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Gogebic Community College is a great college if you're looking for an inexpensive way to get your generals taken care of. I'd recommend applying early and applying for scholarships.
Gogebic is a wonderful college that has great admissions and student support personal. Would like to take other courses there if the option presents itself
Gogebic is a very friendly and personable school. Located in the woods of Ironwood Michigan, it has a modern yet rustic feel to it. A relative went here and she enjoyed her time there.
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Gogebic Community College is a small, interesting school in Ironwood, MI. You really do feel a sense of community at this school, I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true. Their staff are some of the most helpful educators I have ever seen. The school has a ski lift and hill on campus. Gogebic is a small campus, but your experience there will be anything but small.
Online classes are good. They are easy to use. Only problem I had was personally, I didn't use my time wisely. But if you use your time wisely, it is really easy.
All the employees that help with transferring and advising do good work. They work with you trying to find the best college and make sure your credits will transfer.
Teachers will help if you have job placements and will help looking for one. The area is smaller so some jobs are unavailable in the area, but the teachers and advisors are good with either relocating you or help finding another college which is closer to where you would like to be.
I haven't had many troubles with courses. Even taking classes online, all the teachers are good with getting back to you in emails about any questions you might have.
For criminal justice courses, the teachers knew what they were talking about and the homework load wasn't bad at all. They make it easy and fun to understand.
All the teachers I had made sure you were doing good and passing. Most teachers are very lenient and will help you on a personal level as well as in the class room.
It is nice to be able to do your homework, tests, and quizzes on your own time and when it is convenient for your busy schedule.
students from gogebic are well known as great honest hard workers.
Most places hiring nurses know that the gogebic nursing students are great!
I did have one microbiology class that wasn't even worth my time to be there. we didn't learn anything.
The RN program at gogebic needs a lot of work. The exams are almost more impossible than the nursing boards. Very smart students have been failing out, and that is uncalled for. The way we are prepared for the exam has nothing to do with our exams, and we are almost going in blindy, hoping we can guess the right question. Even if we memorize front to back all of our books, the questions still don't seem to match the text we studied.
my experience at gogebic was pretty well. Some of my instructors were not very good, but you do get what you pay for. The price is very reasonable and cheap.
teachers are always there to help if you just ask and make an meeting with them. class registration you start with admission or financial aid and if you have an advisors he willing to help in that area also.
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everything is usually able when you need it. Help on test, projects, and even studying its al there in aces center.
credits are easy to transfer but has to be a school they can transfer to over, like northern, supieror and etc.

classes are easy to make it on time, if your late they don't mind they are pretty laid back about that. some teachers are strict with you missing class, so have a good reason if you end up missing a lot.
Housing/dorms are best I've seen out of all the others college I've looked at. athletics everyone has a chance to come try out. dorms aren't far away from school, actually right next door. less walking. activities are always able for students. Aces center is very helpful, teachers and all.
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