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Glendale Community College - Arizona Reviews

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This is a very good school, a majority of the teachers are understanding and nice. Classes are not too hectic unless procrastination is involved. Other faculty members that you don't get in a classroom are pleasant also. A lot of people try to help you out when you need it.
Glendale Community College offers two campuses for students to attend, providing education opportunities across the west and northwest parts of the valley, to a wide, diverse student population. The professors care and support the students. Glendale Community College provides a great student life along with a vigorous curriculum.
Some fantastic instructors and a good looking campus. There is a park and public library right behind the school, but the surrounding area is rather poor. Receive a safety report from the campus security in response to an event about every month, but there is an obvious police presence on campus with a local Fire Department within view of the parking lot. Expect to hear a lot of Sirens due to this. Has EMT-P and Fire Fighter training, EMT-P program was mismanaged and not well organized with little communication between instructors. The instructors themselves were hit or miss, several were highly professional and helpful, others were inappropriate and took a put-down approach to teaching. Outside of that the science teachers have been great, with a well supplied lab, plenty of models and plastinates. Advisement was good but the financial aid staff were never helpful whenever I needed them and either misunderstood the situation or didn't understand, and weren't the most polite.
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I like attending Glendale Community College. It Is a new experience for me. I get to be exposed to different material and expand my knowledge in certain subjects.
Most professors are good and enjoy teaching. The campus is clean simple and pretty nicely taken care of. Parking is a mess but thats a given

the one flaw is the enrollment system is very flawed. I was sitting in class on the first day of one of my semester and even though i checked 3 days before that everything was sorted i got an email saying i was dropped. Then when i went to fix being dropped they tried to tell me i wouldn't be able to get back in as i didn't attend the first day..... like i said i was sitting in this very class when i learned i was dropped.
I am currently attending glendale community college and it has been a great experience so far. I am only a freshman and I plan to transfer soon but their staff is extremely nice and very helpful.
GCC has a great teaching staff. The teachers there are very dedicated to share there own experiences as a professional but best of all as a student. They also are well connected with other universities, so transferring credits becomes easier. They have also many event and opportunities to show case student project and personal works.
In high school, some teachers belittled community colleges which gave me low confidence about attending Glendale Community College (GCC). I'm here to say that GCC provides a friendly environment with tons of resources to help better your education. Professors often stress the many opportunities GCC offers, such as tutoring, counseling, and essay assistance. I would also like to applaud the athletic department in their passion for constantly seeking ways to improve their programs. There is nothing wrong with going to a community college. I have learned this by attending GCC.
GCC is a very beautiful campus that is just smaller then a big university campus. Great teachers and academic programs that help one achieve their goals on moving forward. I suggest Glendale Community College is you look to receive a 2 years associates degree.
all my professors really care about their students and they sacrifice their own time to educate students. The campus is great and all the students are very friendly people
They are smaller classes which is great if your like me and find it easier to connect with your teacher. It's great to have that personal connection wit you teachers and fellow students. I would recommend going to this school for at least your associates degree. Did I mention it's super affordable!!!!
Best school to receive an associate degree from. The professors were all great! I loved all of my classes. I felt like the professors really cared.
One of the things that I like about Glendale Community College is the Student Union located in the southwest of the campus. It is a comfortable place to be with friends. Also, the library is a great place to study in groups, people is very helpful, always want to help, and they have excellent organization and interesting books.
I like Glendale Community College because tuition and classes are affordable, and enrolling was fun and easy. Everyone there is super helpful and seem genuinely interested in helping you better your future.
For a community college, it's a great campus. The security is actually top notch. The facilities are excellent. It'd be nice if there were more clubs (men's basketball and volleyball, but that's just me being specific). The food from what I have heard is good. Everyone seems genuinely happy here, and enjoys socializing with all. It's a good place.
Glendale Community College is an amazing campus with great professors and facility. It is fantastic that I can take classes for half the price than at a university. I would recommend this college for anyone on a budget.
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Glendale Community College has given and provided me with nothing but opportunities to help me grow and become a better me. The one thing I would like to see change is the campus itself. I think it has such value and could be a much more beautiful campus... just needs to be updated.
I will be graduating in the Fall of 2017 from Glendale Community College, and I will honestly say I will miss it. The environment is great, the professors are on the ball and usually lovely to be around, and the campus is beautiful. This is all impressive, too, considering the 20,000+ students who attend.
I have been trying to get the registrar office people to be available when I call. Since I work 7-4, this is fairly difficult. I am looking for night classes. According to some reviews, there are none.
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