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I had excellent teachers during my time at Glendale Community College.
The campus is great because it is not very crowded like other community colleges in Los Angeles. I would highly recommend this community college to people who are serious about their studies.
What I like about Glendale Community College is that all faculty members are willing to assist you. Every professor is willing to go the extra mile in helping you out, but most importantly professors make you feel that they care.
Glendale Community College has been a good experience so far. The majority of the professors seemed to have a passion for teaching and enjoyed to do so. However there seemed to be one or two that seemed a little more lackadaisical. Parking is usually easy in the morning and ate evening but around mid day parking is scarce. There is plenty of financial aid available and finding help and doing the paper work has been a breeze. Overall it has been a good experience and rate this college well.
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They are good and helpful. Teachers are good and teach you as many ways so you can learn and help others if need to.
I think Glendale Community College was pretty good. I did learn a lot, but you have to make sure you research the Professors and see if they're good because you don't want to get stuck with a bad teacher.
Glendale Community College is a beautiful campus and is very safe. It is very likely that the classes you want to take will be available. Counselors and Financial aid office are easy to get in to see.
Glendale Community College has a beautiful campus and is near three bus stops which make the transportation easy for students. The campus staffs and students are friendly. The level of education and expectation is high and above average. The professors are very strict and have good knowledge of their topics.
The professors at GCC are all passionate and from my point of view from taking classes at a cal state and here I admire the knowledge received here at GCC. The location is beautiful view of the mountains, they offer free lunch at their cafeteria. Everything is great here even their campus the only thing you may argue about is parking, the cost for a parking permit, and it is a community college so you don't have to be that involved in the student life but they offer so much
Glendale Community College offers far more than most colleges do. Not only are campus activities going on every day of the school year, they are fun and intriguing, and even the quietest of students are able to break out of their bubble to participate. Activities are for all people with various interests, starting from small clubs ranging to the extraordinary scholars program. Teachers are understanding and helpful, and the classes offered are truly interesting.
Good school, I started going there with one class a semester at 13 and then switched to full-time at 15. I've had some of the best teachers i've ever had here (s/o to Flavio Frontini and Sarah Mecheneau!), and some of the worst. The cafeteria food is disgusting but there's a Whole Foods and some good restaurants within a few miles if you're willing to walk or have a car. I get cat called a LOT and many of my female friends report the same thing. Once some guy grabbed my wrist walking across the bridge by myself at night, and another time a group of guys surrounded me. They didn't do anything and I was able to walk away, but I felt really unsafe. Lots of different night and morning classes, but basic credit requirements (i.e., chemistry, basic math, basic english) can be impossible to get into.
Glendale community college is a diverse college and has been extremely helpful from my transition from my business to going back to school. Every step of the way has been a smooth and easy ride and I can't wait to expand my knowledge and education in what I really want to do with my future.
One thing i am really happy they changed are the smoking regulations. Smoking is no longer allowed on campus which helps students breathe better and not have to avoid certain areas. Parking can be hard to find sometimes but you always find a spot. Administration can be more patient with students' needs instead of constantly transferring to other departments.
I completed all of my pre-nursing prerequisites at GCC. I have been quite impressed with most of the professors. I feel like I'm getting a quality education. The campus is big enough that you have what you need nearby but not so large it's overwhelming. Parking isn't too difficult to find (except for the 1st week of every semester). The Math Discovery Center is a really great resource, the library is very impressive with a lot of resources available. The nursing program at GCC was my #1 choice and it's amazing! The bookstore has the essentials at a fair price. There are a few Coffee Beans on campus and several vending machines for a quick snack. The vending machine coffee isn't horrible. The counseling department is very organized and the staff is extremely friendly.
I really like the school. Some offices however are not very student friendly like financial aid but the professors are good and they make sure you really learn
So far for my freshman year it's been a great experience made possible by the faculty and campus. The amount of support and help on campus is astounding not to mention how much the school tries to help its students succeed and transfer out to other schools. There a lot of classes to choose from so if there is a need for change of major it's not a problem.
I know many people who have said negative things about this school. However, I think those people are just bummed out about themselves and feel discouraged about being in a community college. I'm not saying this is the best school to be in, but I've loved the past 2 years I've been here. Most professors care about their students and will stay an extra amount of time to help them after class. Administration might be pretty vague at times when you're in need of help, but if you are determined to get answers to your questions AND know which questions to ask, everything is fine. I love coming here and I know I'll be sad to leave once I transfer out.
never have token online classes.
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you get to choose when you go to school. There's many different times for the same classes
Overall, it's a good school. The professors are helpful, class sizes are decent and there's a numerous amount of different classes available. The class styles include mostly lectures and labs. Some classes go on field trips.
I am new to the area and have recently started school. People in my classes don't talk to me unless I start a conversation with them. Best advice, put yourself out there and make friends. Don't expect people to come up to you. You have to make the first move.
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