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Glendale Community College - Arizona Reviews

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What I like about Glendale Community College is the advisors at the ACE program. They have really helped me understand how to handle my college life aside from high school. They have helped me stay on track so that I may be ready when I leave to a university. Apart from the advisors, the students there are friendly and have made the environment feel safe. I also got to meet new people whom I am now great friends with. I have learned more about myself as a person there as well. The professors that I have had in GCC are amazing as well. They all have pushed me far beyond my limits and taught me what it really is like to be a college student and a responsible person.
It is sometimes thought that community colleges are sub-par to their private university counterparts. Its thought that you don't get as strong of an education at them. This couldn't be further from the truth at Glendale Community College. I have noticed that every teacher and staff member are feverishly joyed to teach and guide students at every step of the way, enthusiastically fostering their success. Add to the lively crowds of people and the bonus of a free one-on-one tutoring center, and you have an exciting opportunity to learn and build colleages. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this college if you are interested in getting a great start into education.
Glendale Community College offers two campuses. There is the main campus, and there is the north campus. I attended the north campus, which is a modern, open environment. Though less specialty classes are offered here, you can still complete your prerequisites. I prefer less people; less in the classroom, less on the campus. It was perfect for me.
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My experience with this college has been very pleasant. The condition of the school ad amount of resources I have been provided are outstanding. I would recommend this school to everyone. Very nice student body and staff.
My experience with GCC has been overall okay the parking is terrible and the campus security dont do their job.
Glendale Community College was a nice school to go to for my first 2 years in college. The prices for the classes are a lot cheaper than if you went to a university.
This is an excellent school and lots of opportunities for regular and nontraditional students! There is many resources for students when it comes to studying or needing help with a class. They have a great workout facility and everyone is really nice throughout campus.
Glendale Community College is a clean, well organized college that offers great tutoring programs. Each subject has a dedicated tutoring building or area that greatly helps the success of a student in a class. Free parking is nice, but can be competitive.
As long as a student uses their resources, it is nearly impossible to fail.
The teachers here are amazing! They truly want the best for you. I've heard so many of my professors say that, "If you need extra help, I will come on a weekend if I have to". That to me is the most incredible things to say. The students are nice and are always helping each other out! I'm so glad I picked such an amazing school!
For the most part, my experience at Glendale Community College has been average. I would say the majority of my professors have been great and the classroom size was smaller which helps promote one on one learning. The only downside was more help in career advising. The counselor I saw was very friendly but I felt like there wasn't a lot of options for me to decide on a career besides the basic personality quiz. The class prices are fair, which is why I choose to stay here as long as I can.
Using rate my professor was very helpful I was able to find many professors who genuinely care about their students well being along with present and future success. There are many class options and ways to connect. If anything might need changing it would probably be the quality of the cafeteria food and a more diverse collection of dance styles. Another downside is the lack of community, there is not much student life and if there is, it is not very lively. Overall GCC is not perfect but a great location to receive education.
this school is amazing and has truly helped me succeed to become a better student and person overall.
I love it here at GCC. There is a lot of diversity in culture as well as classes here. The staff are helpful and caring and stubborn to allowing a student to fail.
I love the campus; it is always so peaceful and there's rarely a safety threat. The food is pretty expensive but it is delicious. Most of the professors are amazing and they really care about their students. Everyone is just so nice here.
the overall experience of the college is ok but some of the teachers in the english department are difficult to work with
The class sizes are small enough to have a more personal feeling environment and it’s easy to have a moment discussing things with your professor. All the professors I’ve had have cared about my needs and have been willing to help in any way to make sure you can understand the content.
The college is decent size. Some instructors are nice. Must pay for the printing. They host great events every month. The library is decent size.
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I like Glendale community college because it has a lot of diversity. You meet a lot of new people and cultures. Also the professors are also pretty good.
Both main and north campuses are very well maintained and kept very nice. The environment on both campuses is bent on learning and getting yourself ready for the future. The professors are there to help the students learn and do a very good job of doing it.
The school itself is generic looking with no outstanding features other than the newer building additions. Tuition is fair, but a lot courses recommend books that are too expensive and rarely used in the coursework. I've been attending GCC since Fall of 2016. The advisement counselors do not help as much as the honors program counselors who are more hands on and accurate.
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