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It was a worthwhile educational experience. The professors are willing to assist you if you need help. They are key in a student's pathway to success at this college.
It is a good school with decent facilities and a great community. I would recommend this school to anyone in the area looking for a college for their child.
The teachers that I had for online class would not help out. I had no idea what I was doing. I fell behind in my classes. My teachers wouldnt answer emails or agree to a meeting with me in person. The courses took online I did not get good grades in.
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While being transitioned to online course format, it was not a big shock for me. I have taken online courses all throughout my high school career, so it was pretty simple. The professors are super engaged with you to make sure you have everything you need to assure that you are learning the content correctly and fluently.
I love this small school. Every professor is directly involved with you and it really makes you feel at home. Even though it may be a small campus, there is a vast amount of diversity and it makes students feel welcomed. Academics and sports teams are through the roof amazing. The involvement with the coaching staff is surreal--they all seem as if they are professional athletes themselves!
I've loved the community in Glenville and the opportunities I have been afforded by going to school here.
I did not feel there was a lot of effort put forward by professors in online courses but I still learned a lot.
Glenville State College (GSC) is nestled in the side of a hill in a small town of West Virginia. GSC has many things to offer to students looking to further their education, especially in education. GSC brought me life long friends and taught me many lessons. There's nothing quite like the people of Gilmer County. The towns people are so supporting and involved with all events and students. If you're looking for D1 facilities with a cheaper price, GSC is the place for you! The Waco center is a sight for sore eyes, absolutely beautiful. Although, it's pretty far from any big city don't count it out before you make a visit. The campus is beautiful and the professors are so helpful!
I did not take many online classes at GSC, even though they are offered. Of the few classes I did take it was easy to navigate the systems and professors responded to emails quickly. The professors would even have on campus office hours if needed.
The college is small so the staff will be more able to focus on any problems any individual students is facing. This coupled with the small class size makes learning much more one on one
The online learning aspect is something that everyone who attends the college will be required to go through. Many of the online classes are prerequisites for the rest of any major and so much of it will seem repetitive or unnecessary.
My experience with online classes have been good. The professors are very lenient when it comes to pass due assignments if you shoot them an email, and it not difficult to pass the online classes.
Glenville State College is a small D2 school in WV and there isn’t much to do, but I have been at the school for three years and I have throughly enjoyed my experience. I have made many life long friends and have made many memories along the way. With them, being in the middle of nowhere doesn’t really matter. The classes are somewhat easy and the professors are very lenient and attentive. If you can get passed the college being in the middle of nowhere, it would be a great place to go!
For me, Glenville State College is too small. I also hate how there is ZERO parking for the freshman ON CAMPUS. We live on campus so we should have our parking there. Not 4 miles away.
I was at Glenville State College for the Hidden Promise summer camp in my eighth-grade year. It was a very scenic visit with many places and things to learn about. I really enjoyed the experience and think that Glenville College displays a lot of the natural beauty that West Virginia has to offer.
So far I have really loved my experience here. The professors are very helpful and faculty helps a great deal. I love that it feels like we all know each other.
No complaints, Very good, clean, safe, easy to concentrate. Professors are very concerned about the students. Campus life is very calm with little to no distractions.
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I love the small classes and the individualized attention from my professors. The campus is beautiful and the staff is amazing.
The college is very small but has a great atmosphere. The Professors are always great and willing to do what it takes to help the students out in any way they can.
Not a bad school. I often felt at home but I wasn't the best me and I lost who I was. Anyway, if oyu want to go to college but are scared I found that with how small Glenville is, its the best for trying college out and seeing if its a good fit.
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