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Glendale Community College - California Reviews

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My experience at Glendale Community College has been extremely beneficial. Even though I am not the highest achieving student there, the college helped me to learn my strengths and weaknesses, as well as expanded my capability to take on more difficult challenges and subjects. The professors at this establishment have a passion to teach, not just reiterate a copy-and-pasted syllabus to their class. As a nursing major, I can testify that their science department ranks top in the district and even in the region of Southern California.
The college also makes sure (through student government) that it stays current with implementing environmentally friendly guidelines for students to follow and for the school to use in their resources.
Overall I believe this school has accomplished great mountains of achievements in their academics and campus inclusion of students.
The professors I have all relate to the medical field. They are all veterans and very knowledgeable to the field. They are tough on grading because having a strong foundation will help you in medical school. The language classes are good I took Japanese and Korean which were very fun classes to take. The counselors have gotten better in helping you find what’s best for you. There is a high population of Armenian students compared to the rest.
I really like how small and interactive this community college is. It’s gives me an opportunity to be more familiar with more people. Although the campus is very small and it’s all up hill it gets tiring and boring to be on campus.
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I like the area it is in and there’s not much to change. It’s perfect the way it is in my opinion. I believe that this college would be perfect for me. I aspire to be an FBI agent if not that i really want to be a detective. I’ve always wanted to get into the police area but couldn’t never figure out what exactly i wanted to do.
Overall my experience at Glendale community college has been good. Everyone at Glendale is super helpful and they also offer programs to help you with everything you need such as finical aid, jobs, tutoring and many more things. You are always welcomed at the welcome center for any question you need in regards to anything.
I am extremely fond of the school. The students, professors and counselors I have met on Glendale Community College campus are exceedingly supportive in my dreams. I love how the class sizes are no more than 30 because having less students allows me to have a better chance of having a one on one relationship with the professor and focus more on my studies. The campus and environment is beyond gorgeous. Although I have only been on GCC's campus for a semester, I know I have chosen the right school for me and I am beyond excited to see myself achieve my dreams.
The college is in a nice area with a good view of the city below. The classes are good sizes and they have a good variety of classes that relate to one's major. Although I do have to say that the parking passes are quite expensive, especially for students struggling with money. The parking pass prices should be lowered to accommodate the students financial needs.
Glendale Community College is an amazing school. The campus is very pretty and also clean. The faculty at GCC is great too! The professors I have had are super passionate about what they teach and make class enjoyable. Professors are very involved with activities that happen on campus and only want the best for their students.
I’m an international student, but I like the education system in GCC. There’re many good professors. Everyone is sweet and friendly. The campus is clean and beautiful, there are many party and events plus free food events too. But the expense is really a lot. School material is really expensive, housing and living are expensive too.
I really liked the campus overall, professors, and classes, but everything else was average at best. I would like more diversity in the student populace and a more welcoming social scene outside of on campus events.
I have learned a lot at this campus! The professors and staff are amazing. They are very inspiring. My Robotics and Math professors showed me my love for engineering.
The best perk about GCC is they always have classes available. The campus is pretty clean and it's a decent size. The only flaw is the parking.
Glendale community college is an amazing school with a great view. Most of the teachers are extremely nice and actually care about the students. I’d recommend to anyone .
Glendale Community is a very well put together school that offers a great many potential fields of study and has counselors that will try to work well with you in order to further you on your path to graduation and hopefully transfer to a university. Unfortunately, sometimes the counsellors offer mixed or disjointed advice.
Glendale Community College is a really nice place to start off your academics. The campus is very clean, the professors are very knowledgable, and the overall atmosphere is very good. I highly recommend attending this college.
This campus is beautiful. The instructors here are very caring towards the students and passionate about what they do. If you have an ongoing problem that interferes with your studies, they'll be willing to work with you to get you through it and get a good grade. Moreover, the department chairs listen to the students well. So if a new class section needs to be opened up, they will more than likely grant the request.
GCC is a beautiful campus set in the city of Glendale. The environment instills a sense of knowledge and the professors want the best for all of their students.
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At Glendale Community College, I really enjoyed how many activities they brought around campus to make students feel like they are welcomed. Many students who came to Glendale Community College were out of high school or even students from other countries. They held so many engaging and fun events that allowed you to not only enjoy yourself but also meet and become friends with other students. I also enjoyed how wide range the classes were with a variety or teachers and classes to fulfill the requirements that were needed to transfer to another 4-year college. One thing I would hope to see change is the counseling availability. It was sometimes difficult to get an appointment with a counselor due to the fact that so many students were trying to get a hold of a counselor regarding transferring as well as what classes they should take. Other than that, they have all been very helpful and it is a really great community college.
The campus at Glendale Community College is very welcoming and inviting. The campus is very clean and the students are friendly/ helpful towards one another. The guidance counselors and financial aids are very helpful to make sure students are on the right track. So far, the professors I have taken are nice. If you want to get a good professor just go on The food in the cafeteria is good, just your average school cafeteria. Also, there are other food places outside of the campus nearby. The school is sort of diverse. Overall, it’s a good school if you are looking to transfer. Just needs to expand the parking area.
Great community college with good professors and athletics are a plus. I'm a local student but the diversity seen on campus is good. The parking seems to be a hassle during the beginning of semesters but it gets better with time. There is no dorms but people still come to this school from far away because the school is really good. I would recommend this school for anyone using community college as a stepping stone for transferring out. It has a family vibe to the school that welcomes everyone.
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