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Golf Academy of America - Carlsbad Reviews

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I attended the open house and will soon be attending the school. I'm looking forward to learning the golf industry and excelling my skills as a golf coach.
There are no online classes available here. Not sure why this question is here.
Take a look at the diversity of golf. That's what your gonna get here. All guys.
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A few richy rich kids get their tuition covered by mom and dad, but the school preys on veterans who have their tuition paid by Uncle Sam and hopes that the rest of us can pay off our loans with the minimum wage jobs we're hoping to get after grad.
Keep any dignity you might still have and save your money. You don't need them to find an entry level job. That's all you'll be getting.
Employers look at this "degree" as a joke. Leave this off of your resume if you want to get a job.
Learn everything they're "teaching" you by working at a golf course. You don't need this place to get a job.
Feel like just a number? That's what I feel like.
The PGA professionals are involved in everything we do here. From taking lessons to taking time out of there day to help us with things that we don't understand. They are easy to talk to and even invite students to play a round of golf with them. As instructors, they want to see the students learn and understand what they are teaching. It makes me enjoy coming to school each day.
Some of the resources that are available to us are pretty good. The first thing you can say is that we are being taught by PGA professionals. If you're going to work in the golf industry, being taught by PGA professionals would be a great advantage. The technologies that are offered to us such as Foresights, Trackman, V1, and Tomi are some of the things that are cutting edge for our field. Having an indoor putting green and hitting bay is not too bad also.
There are two computer labs, a few computers in the library, and a couple of computers in the "student lounge". Accessibility to computers is not a problem. The connection to the internet is decent, but can be on the slow side at times. When accessing the wifi or using the computers, most social media is blocked such as facebook and twitter.
I understood the school does have set schedules to help you reach your academic goals when I first started. There are three sections that you can choose from to offer a little bit of flexibility.The great thing about this school is that it's personal and they will help you work around your schedule if you need to. They do remind you that if you do change the schedule around that your graduation date might differ from the one that you expect.
I enjoy the classes and the people in the school so far. The only thing I don't like is there are only 6 women in the whole school so I feel very out numbered and it is hard to find a friend other than a man. We also don't get to play golf together and that is frustrating as well.
We have a library with great golf books and in the student area we have a hitting range and putting green to practice. With the greatest technology out we are able to learn how to use them and evaluate our swing when we have time.
I get to play golf twice a week for free(included in tuition) and have PGA pros to give me lessons that use the best technology for golf that is available.
We have only 3 computer labs that are not always available due to classes using them each day. The speed of the network works well and i haven't had many issues using the internet.
Waste of Money – It is a scam. The school does not care about anything but making money.
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You Take What They Give You – There are very few options. Students are not allowed to change classes to better times for their schedule.
A Joke – The school does not care about anything but making money.
Indoor Practice Area, Driving Range Is Far Away – the available driving range changes and some are far away. I just pay to go to my local range and don't use the schools.
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