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I'm a freshman at Gettysburg and I have to say that I really like it. I have a great group of friends and I like all of my classes. Some of my professors are really bad, but they were for an entry level class so it doesn't really matter that much. I have learned a lot so far and my good professors are always willing to help. There a re a lot of clubs on campus, but the school is starting to crack down on fraternities, as they don't really like them which I think is dumb. Greek life is really big on campus and a majority of people rush. The party scene is sometimes hit or miss it just depends on what you think is fun.
It's a fantastic school. Its gorgeous at all times of the year. It has a very friendly faculty and student body. It's academic are also top notch.

My only complaint would be most of the social scene revolves around the fraternities on campus.
Gettysburg is a wonderful little school if you like smaller campuses. The campus is beautiful, and many of the buildings are newly rennovated. Getting anywhere urban is a long drive however, as the nearest city is Harrisburg, PA, and is almost an hour away.
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I love the location of Gettysburg college and the students that attend. There is a family type brotherhood that is built with the people you meet and you make friends and relationships that will last a life time. If there was one one thing that could change at Gettysburg is the diversity. The school needs to have a more diverse group of students.
I really liked Gettysburg. The health sciences program was great. Offers nice campus housing and amenities. There's a pretty strong greek life culture that might not be for everyone though.
Gettysburg is a beautiful campus. The academics are rigorous but not unmanageable. You will find some people who are very competitive and others who are more relaxed about grades. The professors are all dedicated to their students and willing to go the extra mile. Diversity on campus is ok, we have socioeconomic and racial diversity but less international diversity. We have a great gym and intramural/club sports program. We're division 3 so our collegiate sports programs are only okay (not a lot of fans watch the games). Depending on what dorm you live in, it can either be really nice or subpar. For freshmen the best dorms are Huber and Hanson. There's a great party scene thanks to the fraternities. However, if you don't participate you can still have fun. The local area is cute and we get lots of tourists but overall there's not much on offer. Campus food is better than most places but it gets repetitive. There's lots of fun clubs on campus and things to do, never a dull moment!
Completely amazing school in a picturesque location. A little isolated, but there are always a variety of things to do on campus.
Health Center sucks but the Counseling Center is great (THEY HAVE A DOG). Lots of Blue Lights across campus and most of campus is completely lit at night. We are not exempt from sexual assault, unfortunately.
Freshman housing usually sucks but it is in an ideal location, whereas upperclassman housing is pretty nice (for the most part....looking at you, Muss) but usually a pretty far walk from classes
While Greek life is extremely prevalent on campus, people who are not in Greek life are not looked down upon or isolated. People who are in Greek life are not judged based on their affiliation.
We have great athletic facilities and our teams usually do pretty well. The athletes aren't very clique-y, which is good.
Amazing people, amazing sports, and most importantly, AMAZING FOOD. Not a lot of diversity, but it really seems like the administration is trying to rectify that.
Class sizes are small and professors make lectures engaging. There are so many courses offered, it is easy to take a class outside of your major.
Gettysburg offers many connections for internships and job opportunities through its extensive alumni network. Additionally, Gettysburg is a highly accredited institution and a degree earned here is well received.
There have been very few incidents during my time on campus. It is well lit at night, and I feel safe walking alone across campus in the dark. DPS is also provides rides for those who feel uncomfortable walking alone across campus or for those who feel unsafe.
Housing for freshmen can be hit or miss, some dorms have fairly small rooms. Upperclass housing is much better, with several converted motels, theme houses, and apartment options. As long as one roommate's GPA is relatively high, the housing lottery system will work out in your favor.
Greek life plays an important role in the social scene, but with that said, being a member of a sorority or fraternity doesn't help or hinder anyone both in terms of getting into parties and how Greeks are viewed by non-Greeks. There are no sorority houses on campus, only fraternity houses.
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Gettysburg is a D3 school, but students and staff still love to go out and see sporting events. The athletic facilities are excellent and open to everyone.
Gettysburg is a tightly knit community that offers numerous opportunities to each and every student. Professors are passionate about their fields and many do their best to help students succeed in not only their classes, but in their career goals as well. Students represent varied states and countries and come from all walks of life. Our campus may be small but our students and professors are dedicated to making our school 'Gettysburg Great.'
It's academically challenging but so rewarding.