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Golf Academy of America - Myrtle Beach Reviews

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My classes are all online so there are students from all over. Since I have not personally met them I can't comment on the diversity. But most seem to be hardworking and friendly based on our online discussions.
Career services are very high quality
Have not experienced online courses
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Value of education is great
Career center helps you get a job immediately after graduation
Golf course management as well as opportunities in instruction
Curriculum includes time in the classroom as well as on the golf course
I think its a little on the expensive side, but you do get your money worth
The campus could be a little bit bigger and newer but overall its great.
Everyone here is friendly and make a great student body.
Great teachera and very flexible with schedules and assignment dates
we have a rather large putting green in the main building to occupy us in between classes and next to a computer lab.
The education is worth most of the money i do not believe it to be worth the full amount. the financial aid associates once you are enrolled are not that informative to when they authorize more loans in your name for you.
An unbelievably help ful staff that is willing to go above and beyond to help their students find a career.
Although I have my own laptop, computers are available on campus should I need them. This allows me to do homework between classes, which frees up my nights. I do not have any issues with the school network. I do use my personal computer the majority of the time.
My school is golf specific so the campus resources are great. They have practive putting greens inside the school. They also have swing simulators. They are instructing me how to operate the simulators, as well as helping my personal game. They also offer weekly tournaments that I can volunteer to participate in.
My school is specifically focused on the golf industry. I want to have a career in this industry so I believe my school will be able to help me succeed. The social atmosphere is great as all the other students have the same interests as me, so it easy to make friends.
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