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I like that the school has great teacher who are very professional and knowledgeable. the schedule is Monday to Thursday so you have the whole weekend to study
There are not a lot of options for class times and teachers. There is generally only one class for each subject each semester with a set time and teacher and you have to take whatever fits your semester with you degree plan. But you can not choose out of a couple of teachers or choose out of a few times there is only one choice.
When I started the program there were only 2 classes available online and it was a great experience but now there are no classes offered online.
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I love that the classes at global are only about 30 students it allows the teachers more time to meet with students. I like how some of the teachers get the students involved in the class by activities which keeps the students engaged since some classes are long.
Global's student services department constantly sends out career opportunities as they hear about them for the students to apply
I love how Global pushes you academically you can succeed but you have to be willing to put for more effort that you can even expect but in the end I truly believe it will make me a great and successful nurse.
Global is a great school I love that the teachers are actively working in the nursing field so they are up to date on the industry. Because of this they can also relate things they are teaching from the textbooks to some of their real life experiences. The administrative staff is very polite and have great customer service skills. If you are willing to seek their help they are always willing to give it. You can ask your favorite teachers for help on any classes because of the type of program they run the teachers are not specific to just their class.
The staff is willing to be accommodating where they can.
The alumni base is still getting established, but it time it will be very solid.
Depending on what is available, the staff will work to ensure most of the students are accommodated and try to help those that they were not able to accommodate that semester etc. It is hard to please everyone.
The school is still young so the alumni base is not as extensive as some of the other schools, but it is definitely on its way.
Sky is the limit since the alumni have diverse backgrounds in nursing.
Classes were small enough to feel like you were getting what seemed like individual attention...the courses were more than relevant, but a lot of extra studying needs to be done to be sure you keep up with the fast paced classes.
It is a challenging program, which will preparing the student with realistic expectations in the workplace.
Professors were knowledgable, up-to-date with what was going on in the field and always willing to make themselves available to the students.
I am a new student pursing LPN and i love the school how the campus is built ,their scheduling of class and how they orient new students.I think their overrall performance at school is awesome.
My school is a good school but sometimes I cnt work because if the schedules
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At my school there is an advisor name Michael Hughes! He awesome!
My school is $50,000.00. It's a lot of money but that's college!
They offer all the courses to become an CNA, LPN and RN!
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