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Gnomon School of Visual Effects Reviews

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The GED classes are a coinflip if they're useful. They might be a real time sink, boring, or really elementary. They can be useful, like perspective. The actual classes having to do with industry work are pretty good so far.
The professors are amazing, they are mostly all current working professionals that teach as a second job. so far my experience has been phenomenal
My discipline is Rigging (Character kinematics). The classes and instructors in this school are excellent and knowledgeable in the field. The program curriculum is tailored to prepare riggers to enter the industry with a broad knowledge base of the programs used and the skills necessary to use them. The workload is heavy, but no more that would be expected at a studio. The facilities are state of the art. If you're good enough in your field, a good job awaits.
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Here is what I believe. Gnomon School of Visual Effects is an innovative training facility in Hollywood that stresses the importance of creativity in computer graphics. Technology may offer new tools to create new visions, but the ultimate goal is to allow the artist to interact transparently with the software. They understand that it is not the technology that drives results, but the artist. So the entire school, instructors, administrators and industry professionals with traditional and digital backgrounds teach the technology to bring their students imaginations to life.
The student body at Gnomon is a mix of full time, part-time and evening students with a broad range of backgrounds and ethnicities. From the novice to industry professionals the students at Gnomon are dedicated to the art of 3D and careers in the 3D industry. Student interaction is easy, satisfying and constant with the idea that this is such a huge, complex job once you are in the business that collaboration is key to getting on in the industry.
Gnomon Experience – I have not yet attended Gnomon School of Visual Effects.
However, I have done much research on the main website and used many tutorials to be familiarized with the software that I will have to use when attending in the future.
I do believe that this is incredible that I am able to get a small sample of the education before attending and do believe that this make Gnomon extraordinary opposed to other colleges.
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