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At Glenville State the professors are absolutely amazing they will work with all the way and they get to know who you are, you're not a number. The food at the college is pretty bad at times they have their good and bad days, however the food gets made up with the places to eat around the campus the barbeque joint, pizza hut, and tudor's biscuit world are all great places. Glenville is just a great atmosphere and there is something always going on.
This college has such a great community, it makes you feel like you have a family here on campus and in the community.
I am a senior at Glenville State. My overall experience has been great; I've met lifetime friends and learned a lot while attending here. I like Glenville because it's a small local environment and community. A good aspect is that I can access help for the classes easier because the classes aren't large. The housing/dorms are great to live in. One thing I wish to change about it is that it can get boring occasionally because locals go home a lot. But overall its good.
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I loved the tight net community that encircled Glenville State College and the teachers because of the small number of students the teachers could help out on a more individual level.
The professors at Glenville state care about there students well being. They will take extra time to figure out what is wrong and why you missed class. Glenville state also has many activities led by an activity director to get students involved. They have trivia and bingo and more. All around Glenville state is a college that gets you involved.
Glenville is a very spread out college in the middle of no where. The is one McDonald's and a Tutors in town and that's about it. There also seems to be a lot of medical accidents that happen in the faculty housing.
Even though I am from a town an hour away, being at Glenville State College has really made me for more 'at home'. It's a safe school and quiet town. There are a lot of students from all over the Country, and some out of Country. It's easy to make friends and be comfortable walking around at night.
So far my experience has been amazing. My brother is a sophomore there and I followed in his footsteps and chose to go there too! I like the small close community because it's easier to get to know other people and everyone is so close. I do think that the school should get better at helping students with financial issues and let them know when something is wrong with their accounts. The school just needs to be better overall with communication toward the students that attend.
Glenville state is about as good as any other college. The forestry department is one of the better programs in the college. It is bery hard to get personalized help and just as any program it is really simple to get swept under the rug. But all and all Glenville State College is just as good as any college.
Glenville State College is a small Public college in a rural West Virginia town. Though it's 15 miles from I-79, Glenville is relatively close to several metro areas. The academics at Glenville are thorough due to the faculty to student ratio; something you won't get at a major university. Glenville also has very nice facilities for academics and athletics. Glenville has plenty of opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities as well. Tuition at Glenville is comparably cheaper than most accredited colleges and universities. The only real negatives about Glenville is parking, dorms and party scene.
I am currently a freshman at Glenville state college. The transition from high school to college was strange but the staff here were very willing to help in any way possible. The academics are great and so are the professors. The campus is beautiful and provides a good workout when walking up the steep hill. I love being here, and I am sure I made the right choice choosing this school.
I really enjoy the professors they are very helpful, unless you make no effort.
I feel a degree is a degree, they all require dedication and commitment to obtain no matter where it comes from.
I haven't heard not have I had any complaints.
It's a home away from home, nothing special but it's good enough.
Not as meaning Greek fraternity and sororities to choose from but enough to give you the experience of being a part of something bigger and building life long friendships.
I felt my questions were answered in a timely fashion and if the answer was unknown I was put in contact with someone who could help me. Like most admissions offices timely scheduling is key and I had a very small issue with my schedule but it was resolved will little issue.
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There is definitely pride in our athletics, but being a smaller campus it's not the main focus. Which is nice because I didn't go to school for the athletics.
Students feel safe around campus. Public safety is always around if you need them. Dorms are very secure.
Education major is one of the bigger majors on campus. Professors are always willing to help. I feel like I picked the right school for my major.
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