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I loved Golden West College because it was quiet and easy to get my work done. I was able to be focused and complete my classes in a timely manor. I chose this community college over others in my area because I had a plethora of choices when I went to register and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. However, my favorite part was that if my class was cancelled it only took me 10 min to get to the beach.
Golden West College is a great school if you want to focus solely on your academics while not getting too caught up in the social aspect of attending college.
I applied for Spring semester 2018 and everyone I met was very supportive. The campus is nice and people seem happy too.
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As someone who does not have enough money to afford college quite yet this is a perfect place to begin climbing and adapting to your college career. I wasnt to sure about this college at first because it was quite small compared to when i visited most other community colleges. Turns out it was really comfortable and the teachers are there to help you the best they can. Best thing about here is the guidence counselours. They really do try their hardest to get you to a place where you can feel confident in your choices.
I went from a student who didn't even want to attend college, to a student who's life was saved from a college. Golden West College cares about their students and is wonderful.
GWC has the best Nursing program! I highly recommend going there. Instructors care and are extremely supportive!
I like the career center which helped me by giving a good start. They have many counselors that are helpful and energized.
Classes of course cannot compare to universities but teachers want you to pass if they know you're ready.
The professors that I had at Golden West were fine. They weren't amazing, but they weren't terrible. I wish that I had a better experience at Golden West, but it happens. There was a great coffee cart that I went to most days.
Honestly the college is terrible, there are always students causing drama like if they were still in high school.the food is okay, and if the professor is new you have about a 70/30 chance it will be a terrible class.
golden west is such a nice school the campus is pretty and easy to navigate and they are building more offices to help grow the school as well as their staff is very helpful on transferring and helping you meet you goals
I really liked the campus and the interactions I had with my peers. I enjoyed the relatively small classes, and learned a lot during my time here.
The school is very pretty and smells like Eucalyptus, there are little rabbits and squirrels all over. But that's the best part. Homeless people rummage through the trash bins for cans and bottles. Most buildings don't have a solid wifi signal, even for the teachers. Those same buildings also often block out mobile data signal. The school is in a constant state of repair. But the teachers are nice, but often confused with technology, at least in my experience. The student body is mixed in terms of people's effort towards their classes. Many students are lifers and they keep taking the same classes over and over, hoping they pass this next time. There is also a large number of rich kids that are just in the school to appease their parents. They drive Porsche Panameras, Porsche 911s, and the occasional Jaguar. But seeing these cars are no longer a novelty after you attend a semester at GWC. All in all, I give the school a 3/5. Better teachers would breed better students.
Golden West College is a small and peaceful college with friendly and ambitious students. It has quite sturdy facilities and new buildings pending. The teachers are all at a master's degree and above, which makes learning not only more challenging, but extra rewarding.
Small campus as well as small class sizes. Great teachers and staff. Laid back culture in a great location. Came over from Orange Coast College and I strongly prefer it over occ
Being a communications major at Golden West is amazing ! you connect with a lot of people ! their is many work study opportunities depending on your major that will help you !
Golden West College is amazing ! Everyone is friendly, the campus is relaxing, The professors are helpful and will always be willing to help if you ask. So don't be shy and just be you !
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overall I am satisfied with GWC.
only accessed online course once previously.
Their are several resources available when it comes to transferring for a higher degree
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