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The professors. The math and science department is a joke. The counselors and help on campus is a joke as well. Have a stronger base of support.
I loved my time here and now I'm transferring to UCLA. If you want to go to a four year institution, I honestly cannot think of any community college better than this to attend. Join the scholars program. This gives you an opportunity to transfer to UCLA with TAP or a transfer alliance program. Basically it almost guarantees you'll get accepted given you keep a high GPA. Make friends with your professors, I cannot stress this enough. The staff deserves 11 stars if I could give them. Plan your classes out well and you will end up going to the four year of your choice. This is a great way to save money before going to a four year, and it's a wonderful place to be. Parking is a duel to the death, so with that my friends I wish you luck. Stay focused, do your work, and I promise It'll pay off.
Glendale Community College made me who I truly am today. I have transferred from there but I frequently visit and get involved in play production at the campus. The community surrounding it is very kind and friendly and the school is a great and healthy place to connect with others and educate yourself.
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I loved attending GCC. Classes are small so you get a lot of one on one interaction with the professor.
Glendale Community College offered a variety of courses with phenomenal staff members who did an excellent job of educating students.
I had to transfer to Glendale Community College and it has been the best experience so far! There are amazing people with beautiful personalities, the professors are kind and know their stuff. Although there isn't that much diversity, everyone treats each other with respect and are very friendly. The counselors, admission, financial aid departments and more have been very very helpful and are knowledgeable in the topics that I needed help with. Glendale Community College overall is an amazing college to go to, to get a certficate and/or transfer out of to a university.
I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the campus and the available opportunities for me to succeed. I also noticed there is a lot of diversity within students which contributes to your overall experience. As this being my third year at Glendale College I can whole heartedly say I would recommend this campus to anyone interested. You will not regret it, not to mention tuition units are fairly cheaper than most other community colleges. Go Matadors!
I got to know the school like the back of my hand. i hear the teachers are better in Pasadena community college but i chose Glendale due to the commute. the parking is more expensive in Glendale than Pasadena. there is free parking after 2 p.m. at the Verdugo skate park across from the school. the admissions office, financial aid office, counselors office is now all in one building which is convenient, instead of having to walk from one corner of the school to the other.
The school has one of the nicest views when leaving the parking structure you can see the mountains and the city.As well most teachers don't try to force their beliefs down your throat.The teachers are very knowledgable especially in CS department. Some don't know how to explain it very well but there is no denying the fact that they know what they are talking about. Whenever you are stuck on something they will sit down with you and walk you through it most of the time.What I especially like about it is anyone that is willing to learn will learn however if you are just their to mess around the professors have no problem calling you out.
Here are a few pointers to use if you decide to come here:

1. To avoid paying the hefty parking permits each semester, use the Verdugo Park parking structure next to the skate park zone after 2 pm, it is free. It may be helpful to plan your classes after 2 pm to use the free parking access nearest to the campus.

2. Get yourself familiar with departments like EOPS, GAIN, and the scholarship department. They all have large resources of financial assistance to help you obtain all the necessary equipment for classes at no cost.

3. Rent, do not buy: If you need a Texas 84, 85 calculator, rent from the Business Office for $20 bucks a semester.

4. Log on to Facebook and add yourself to the GCC page. There are students who donate their textbooks and sell for pennies.

5. StudyBlue, and are FREE online websites connected to the campus that are resources for students and teachers.
There aren't many professors to choose from for Biology and Chemistry courses and most of the professors who are part of a lab and lecture section are not in sync with each other which makes it difficult to learn how to apply what was said in the lecture to the lab. Also, grading is unfair as you can do well and still not pass the class and when you contact the professor they do not tell you why you got the grade and neither does the head of the division.
The location is wonderful it is right off the freeway and the staffs are great, I loved most of my professors and they are so very helpful with you getting good grades. They care about the students and gives tons of help for you to achieve your goals. The time being I learned so many great things, there's plenty of things you can learn, whether or not you are transferring or just trying to learn for fun. It's a great place for you to explore and figure out what you want in life
I absolutely love my school for the very purpose of feeling like I actually have a chance at succeeding in college. Glendale is a small college so it feels very intimate on top of that they have an aviation department so it makes me happy that I dont have to drive far to become a pilot. We have some of the greatest proffesors as well and good resources!
The Campus is super clean and so nice. The classrooms are small and the teachers are super caring and interactive.
Overall my experience at Glendale community college has been positive. I wish I had received more help from the counseling department in terms of guidance towards classes, but the professors that care fill that role very well
I am a returning student after a 1 1/2 year absence,and a gradute from GCC..
At 60+ yrs. of age, I am always trying to better may knowledge.
Even though I had my student id. card, and all my information in their computer data base, admissions told me that after that length of time I had to start from square one.... A NEW INCOMING STUDENT
I am not able to register for spring classes until my application has been approved, which I was told could be 48 to 72 hours. After 2 1/2 hours at the campus today, I am still not registered for any classes!!!
What an F'ed up Mess! Their new policy makes it extremely difficult for returning students.
Why couldn't the ID. been checked, and re-activated??? Great computer system.
Even if approved-- I don't think I will go back!
It was just ok. Classes are large and there is no personal involvement from the instructors and professors.
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I like that the professors consistently push their students to reach their full potential. I was one of those students that was shy to share my smarts and contribute my thoughts to class discussions; I would usually only apply it on paper. My professor purposely picked on me (not literally) in class because he knew I had something up my sleeve that could make for a great discussion and my input could possibly help others in the class. Now I am a lot more comfortable with speaking up on topics I feel for. I have also heard my friends on campus say the same thing about their professors, so I know I am not the only one. I think that is really important because a professor that actually cares and wants to see their students succeed encourages a student to actually try in the classroom.

There are also a numerous amount of resources, clubs, sports, and activities that students have access to which also plays a huge role in a student's success.
Glendale Community College gives you many different kinds of activities. I am an international student, so I was afraid of making friends and speaking English. However, they supported me to enjoy campus life as international club activities and sports. They also guide me when I was confused in class. They let me join tutoring programs such as math and music. When I had a problem with homework, I always asked them who taught for free in a tutor. My last semester, finally I got a good grade because of college's supports. I am very thankful that I joined in school activities.
I've been a student here for 2 and a half years, and it's been great. Everyone is willing to help when you need it, the resources they have are extraordinary. Definitely helped with the transition from high school to college.
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