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Gettysburg College gave me a homey feel. Everyone around the campus was very nice and my experience is what truly made me consider going to this college. Moreover, the connection that The Academy group has with given me more confidence in pursuing a spot within this school. Also, Gettysburg was one of the only our of state colleges that truly peaked my interests and I felt more than comfortable there. Finally, I was really happy that they have a program that will help me keep up with my mental health. Overall Gettysburg is a college that I know will be a great fit for me; the distance is the only barrier that I have but I feel that the distance will grow on me.
When I went to visit Gettysburg college the only bad thing was the weather. It was cold and raining. Everything that they could do to make my experience a good one is what they did. Their cookies are the best, the food wasn't too bad.
Great school! Teacher's typically care about all their students who put in the effort. Clean environment with many new facilties.
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Wonderful experience. My professors love what they teach and they always have the doors open. The food is amazing and there is always something to do.
This school looks great on paper and when you tour. They do a really good job of hiding what really goes on. First and foremost, there is absolutely NOTHING to do in within an hour radius of Gettysburg. The nearest Walmart is 20 minutes away. The only thing to do at Gettysburg is waiting until the weekend and go to the frats and get blackout drunk, which gets old fast. If you're a guy, good luck getting in. Also, the frats open at midnight, so you can't do anything until then. If you don't join greek life, you'll be isolated for your entire college career at Gettysburg, which is really sad. The school has virtually no diversity, with at least 90% of the school being rich white kids from New England. This school has been a huge letdown. On the other hand, the academics are pretty rigorous and the professors seem to really care about your success. The food is good, but lots of carbs. The dorms are terrible until junior year. Gettysburg has been a dissapointment.
I honestly loveddd going here! I graduated recently and I already miss it so much! I have friends that are juniors and seniors that want me to come back and visit and I hope to soon! I made so many friends here, gained confidence, and had SO MUCH FUN. It’s a work hard/play hard school, but everyone likes to party. If you don’t like to go out, this probably isn’t the place for you, because going out to frats is the main thing to do over the weekends. I had a job before graduation, and I really love what I do now. The food is great, the people are great, the professors are great. If I was a high school student again, I would absolutely pick to go to this school for college. I have no regrets about going here at all, and I truly got everything I could have ever wanted out of my college experience by going to Gettysburg. I know it sounds cheesy, but it’s really true. Would recommend Gettysburg to anyone!
Gettysburg College was both a good and bad college experience.

The good-The professors at this institution are incredible and always accessible. I'm incredibly grateful for the compassion each of my professors possesses. The campus is very safe and you can walk anywhere at any time without being bothered. Servo food is definitely good, especially for a dining hall!

The bad- Students here are not diverse in the slightest which makes for a very big problem with privilege and a judgmental campus atmosphere for anyone who isn't straight, white, superficially invested in academics, or a party animal. Another problem is that the campus itself is extremely isolated and there is virtually nothing to do except get involved in Greek life, theatre/choir/band, or varsity sports. If you don't chose one of these things you will suffer socially. Housing, the party scene, and the town are also some weak points.
Gettysburg is a wonderful school. The campus is clean and beautiful and the professors really care about your growth and development. The Sunderman conservatory was a wonderful place to grow as a musician and an individual. This is a very small school so it sometimes feels as if you know everybody, and Servo, the dining center has delicious food and the staff members are very welcoming and friendly.
Gettysburg College shaped me into the person I am today! While the cost is high, professors truly care about their students' success; my professors allowed me to chart my own course in my academic endeavors. Student life was also strong; working in Residence Life provided much professional development, and my involvement in clubs allowed for a vibrant social life.
Campus dining was absolutely amazing; the food was excellent and the staff warm and welcoming. A beautiful community to be a part of.
I think that going to Gettysburg College at first was a challenge because of the majority of students are White and I'm Asian. It was difficult to make friends at first but I'm really grateful that there is a department that is for international students. The professors are really nice and dedicated. They actually care about my academic process and there are many resources that help me survive my freshman year. Students are friendly and pretty cool. Not only they are ambitious, passionate and competitive in their studies but are also party people. The downside is the campus is located where there aren't that many things to do on the weekends besides going to parties. If you don't know how to drive like I am or you are a freshman, be aware that Gettysburg's public transportation is not that great. Most of the time you will walk. Buses and shuttles take a while and closed during weekends You may use Uber or Lyft but it's very limited.
I've had some really dedicated teachers who make me passionate about my field of study. However, there have some problems with the faculty and staff, since they sometimes don't seem to care about the health of the students. There was black mold in one of the first year dorm buildings, and they likely knew there was some there, but didn't do anything about it until it became too bad to ignore. Despite this, I have had many great experiences at this school with professors and students alike, and had a great undergraduate career.
I applied to Gettysburg College through early decision and I haven't regretted it. There are a ton of opportunities to be involved in the history/Civil War community here and a plethora of internships for the major. They are very accommodating with financial aide. The professors are overall very approachable.
Gettysburg College is a fine academic institution with a great alumni network. Do great work here. The social life is amazing too. My experience so far has been really good.
Gettysburg College is a great place for someone of any culture or background. The science programs are amazing and really allow for some great internships and involvement. All the foreign languages have a strong academics as well. Being a liberal arts school, you have to take a lot of classes and even if they have nothing to do with your major, you learn a lot and meet different people outside your major that you normally would not.
I haven't had a professor that I didn't like. The faculty are very friendly and try to get to know every student in the class. Class sizes are small, and personal connections are highly valued. Research positions are readily available as well. The administration is also very receptive to student needs.
I absolutely love Gettysburg! Every time I go home for breaks I can't wait to be back on campus. First of all the campus is so beautiful and the downtown area is fun to explore. The academics and professors are top notch. The small class sizes really make a difference in your learning experience. The professors encourage you to attend their office hours and they are very approachable. Furthermore the students work together and help one another (its not like those super competitive atmospheres where everyone is only looking out for themselves). There is a huge variety of extracurricular activities students can get involved with too. In terms of the social scene greek life is a huge component. However being non-greek has not made my experience in Gettysburg any less enjoyable.
Gettysburg College is a liberal arts school, that is highly involved in the students career and well being. The teachers make the effort to get to know the students and help them succeed by all means possible. However, some teachers see the need to push certain ideas and beliefs on the students, though the students have expressed difference, which is highly inappropriate.
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I'm a freshman at Gettysburg and I have to say that I really like it. I have a great group of friends and I like all of my classes. Some of my professors are really bad, but they were for an entry level class so it doesn't really matter that much. I have learned a lot so far and my good professors are always willing to help. There a re a lot of clubs on campus, but the school is starting to crack down on fraternities, as they don't really like them which I think is dumb. Greek life is really big on campus and a majority of people rush. The party scene is sometimes hit or miss it just depends on what you think is fun.
It's a fantastic school. Its gorgeous at all times of the year. It has a very friendly faculty and student body. It's academic are also top notch.

My only complaint would be most of the social scene revolves around the fraternities on campus.
Gettysburg is a wonderful little school if you like smaller campuses. The campus is beautiful, and many of the buildings are newly rennovated. Getting anywhere urban is a long drive however, as the nearest city is Harrisburg, PA, and is almost an hour away.