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Very nice school but the dorms in certain houses are very small but that's normal. The gyms look amazing, and the pool is really pretty. The academics are amazing. You are getting what you paid for. The college is not to much at all but when you are coming out of state it may be a little pricey.
I love Goldey-Beacom College! It's a small private college campus and if you need any help from professors they are always willing to be there!!! The one thing I want to change is the campus events/activities.
If you're into getting a business degree it's a great college. Some instructors go above and beyond in making sure you succeed NOT fail. College environment is very friendly, people are very helpful and you pretty much get to know everyone. I consider Goldey-Beacom as my second home.
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I really enjoy attending Goldey-Beacom. It's a small community, that is good if you like to have a family feel where you know everyone. The teacher here are exceptional and really do want to see you succeed. Goldey-Beacom is not a well known school, but it is growing slowly. Although this school is very small and has a tiny campus, this is a very good school if you are an athlete as well, most of the students on campus are athletes for the school. Lastly this school is extremely affordable!
Goldey is a small family like oriented school. The teaches are very open and time convinent whenever you need them.
I like Goldey-Beacom College because it has a very diverse student population, while the campus only two main buildings (excluding dorms) I see people, students that are happy and willing to put in work to achieve their life long goals.
The professors care about your learning and take the time outside of lectures to give you support or extra help. The campus is very small
It's Very business oriented. You get a lot of one of one attention. Goldey-beacom college is all about you succeeding not failling. Instructors really work with you.
I'm just warning you now: do not do it. This is hardly a "college". It was smaller than my high school and it accepts almost anyone that applies (and the students show it). The administration will do everything in its power to ruin your college experience and not allow students to have fun. I think the dean forgets that GBC is a college and not high school. The only reason I went was for sports, which is the ONLY thing the school really has to offer. The athletes have school spirit and try hard, but it's not enough. Nothing is worth attending this school. Go to a real college.
Too small everyone knows everything . There are not many places to go to other than ud. The RAs are extremely strict and the athletic teams aren't very good usually .
Good class sizes and professors
Great business degree from business school
Older furniture and smelly buildings
No Greek life at all
No good sports and no shook spirit
The campus is small and family orientated however there is very little school spirit and the authorities don't really care to appeal to resident students
Its a great school, its not overwhelming to the sense that your stressed out everyday but you still get a great and affordable college education.
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There are college fairs every semester with great companies from around the area.
Teachers and staff are very open and very approachable
It really is chance but there are great people so you do get a sense of the whole college dorm expereience.
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