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I like Glendale community college because it has a lot of diversity. You meet a lot of new people and cultures. Also the professors are also pretty good.
Both main and north campuses are very well maintained and kept very nice. The environment on both campuses is bent on learning and getting yourself ready for the future. The professors are there to help the students learn and do a very good job of doing it.
The school itself is generic looking with no outstanding features other than the newer building additions. Tuition is fair, but a lot courses recommend books that are too expensive and rarely used in the coursework. I've been attending GCC since Fall of 2016. The advisement counselors do not help as much as the honors program counselors who are more hands on and accurate.
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Community college is a good place to start so you can get familiar to it. I'm trying to sort of follow my sisters footsteps so I have a good job that pays wells.
It is a very small and inviting community college that has 2 campuses which makes it convenient for me. plus the tuition is very cheap and they have many scholarships that are available for anyone.
My experience at Glendale Community College has been great so far! I haven't experienced any major problems and I don't believe I will anytime soon
Glendale Community College has been a great experience. Classes have been easy to enroll in and I've been able to get every class I need. The advisers are great at guiding you. The campus is clean and well taken care of. The professors are fantastic and extremely helpful.
The Engineering program here at GCC is awesome. I truly feel like I’ve learned so much and that I’m prepared for ASU. They make it extremely easy to transfer as I use the MAPP to guide me. The enrollment center is pretty useless but the STEM advisement is on par.
I enjoy attending Glendale Community College. I am working towards a degree in psychology and I believe that my college has some of the most amazing teachers. Teachers are always willing to help the students and offer one-on-one interactions when needed. My teachers and academic advisor have done a lot for me thus far in my time at Glendale Community College. Much goes on behind the scenes but it all makes for such an amazing school to attend.
GCC is a very diverse campus with professors who are very tolerant. The campus is big for a community college, but this wasn't a bad thing! It is surrounded by apartments which are good for housing if you don't already live in the area. The campus is also located in close proximity to a book store for text books, plenty of restaurants and gas stations, and the athletic fields are all located on campus as well! This makes it easy to attend sporting events where you can meet several other students just like yourself! There are also several clubs and organizations that are easy to become a part if you do desire. GCC was a great experience and I hope it will be for you too.
I have had great professor at Glendale Community College and I like that there are two campuses. I have never had any issues with any students or professors. The financial aid advisors and enrollment advisor are always willing to help. All the staff members, whether it's in the cafeteria or bookstore, are always so friendly and ready to help you out with what ever you need. There are a lot of things Glendale Community College offers to students so we can be involved with student life.
I am currently enrolled into Glendale community college. I am beginning with duel enrollment and I love it. I am a student at Sunrise Mountain High School and paying to do classes that count towards a credit there.
I liked most of my teachers. I didn't like that some of the teachers didn't use Canvas, an internet based website to help see grades and assignments. If I could improve anything it would be that they don't promote enough student based things.
I was enrolled in the EMT program and liked having teachers who currently worked in the field. They provided real life experience to my education.

I am current a music student. GCC has good music educators and they bring a wealth of knowledge to their classes. GCC owns enough instruments so that the students in methods classes are able to have instruments to use. You
Overall a very nice setting with a relaxing vibe and activities that occurred time to time! Fun atmosphere.
The professors are great! The math and chemistry departments are superb, and provide a great learning environment to facilitate education. This is a great college, especially if you're transferring to ASU or U of A, as they have pathways that transfer directly from GCC.
This is a wonderful campus any of the people their are willing to help you achive your dreams! The campus is always clean and the food that is served in the student union is amazing. The student around the campus are extremely kind as well.
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So far Glendale is a really good college. It has it's downs but they do go out of their way to make sure you as a student are happy and get what you want. It is very easy to find and even students are very kind people to be around.
I love it! They have decent food. Most of the professors are good. The classes are small. The campus is nice looking.
I loved Glendale Community College. The teachers worked hard with the students to ensure that they received the highest grades possible. They care more about student success than about the ratings that students would give them. It was incredible to feel that I had personal help from them any time I needed it. The feel at Glendale Community College was welcoming and allowed for me to feel included, especially because I was living on my own for the very first time, and because I wasn't from Phoenix.
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