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I haven't used the career center, but I heard it is awesome!
I really like the online classes because you can essentially work at your own pace. It makes it convenient for anyone, even if you are a full-time employee and a full-time mom!
The online university is great for people who have a family, work, and home to run. You can work at your own pace with deadlines of course. I would recommend this school for anyone and have!
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They seem good so far
Fast paced but that's good
It's a very fast paced
I've gone to 4 schools and this one is the best
It's hard trying find money
I don't take online classes
It could assisted students more
It offers class that update
The treacher experience is great
The workload for business management with a marketing emphasis is very demanding, but the teachers are very helpful and flexible so it makes working hard easy.
The teachers are very flexible and understanding of life situations and work schedules and try to be as accommodating as possible.
I would still go to the same school. I was most proud the moment I found out I got honors for a quarter. The teachers are very, supportive, organized, and attentive. I wouldn't change anything.
The students at my school are very diverse and come from all walks of life. Most of the students are single parents working full-time and going to school. the work ethic of most of the students is very high. We all get along most of the time and the small classrooms make it very easy to get to know each other.
I thought it would be a very easy process going through financial aid, but there were hidden fees and fees they don't tell you when policy changes.
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My school is really big on diversity and that is a big deal for me. There are really small classes so it makes everything more personal. Most of my classmates are older people with children so there is a common goal of success for many different reasons. Everyone knows everyone
I believe the only problem is the first come first helped rule. Most of the required class are only offered every three quarters so that kind of mess up you programs and the goals that are put in place for you.
I believe it helps but not much. I feel that the school doesn't really have grasp of the financial aid like they should. I came I believing that financial aid but cover everything until the hidden fees popped up.
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