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the format is amazing for people like me (non-traditional student, live out of state), and the leadership and self-direction required for this type of learning has taught me above and beyond the course of study, but I would have loved for the instructors/professors to have been more proactively supportive of us as students.
I love Goddard! Go maroon!! Everytime I step onto our campus, I feel an overarching sense of pride and joy. The academics are great and it has provided me with everything I have wanted in a college.
Goddard College gives me the opportunity to study in my own way, on my own time, with the ability to collaborate with my fellow students outside of the classroom environment. It is the future of higher education.
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Very rural - few dining options.
Small campus and everyone is very friendly.
No huge parties. People drink in the lounge.
Local and organic foods served.
People respect each other completely.
They were very kind and helpful.
All housing is quaint and nice.
I enjoy being with people of all stripes.
Some of us are old and not looking
This is not terribly important at Goddard.
We're only on campus for a week each semester, so the food isn't really that important.
It does snow but it is gorgeous in the mountains so you don't really care.
The computer labs were spacious and not crowded at all. Printing is free!
The residency dorms are nice but this is not a typical campus housing situation. They are for short term stays.
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There is no Greek life at this school, which suits me fine.
The students look super great. You only meet for a week or so per semester so do what you can with that.
Advisers Find Ways to Coax Best Work from Students – at goddard college, most of the work is done at home by oneself. every 3 weeks, a "packet" of writing is due to the students adviser, and the adviser responds within a couple of days with a lengthy response. goddard has no grades and does not believe in evaluation either, but an enthusiastic and thorough reply does signal that the student delved deep into their study. this sort of communication is a a bit of a positive feedback loop. i found my adviser this past semester would give me more and more suggestions for source material as we went, and she came to anticipate my course of study well. i love the one-on-one style of pedagogy.
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