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Globe University - Green Bay Reviews

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I love the way everybody is treated with much love and respect, it is a great place to go learn in a very different way than a regular college.
Its just so different, its small and it just overall is such a welcoming environment
I like all that this school has done and all the things that it can do for me to help me get into the career field that i want too
Review Globe University - Green Bay
Its perfect for me and just is a good environment for people who are a little socially awkward like myself to get out there an d get to know new people
I have been offered several times to look at my credits from other schools to transfer what i can transfer which has been a very good thing for me because it has got me thinking that i might do that with one or two credits
Im not fond of online classes, i learn better in person, but it was rather okay i suppose
They have a great career center and they are very adamant on helping a student get a job in their field
Its more expensive than the last school i went to, but it is better aimed at me and the way that i learn so it is worth it
Great people, great atmosphere to be around
Its awesome to be very focused on what career i am going into rather than focusing on things that i wont even be able to relate to my career once I'm through school.
The schools academics are very up-to-date and they are very focused on giving the students the best information and experiances that they possibly can
I love the small, intimate campus. All the staff is very friendly. I appreciate how they are very goal oriented and want their students to achieve what it is they are trying to achieve.
Its a smaller school with more one on one interaction
Going to a private school does cost more and I think there should be more financial aide available for this
I loved the smaller class sizes
I learned new information that I will need to succeed in my new career
There are only certain programs at this University but it still offers financial aide and will help you to achieve your goals
Review Globe University - Green Bay
The career center is there for anyone every step of the way to help you find a job
On-line courses can be more of a challenge because the instructor is not there to answer a question that you might have but they can be reached in a timely manner
Everything that you will need to achieve your goals are available at Globe-Green Bay
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