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Golden State College of Court Reporting Reviews

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Great support at this school.
The school schedule is extremely sporadic. If you don't have a job, then it'll work for you. But if you have a full time job or a family it is extremely difficult to make it to al the classes. Sometimes classes interfere with other classes and you can't be in two classes at once. Very disorgazined.
Everyone supports one another and wants to help. We learn a lot from each other. There's even specific online groups we belong to for extra support/motivation.
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The workload and homework is what I expected. It's a lot of hard work, but it's worth it.
The teachers are all very knowledgeable about this field. They are all very approachable and more than helpful.
This school lacks communication and organization. Classes are constantly changing or staying the same for months. Students have to find things out for themselves.
HORRIBLE! It's an absolute nightmare. The lady who runs it isn't very organized at all. She never checks in with you until it's too late. The school is small enough where everyone knows each other by name. The advisor/ counselor should be keeping track of those students on financial aid to make sure things are running smoothly or if any discrepancies occur some extra help. She offers no help and actually tries to deter you. An advisor should be helpful and supportive.
Good luck getting financial aid advise from this school. They are just finishing up the process of accreditation and it seems they have no idea what the next step ever is going to be. They just play it by ear.
Teachers are great. The English teacher, Victoria, is very knowledgeable. The student financial aid office can be very frustrating though. It doesn't seem like she really knows what's going on and cannot help.
Everyone is pretty much on the same page at school. We support and encourage each other. We get frustrated together. We celebrate together. All students have the same exact assignments to complete, and we help each other out from time to time with homework or English questions. Surprisingly, a lot of things to get through school are not told to students when they should be, but the students work together to make sure everyone gets the information they need.
There are a vast amount of computers for students to use at this school. Whether you are printing from one of the school's computers, or are using your own laptop, printers are available. There are some days when the internet and printer seem impossible to use, but always end up getting what you need. There is always Terry (the front desk, jack of all traits lady) who can fix it.
Before you even finish school, they make sure that you are out in the actual work force, and let you experience this career for yourself. With so many contacts, if you cannot find someone to shadow, they will help you with that and provide someone for you.
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