonzaga is the on campus atmosphere. I always feel safe when I am on campus. There is also a real connection between the professors and the students. Every class that I have taken so far, my professor and I had an open relationship where I was able to ask them anything, whether is be educational or personal. I don't believe that other universities have this.
It's alright, i mean it's just more school... The only difference is you're now paying for it... This is not to say this is a bad school, it's just a school.
Overall I have greatly enjoyed my time at GU. Spokane is not the best city ever, but in the four years I've been here, there has been tremendous growth. The campus is adding new buildings every year, which is really exciting. I've had several classes that genuinely changed my world view, which you don't always get at bigger schools. My classes have been consistently small, with my largest being 75 students, and my smallest 11 students.

I am a public relations major, so I am in the College of Arts and Sciences and have absolutely loved all my teachers from the integrated media department. They want you to succeed and will do whatever they can to help you get and stay ahead.

Our campus is gorgeous, and Spokane has the best falls ever. Winter can be rough, but it's nice to actually get all four seasons every year.
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Gonzaga is an amazing school. The biggest reason I choose Gonzaga was the scholarship and grant money. I had never toured the campus only looked at some pictures and read reviews. Each person emphasized the community that surrounds Gonzaga but you never really understand what that means till you get here. Everyone here is friendly, and you get this feeling that people want to be here. A lot of colleges and universities the drive is what's the easiest path to get out in four years. Gonzaga's different. The hype around basketball, the intramurals, and the countless other activities that connect Gonzaga is remarkable.
Sense of Community is very strong ,and easy to meet new friends. I have only been here a month and a half, and I have had the time of my life. The people here are so enriching, and they want to help you. I made friends with in the span of two days. They will most likely be my friends for the rest of my time here and beyond
This is honestly such a terrific school. Everyone is so great and pretty much anyone you meet is willing to help you succeed and be there for support. I can already tell that the relationships I've already made and will continue to make will be for life.
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