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Glendale Community College - Arizona Reviews

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I love how GCC is such a welcoming school and everyone is nice and friendly here. If you have any questions, there is always someone around to help you and they always want you to feel as comfortable as possible!
Glendale Community College offers a wide variety of medical programs with experienced staff that will lend a helping hand whenever asked.
Very easy to get started with new classes. The councilors are very nice, supportive, and are always willing to lend a helping hand. All around a great, and affordable school!
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I transferred to Glendale Community College after seeing the wide variety of classes they offered that worked with my schedule. The advisors were very helpful for picking my classes, my education progress and more. All of the professors I had really showed their interest in the subject they were teaching. I would go back to take classes in the future.
What I enjoy the most about Glendale Community College is the location of the campus is easy to navigate and is close to my resident area.
I like that there is more than just one way to enter through the school. whether you are driving, riding a bicycle, or walking. I have stumbled upon a lot of friendly people who are willing to help when you need it.
I currently go to the satellite campus call GCC North. Overall my experience has been good, and the professors seem to know and have real-life experiences with what they teach. The campus is average, the newer buildings look nice but the old buildings still look like they need to be renovated. I wish the campus had a more active student life or class options, however, it isn't a bad campus just not as nice as other community colleges I've been to.
This is a wonderful and diverse school. There are lots of teachers who care and free tutoring to boost your learning process. If you’re willing to put in the time and effort, then you'll do great.
I enjoyed my experience at GCC with their affordable classes I stayed an extra semester to take some other classes.
For a community college I would say it's ok. I have had good and bad experience with instructors. Always feel safe with lots of security. The bathrooms are very outdated and dirty.
I've had many amazing teachers that care about their students and also the variety of classes this campus offers is great.
Awesome school and community. I loved going here to work on my associates degree. The staff were really helpful and I learned quite a bit from the school.
So far I’ve had a good experience with Glendale Community College. A lot of the staff there are really nice and cool. The teachers are very helpful and will do a lot to help students who need their help. The office faculty are very helpful and very knowledgeable of the school, they’ve been able to answer any questions I’ve brought to them with ease. There have been some teachers there that have not been helpful and the way they ran their class was not efficient or confusing for me. But overall I would say that Glendale is a great college to get your feet wet and get started!
GCC is an amazing college and has a great atmosphere. I love all the teachers I've had in the 2 years I've been attending GCC. The food in the cafe is amazing, there are lots of friendly people, the teachers are all willing to work with you on anything you need. It's a great school.
I’ve enjoyed my visit at Glendale Community College.The staff are very helpful and friendly. The professors are patient and will to help with any problems.
This school has been absolutely amazing. Im blown away by all of the resources offered by this community college and all of the instructors ive interacted with are truly willing and wanting to help you succeed. The class numbers are small which is so great for one on one learning, youre never just another face. I am so glad Im pursuing a degree at GCC.
I jloved the diversity or groups and clubs at GCC. The location is great and has plenty of parking space. There is a great number of courses offered for many careers, some of which other community colleges do not offer. I found all of the assistance there amazing. There is plenty of help throughout the whole campus as well as study groups and professors who have open door policy to help you get through those tough times. Students and staff members are very frie
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I like that you can take classes either online or on campus. The campus is close to where I live and is easy to find classes.
Great teachers, fun and cool environment; great place to start. My whole experience was fun and the teacher were a great help plus the environment made it great to learn
I was getting my general courses done here and I loved the classes the teachers were helpful and always fit withing my schedule. One thing could change is the information they put out their there were a lot of missed opportunities I find out late in the semester that could have really helped me, sending out a weekly newsletter to students would be helpful.
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