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Glendale Community College - Arizona Reviews

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Great teachers, fun and cool environment; great place to start. My whole experience was fun and the teacher were a great help plus the environment made it great to learn
I was getting my general courses done here and I loved the classes the teachers were helpful and always fit withing my schedule. One thing could change is the information they put out their there were a lot of missed opportunities I find out late in the semester that could have really helped me, sending out a weekly newsletter to students would be helpful.
This was a college that was able to help me get a head start on my education. I was in the ACE program and I still getting my Associates degree. This college was a great school.
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Glendale Community College is a great school! There are lots of clubs to choose from and events to participate in that are beneficial for becoming a successful college student. They offer a wide range of programs related to automotive, CAD technology, nursing, education, and much more. The honors program is amazing because they offer GPA based scholarships that help pay for classes. Who wouldn't want a scholarship for just having good grades.
The faculty is great! I am learning so much here from teachers who are passionate about what they do. The advisors want the best for you and try to help you get on the course that you need.
I am starting this next spring semester and everything has been fairly smooth so far. Enrolling was easy, I took my assessment tests as a walk in, and the advisers were very upbeat and encouraging. The campus is pretty and clean.
The campus is amazing, especially for a community college. There are awesome plants, nice classrooms, and cool architecture. The library is beautiful and I love the art. It offers many classes at an amazing price per credit. It is super affordable. A lot of my professors have a PhD, in their field. The education a student can get at such a great price can't be beat. I am going into the CEP nursing program. I did a lot of research on it and it's a great program.
I enjoy the people. Once you make friends its very easy to communicate, especially in nursing school. One thing thats difficult is having no childcare, I recommend the school provide parents without childcare a safe place to bring their children, this way students can have a chance to meet with their colleagues and have a better opportunity for success.
I really like that everyone is so welcoming. Even if your new you will feel like you have a place to call your home away from home.
The Science department is legit! All the professors are devoted and passionate about their topics. Most are more than willing to write letters of recommendation for students who get to know them well, usually through clubs.
I love this college. All teachers are very friendly. The faculty here that I have had the experience to learn from have all been fantastic. My experience is primarily with the public safety sciences building/staff. They have some very knowledgeable teachers here who really know their stuff and want to help you succeed. I will continue to enroll in classes at this campus and would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to take fire sciences or law enforcement classes.
I really enjoyed attending this Community college, it was not too expensive for me and it provided many resources for my education. All my instructors were very helpful and polite. I had a great experience in this Community college.
I liked the coaches when I was on the track team, and thought the campus was well kept. I also, enojoyed a couple of the professors I had at the main and north campus. I would like to see more done to tell the students about club and scholarship offers. Also, I think the fafsa people, need to all be on the same page about what students can and cannot do. North campus, staff was way more on top of information such as that.
I went to GCC for 2 years before transferring to a university. it is overall a very good community college. I have almost no negative things to say. The advisors were always helpful and help me get on track for all my schoolwork. I was able to accomplish all my pre-requisites as quickly as possible in order to transfer out as smoothly as possible. Very solid community college for someone looking to transfer to a university or get their associates degree.
What I like about Glendale Community College is the advisors at the ACE program. They have really helped me understand how to handle my college life aside from high school. They have helped me stay on track so that I may be ready when I leave to a university. Apart from the advisors, the students there are friendly and have made the environment feel safe. I also got to meet new people whom I am now great friends with. I have learned more about myself as a person there as well. The professors that I have had in GCC are amazing as well. They all have pushed me far beyond my limits and taught me what it really is like to be a college student and a responsible person.
It is sometimes thought that community colleges are sub-par to their private university counterparts. Its thought that you don't get as strong of an education at them. This couldn't be further from the truth at Glendale Community College. I have noticed that every teacher and staff member are feverishly joyed to teach and guide students at every step of the way, enthusiastically fostering their success. Add to the lively crowds of people and the bonus of a free one-on-one tutoring center, and you have an exciting opportunity to learn and build colleages. I would highly recommend anyone to attend this college if you are interested in getting a great start into education.
Glendale Community College offers two campuses. There is the main campus, and there is the north campus. I attended the north campus, which is a modern, open environment. Though less specialty classes are offered here, you can still complete your prerequisites. I prefer less people; less in the classroom, less on the campus. It was perfect for me.
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My experience with this college has been very pleasant. The condition of the school ad amount of resources I have been provided are outstanding. I would recommend this school to everyone. Very nice student body and staff.
My experience with GCC has been overall okay the parking is terrible and the campus security dont do their job.
Glendale Community College was a nice school to go to for my first 2 years in college. The prices for the classes are a lot cheaper than if you went to a university.
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