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I have nothing but great things to say about this college, they are very helpful answer all your questions and make the website user friendly.
Germanna Community College has been a great place to start my degree. I was able to balance school, work, and my personal life by taking classes that fit my schedule. Online classes were also an option and the help was there if I needed it in person.
I would recommend Germanna Community College for any student who is undecided or seeking to transfer to a university for an undergraduate degree. The instructors at Germanna are awesome and really care about the students. The tuition is an affordable alternative to a university for the same courses. Germanna's counselors offer assistance to ensure the classes taken transfer to your school of choice.
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I love that there is multiple campuses from each other. The bad thing about that is that, the one that is closest to me, only has like freshman year classes. So instead of driving 20 minutes to get there, I must drive over an hour.
I really like Germanna a lot. Everyone is nice and helpful. The school is very diverse. They have an amazing nursing program. They also have 3 campuses.
Germanna is a great place to start to further your education while saving money. My only complaint is the inconsistency with pleasant staff, sometimes I would leave the school beyond impressed by how professional some members could be and other times I felt uncomfortable with how rude some staff members are. However, the good do really outweigh the bad from my experience.
Germanna is a wonderful school it has one of the best Nursing programs in the area. I am very honored to have been accepted into the nurising program at such a great school. The professors are amazing and the campuses are very nice and easy to navigate and there is always someone there to help you if you have any questions.
What I love about Germanna is they are always so helpful and kind, the staff always make everything as easy as possible.
As far as community colleges go, Germanna has to be one of the best. The staff is always friendly and helpful, and for students that didn't get a whole lot of college prep in high school they are a fantastic intermediate step, always being there for any sort of questions you have.
This is a great school and much more than I expected from a community college. The classes and professors are great, and the campus is really nice.
I really liked how flexible GCC was. Not only that but it was a great and friendly environment overall. All of my professors were more than happy to help me and my fellow classmates. They enjoyed their jobs and it truly showed!
I love Germanna, there are some pretty great professors. The faculty are very knowledgeable and helpful if they don’t have an answer to your question they will find an answer.
The professors here are generally very concerned about their students future and where their class we lead them after it is done. The staff is friendly and I have always had a positive experience with counseling, financial aid, and the school store. I will miss this place when I transfer.
Germanna is a great opportunity for new students and for people that have to balance work and other daily obligations
Honestly, I was not excited about going to Germanna at first when I saw everybody else going off to universities, but I have saved so much money and I have had some great professors. Additionally, Germanna gave me the opportunity to get work experience while in school, which helped me narrow down what I want my career to be. The campus is nice, most of the professors are very organized and helpful, and the career and transfer center is amazing. I do not regret going to Germanna instead of a university after high school.
I believe the school is a solid option when deciding where to head next. They offer a broad array of topics for study.
This school is amazing if you want to save money! The professors are great and really help you when you need it. I was skeptical at first coming here but I wouldn't ask for anything else. The staff and professors really help you into a 4 year school.
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Germanna Community College is a wonderful college that provides its students with a variety of opportunities to expand their career as well as provide support for completing classes, such as tutoring.
great university. The people that have worked with me have been so helpful. They seem like they want to help you. This is a huge deal for me as it has not been the easiest road for my schooling.
I am currently full time HS senior at Germanna dual enrollment. I will be a freshman in Fall 2018. I am working on my associates in general studies and then transferring to Liberty University. I want to be a victim advocate for the FBI.
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