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I believe the school is a solid option when deciding where to head next. They offer a broad array of topics for study.
This school is amazing if you want to save money! The professors are great and really help you when you need it. I was skeptical at first coming here but I wouldn't ask for anything else. The staff and professors really help you into a 4 year school.
Germanna Community College is a wonderful college that provides its students with a variety of opportunities to expand their career as well as provide support for completing classes, such as tutoring.
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great university. The people that have worked with me have been so helpful. They seem like they want to help you. This is a huge deal for me as it has not been the easiest road for my schooling.
I am currently full time HS senior at Germanna dual enrollment. I will be a freshman in Fall 2018. I am working on my associates in general studies and then transferring to Liberty University. I want to be a victim advocate for the FBI.
Professors engage very well with the students. There are many ways to get help with anything you are struggling with.
I like the availability and flexibility from the faculty and staff, all my teachers were very responsive to any emails and I sent and replied promptly too. If anything would need change, I would say the Guidance Office and Financial Aid, as I had not so good experience when speaking with them. I either felt rushed to make a decision or stupid if I did not know the process they had to work with. Otherwise, my actual education and learning experience was quite good.
Most of the teachers are truly fantastic here, they strive to teach and have students learn their subject no matter what. Most of them are very kind and very helpful, and open to questions. No matter how many there may be. However, administration is tricky. There are some kind Deans but there are rude security guards threatening to get a restraining order on people for simply being loud. And the planner for event is very unreliable.
Germanna Community College is a good community college for anyone looking to take a few courses to prepare for a four year college degree. I attended Germanna right before transferring to Averett University. It was a nice campus where student life was simple. It did not have dorms or any party life going on and the staff genuinely cared to make sure the students were taken care of properly. I would recommend Germanna to anyone!
For the most part, Germanna has good professors that will try to work with you if you need extra help or if a situation occurs. At the Daniel Technology Center, there isn't much to do and I feel like I'm missing out on student activities. Also, the library databases are not helpful at all.
Germanna staff is excellent and the campus is clean and aesthetically pleasing. The online portal can be intimidating at first, but once you get used to it, it becomes second nature.
Overall, Germanna is a good community college. I have only had a few poor professors. It has served well as a sort of checkpoint before university. As a community college there is no housing offered; however, many people will post ads for roommates. The counselors are very helpful with anything that is needed for transferring. One thing I wish was available is athletic programs. I enjoy participating in sports in my free time; although, there are no organized teams at the community college.
My first year in Germanna wasn’t what I expected. I did not do too well but it was from my own mistakes of not taking my first semester seriously (I was too focused of trying to be a good employee rather than a good student). Never the less, the enrollment process through germanna is fairly simple. My only concern is that the next semester enrollment starts way too early and it makes the deadline for the payment for that next semester even before the current semester has finished. I also had problems with my financial aid being processed on time despite filling my application several months before the start of the semester. But some teachers make the classes really manageable so there isn’t too much stress on their students.
Germanna community college in Fredericksburg Virginia is really great I have had very good experiences here
Fredericksburg Campus:

Tutoring services leave a lot to be desired. The Writing center is amazing, while the math center is uncomfortable and cold. The tutors I have encountered have made me feel uncomfortable/bad for asking for help. That aside, the school is awesome and they want you to succeed.
It is an average community college with basic facilities. However, what truly matters it that it serves as wonderful transition to any school in Virginia. You can go with being able to have had low SAT scores and average high school grades to a student in UVA if you apply yourself. The teachers and counselors care and even if they don't have the most state of the art material, it's most valuable asset is its opportunity for a fresh start and second chance.
I enjoy Germanna and I look forward to all my classes that I am enrolled in. Professors generally want the best for you and provide lots of materials to study to become an expert on that subject. One thing i would like to see change is just to have scheduling done easier but that is always a struggle wherever you go. Over all a great place to get started on college especially if you are paying it yourself.
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Germanna has great professors and friendly, helpful staff. I'm especially pleased with my success coach and my faculty advisor. They have both given me wonderful advice during the time I have been at Germanna! Most of the professors teach in an engaging manner and encourage their students to think critically and to learn as much as they can. One thing I would like to see improve at Germanna is the college social life. The students are friendly, but there are not many social events on campus. Clubs are almost non-existent. Nevertheless, I continue to enjoy my time at Germanna!
I liked the that class sizes were generally small, which created a more engaging atmosphere between students and professors. There were many programs that facilitated student success, and all of the administration and Student Success Coaches seemed personally invested in the success of the students they served. Because Germanna is a community college, plenty of non-traditional students are attracted, and overall, this creates a very diverse atmosphere, which I believe is one of Germanna Community College's strongest assets.
This college is a great school to go to right after high school, especially if you are not ready to attend a four-year university. The professors and students are incredible individuals and they heavily contribute to the great environment offered at this school. The Fredericksburg Area Campus is much bigger than the Locust Grove Campus, but either way Germanna Community College is very accepting and the people there do their very best to help you achieve your goals.
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