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Glendale Community College - Arizona Reviews

1,359 reviews
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I found GCC to be a nice college to do my first two years. It provided me with that "college-feel" straight out of high school. Most of my professors at the college were exceptional. The parking can get a little hectic, since this is the main community college in the Phoenix area. Overall, I thought GCC was a great campus to receive my associates degree.
I chose Glendale Community College because it offered the best degree program to fit my needs. The instructors that I've had so far are extremely helpful and genuinely interested in their students. The tuition is also MUCH more affordable than 4-year universities.
It is a community college and it does its job. It offers all the resources needed and helps those who need time to build up their college readiness skills. The courses are interesting, but they are by no means rigorous on any level. Students can go through classes without college skills. That is not a problem unless you have group work. For the most part it is a good community college and I would recommend it to anyone.
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I really liked attending at Glendale Community College. I’ve been there for about two years now. It has a beautiful and awesome campus. One of my favorite buildings is the library. I always go there between my breaks to do homework, study, or just relax. I also really like the teachers there. They are always encouraging us to ask questions and are very considerate. One thing that would change is the pricing on the textbooks; some books are way too expensive. But overall, it has been a great experience being a student at that college.
GCC isn't a very big campus, so it's somewhat easy to get around. There are also a lot of clubs to join. They range from cultural to academic, so it's a pretty broad range. The professors here are also very knowledgeable, and it's clear that they all really do care about our education.
Overall I had a great experience at this 2 year college. Most of my teachers were knowledgeable and really seemed to care that their students did well. I feel like I learned more from these small classes than I would have at a larger less personal 4 year university.
I chose to attend Glendale Community College due to its convenient location. However, I also found that the school had convenient course schedules that were conducive to working full-time while also attending school. GCC courses are reasonably priced and the books are as well. I felt that the teachers were knowledgeable, the material was relevant, and the degree was worth the investment.
I've attended GCC for a year-and-a-half now. The professors are amazing, the people at the front office are tons of help. Most my classes are at the north campus and I love it because it's 5 minutes from my house. I'm a nursing student and the labs are amazing.
Glendale community college is a great place for part way to better life, the administration has made it possible for all to enjoy being part of them regardless race and color. I think the staff's are doing well and knows what they offer to their students. Especially learning materials, we teacher not tutors because they teach to theirs students understanding. They even allocate exteral hours to students for more explanation
As my first semester student at GCC, every thing is very clean and organized. Everyobe is very friendly. And classes are actually very close to each other than you think. Food is a but on the expensive side so I highly recommend bringing your own food. Dorms look very warm and safe during the cold weather. Great announcements around the Student Union area; you can't miss it at all.
GCC is a great, affordable place to get your Associate's Degree or professional certificate. Class registration is easy, and the academic advisors really know how to help you. They're very good at shaping your first two years so you can easily transfer to a university.
Glendale Community College it's a good school that mainly focuses on their students, and professors. GCC it's one of the most popular community colleges in AZ, it offers many opportunities, just as it offers many careers.
GCC is a very nice college. It is small, very welcoming, and has everything a college student might need to succeed. It is a great place to go, especially for students who plan on transferring to one of the in-state universities.
It is an easy transition from high school. All of the professors and advisers are helpful. I would not change anything about it. My experience was great.
For choosing a teacher when you sign up for classes you will be fine as long as you check on ratemyprofessor to check out the professors ahead of time.
Haven't had any frustrations or hassles.
Easy to use and set up like in person class.
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Class size is small and interactive.
Every student and staff are very helpful.
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The workload is very informative.
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