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Parking lot is crazy, and drivers are not great. Teachers genuinely want you to succeed but will not just hand out grades.
Golden West College is an excellent school that I highly reccommend to anyone looking to further their educational goals. It is affordable and is located in Hungtington Beach, CA.

The programs are top notch and every professor I have had in my time there has been helpful in giving me the tools I need to reach my goals.
I surprisingly liked this school more than I expected. The student services and professors are always trying to help students to reach their potential and transfer to a 4 year school.
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I love GWC because the professors there care about their students, I can pay my own way through community college debt-free, and I learned much more than I ever thought I could.
I like GWC because they have some of the best professors out there. I love that they have an excellent nursing program. They offer many services such as college tours/fairs, job fairs, transfer center, beautiful library, and they're in the process of building the new math/science center.
From previous experience at my other community college, Goldenwest college has really helped me move forward and try harder to achieve a better GPA. The professors really took into consideration when I was having difficulties in a subject and taught me a lot through out the semesters. The location of the school was also 10 minutes away from my house and compared to other schools, Goldenwest had a different feeling. The environment was really nice and I enjoyed the effort they took to maintain a safe and beautiful.
I love the counselors and professors. Amazingly helpful. Of course, there will be professors that you dont like but thats anywhere you go. I've tried other Community colleges and didn't like them as much as i like Golden West. Especially the counselors. They are extreamlly helpful and will create an exact plan for you that you always have access to.
Goldenwest college is a place that is surrounded by great neighborhoods, and is very close to cheap food options as well as things to do in your free time. The college is a part of the coast community colleges and this allows you to easily find classes through coastline and orange coast if Goldenwest doesn’t provide that specific class. The teachers are generally good at what they do, but don’t expect any lifelong connections.
It was easy to apply and get registered for classes. They go out of there way to help you and provide services to the student. The only problem I had was with financial aide needing records from over 40 years ago that really weren’t necessarily. Other than that it’s been great so far.
Of the three Coast Community Colleges that I attended, Golden West is the best in the district! The programs seem to be, if not better financed, more aggressively structured, allowing the student to never feel the pains of an outdated class. Additionally, the campus has the best combination of architecture and nature that I've seen in the district. Climbing vines surround the quad and cafeteria, every building is lined with trees, and there's a wonderful (and often empty) garden, with more than one walking path!
Very accessible and affordable campus! Improvements can be made on elevators and the general signage around the school.
It is an average college, they are starting to renovate so that's nice. All of the teachers have accents that are hard to understand but overall not bad.
Goldenwest has a beautiful campus. They are doing a ton of remodeling. Overall an excellent school with great opportunities. This college attendance has a mixture of diversity.
Love the counselors, so helpful when I have questions! The financial aid office is helpful as well and walked me through the steps as it was my first time applying. The layout of the campus is easy and not confusing at all.
I love how the teachers are one and one and share their experiences with you! Every teacher I have had has made sure to make the most of my education. They offer many options to continue your studies. I have been challenged and pushed to my full potential.
This college is an above average school. The professors are great and it is very easy to make friends. They are remodeling a lot of buildings including a new science building which is very exciting. This college is great to start off your career if you cannot afford a university.
This school I have been there for two years and everything was amazing and the staff are so helpful when you are in need of help. And the campus is great too.
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Golden west college has a very mother nature vibe to it. The teachers that I have had so far are really helpful and attend to there students. I would love to see in the future that Golden West would receive school money to have better equipment and classrooms for students to learn.
I have had a tough path figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. Other schools had left me drifting without direction. At Golden West, the staff is exceptional. If they do not know the answer, they find out and follow up with you! The professors and science courses are easily the best I have experienced for community college level.
I loved Golden West College because it was quiet and easy to get my work done. I was able to be focused and complete my classes in a timely manor. I chose this community college over others in my area because I had a plethora of choices when I went to register and I had the opportunity to meet a lot of new people. However, my favorite part was that if my class was cancelled it only took me 10 min to get to the beach.
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