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I regret every single penny I spent on that school. Most professors don’t really care about teaching and are lazy. They havent been in the market for years so they have no idea of what is going on it there. I’ve learned wrong concepts in the classroom because many professors are stopped in time and don’t study to keep themselves up to date. Not only the professors but also the staff take forever to respond to questions or requests. They have no motivation to do their job because of some buracratic reason, they can’t be fired. The library never has the material that the professors request and when I went to inquire about that they said that was my obligation to buy the material. If you are interested in an easy diploma, that’s the place for you. But if your goal is to learn and be challenged, go spend your money somewhere else.
The university has a great academic program that fits the needs and careers of the Bay Area. The professors are well-known and provide a lot of support for students to find work during and after their program. The univeristy has well diverse and welcoming to all cultures and ethnicities.
I don't really have anything to compare with, but the location is decent and the faculty certainly know what they are doing. I will say that this a graduate school aimed at working professionals who want get into the field as quickly as possible.
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This school was not what I expected. The teachers were not involved with the students and graded essays unfairly.
There are many career and job fairs that go on each month. In addition, there is a great alumni network that exists.
Professors are very engaging. The are easily accessible and from my experience have been very accommodating. Most of the faculty has professional experience and great energy.
We are obligated to finish a sexual assault webinar before the beginning of each semester. There are weekly web articles that are emailed to students that provide us with updates on safety and student services.
After going back to school from a 7 year hiatus, I was nervous and worried that I won't be able to perform at my highest degree. Although after adjusting to school life and working with the programs the university offers, I have been able to function and perform at my best.
Golden Gate University is very accepting of people from all backgrounds.
Professors and advisers are very helpful and knowledgeable in helping students reach their goals.
This school prepares students to further their careers and grow within the fields they study.
Learning first-hand from professors who are working in the professions they are teaching about.
I feel safe when I spend time at this campus.
Golden Gate University is great for professionals.
There are many restaurants surrounding the university.
Advisors alway keep tracking student life and try to help us complete the classes.
We have small cafeteria, but close at normal hours
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Golden gate university in San Francisco has a really good class atmosphere. If you are working and need to improve yourself, this university is perfectly matched because they offer both in person and online class.
It was great! I interned at WTAS (Now Anderson Tax). They paid good money, and people were very friendly, explained a lot of topics, had a lot of very useful training. I loved it there.
yes, I did enjoy accounting classes. ( I was in masters in Acc program) Some classes were very difficult, but it was worth it. I would like to believe that they made me a better entry level -profesional.
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