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Everything is super close I'm going to play baseball there so it is very convenient the dorms are super nice and my classes are no more then a 2 minute walk away from my dorm.
I like how they work with nearby high schools because it allowed me to get free college credits. Sometimes I wonder about how good the academics are, but I know they have a fairly good nursing program, thats just not the field I'm going into. I wish the school had music classes because then I'd consider going there after high school.
The staff at Glen Oaks are very respectful and always willing to help. Phone calls are always returned by the next day from Financial Aid, Registration, etc. They work well with online students like me, because when I have to go take an exam at the campus, the testing center is open until 8pm Mon-Thurs, plus they’re even open until noon on Saturdays. It’s a great school to attend! (:
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I loved glen oaks. I has a very small school feel which makes it easier for you to learn. The professors in this small college are able to give more one on one time due to the smaller class size.
I think that Glen Oaks was the perfect first step to college for me. I spent my first year and a half at Glen Oaks to get my basic classes out of the way close to home because I was dealing with anxiety, and it was the best school for me. The professors were amazing and extremely helpful, and they really made sure that I completed my MTA for when I transfer to my University in the fall. I really appreciate Glen Oaks and their staff because my first year of college was an amazing experience.
Glen oaks is a great community college. I really love have you can have a one on one with your professor and the classes are small. Also, tutor center is great! Something eles that made my college go smooth is the help of my TRIO advisor. SERIOULY! Sign up for the TRIO program!
Great school for getting a degree and/or transferring to a major university at an affordable price. Not a party scene school, but what do you want from a community college.
I am currently attending school at Glen Oaks Community College. I started community college right after high school, and GOCC is in the same town as my high school, so it is conveniently located for high school graduates in Centreville, MI. The college's location is also close to other high schools in the county.
My overall experience at Glen Oaks has been positive. The professors are knowledgeable. I rarely question their ability to teach or whether the information they are sharing is inaccurate. The instructors are happy to teach the students, and they enjoy their jobs. The staff at the college are very friendly! They may not know who you are, but they will smile and greet you no matter what, which is thoughtful. And the staff is helpful! They will come to your aid and answer your questions.
My classes were scheduled for my schedule they weren't just set up because that's the only time for the class they were scheduled so they work for me.
I love my online courses they are so easy to manage and use submitting my work is quite easy MSU has it set up very well with their D2L system.
Job placement after school at our college is great the job placement in about any of the fields is high with certificate programs all the way to a bachelors degree.
The class sizes at my school are tremendous they aren't big but they aren't small either its like going to a public high school all over again.
My MSU advisor at Glen Oaks is so helplful she has a lot of connections with alumni and people in the Agricultural business these days and can help get kids an internship at a lot of places.
The program is great because we learn a lot of real world application skills and our program is very hands on.
The school staff is very helpful and the school is so inviting plus the classes aren't huge.
I haven't transferred any credits from another school to Glen Oaks so I'm unsure of that process. Most of the time I'm able to schedule classes around work. However, I've had a lot of trouble with registering for classes only to have them canceled the first day of class. Then I'm left trying to find another class to take on short notice. Its a big headache and now I'm very leery about scheduling any classes too far before the classes start if the class size looks small because I know they wont run the class. Its sad to me because I look forward to my classes and get disappointed when they're canceled.
I love being able to do my classes when and where I want to. I wish Glen Oaks offered more online classes.
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Sometimes there are job postings on the billboard in the concourse, and you can also find jobs at their job fair. I feel like if you're not going for nursing however, you'd be better off finding a job on your own outside of Glen Oaks resources.
I've always got along with almost all of my professors great! Glen Oaks really does have great individuals teaching their courses that truly care about their students and are very knowledgeable about their field.
From what I've seen, there is plenty of opportunities for students to participate in internships or find potential careers at Glen Oaks job fairs.
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