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The staff at Glendale Career College are friendly and helpful. They are willing to help students throughout the entire stressful process of school.
GCC is my second home. Its a beautiful campus with amazing professors who also teach at top universities. I have never once regretted attending a community college instead of the standard 4 year university right after high school.
The workload that is given is very reasonable. Nothing that is overwhelming for any student to be able to handle. Tutoring is offered to all students whenever it is needed, I also find this to be the best part of being able to come to this school. Its nice to have instructors give you that one on one time that is needed for some people who may be having a harder time on certain bumps in the road. This school helps so much with individuals learning at their on speed, but not falling behind.
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My favorite thing about this school so far is that it is more like a small family. Its unlike anything I have ever experienced in a school setting before.
The classes are very flexible, this is one of the biggest reasons what made me choose this school to pursue my education. I have a crazy work schedule, so being able to balance out work, school, personal time and family is critical. My family and job are just as important to me as much as my education. So being able to have time for it all and still be furthering my future makes everything that much more worth it.
Registration process was great and easy in itself. The staff is so wonderful and excited for you to be furthering your future into education. They were all so helpful in making this process very smooth and easy for me. The workload is completely manageable if you have dedication in thee success of your own future. Instructors and staff care so much about every student enough to get to know you on a one on basis.
Career services takes their time with getting to know everyone, so they can find the correct fit for everyone to have a successful future.
This school is awesome! from the instructors, staff and students. They are willing to always work with all students with everything and anything. it is more like a family than just school. I am so grateful for all the help and support from staff and instructors.
I will start on March, but I heard that GCC has high rate.
This is my first year going to Glendale Career College. I heard that is a very good college with a high rate.
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