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God's Bible School & College Reviews

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God's Bible School & College is changing my life. The people, city, chapels, and everything about this college is great! God really moves in mighty ways here, His presence is felt in a great way during chapel and prayer time. There is also the Consortium of Colleges and Universities around Cincinnati - where you can take classes at another college and they will be the same price and the credits at your college. It is over all a great program to use.
They are very persistent at recruiting
They all seem very helpful and want us to succeed
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I feel very safe here
I like living on campus because you get to know people better
Most everyone is kind while playing...especially to those who don't play sports very well
It is a top of the line school. I have had an awesome experience!
Are school is contacted a lot about the students. Many companies are willing to hire us once they know what college we are from.
There are a lot of restaurants nearby since we are located in the heart of Cincinnati
The school is pretty strict but I don't mind it.
Parties are not always the norm but when they happen they are fun
I didn't mind it but I also didn't apply for all I could have.
I enjoy the food though sometimes I would prefer a home-cooked meal
I enjoy living on campus. The housing is great and the people are too. We are located right beside many of the classrooms so it only takes a few minutes to reach the classrooms.
The guys and girls at my school are a distinguished group of individuals. Since the school dress code is quite specific, much of the dress style is alike. All are modest and professional looking which is the overall impression of the school as a whole. The students have many interests and I could not possibly name them all.
A Lot to Be Desired. They need to improve on their food. It is horable.
It is a Bibical school and do not have parties or soroities.
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Parking on campus is pretty good, you can usually find a spot with no problem and the fee is very resonable.
they do not have athletics but since they are a college they should have a foot ball team and the games it would be fun.
the libary is a nice place to relax the cafeteria was a nice place to study
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