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I liked the that class sizes were generally small, which created a more engaging atmosphere between students and professors. There were many programs that facilitated student success, and all of the administration and Student Success Coaches seemed personally invested in the success of the students they served. Because Germanna is a community college, plenty of non-traditional students are attracted, and overall, this creates a very diverse atmosphere, which I believe is one of Germanna Community College's strongest assets.
This college is a great school to go to right after high school, especially if you are not ready to attend a four-year university. The professors and students are incredible individuals and they heavily contribute to the great environment offered at this school. The Fredericksburg Area Campus is much bigger than the Locust Grove Campus, but either way Germanna Community College is very accepting and the people there do their very best to help you achieve your goals.
Everyone is very considerate and kind. I've always felt very safe on campus even at night whereas other colleges such as NOVA have a higher crime rate.
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Being at Germanna Community College is a great experience. It's local not too far from my house, and I have the opportunity to progress my academics. The Professor's are very helpful, and understanding. With the class sizes being so limit, I feel as if I can concentrate a lot better, also another plus is that you'll have the chance to receive that one-on-one time with the professor if it's needed for extra help. Definitely having a great experience learning!
Other students are easy going and easy to get along with. Teachers care about the students and want students to do well
I think Germanna is a great college, easy way to save money for future schooling and it's closer to home.
Great staff, but lacking in other areas. Difficult to navigate the enrolling process, because I live in Stafford, and it does not say anywhere what i need to bring with me (SAT transcripts, etc.). A million trips.
Germanna does not offer my major, or any majors relating to my field of of study. I am stuck with general ed. until i transfer to a 4 year for Anthropology
I have had a minimal experience so far with Germanna, however, the experience I have had was been wonderful.
When I became disabled the professors were wonderful. I have had a wonderful experience at Germanna.
My experience about online classes has taught me the importance of time management. Don't be a procastinator. If you need help reach out to the tutors, they are willing to help you. One other thing I learned don't take more classes than you can handle.
The school provides a lot of information and colleges and employers come to our school to recruit the students.
Overall my professors have been great, the quality of courses were wonderful and the classes that I did attend class on campus. The professors were very structured and knowledgeable.
All of my credits c or better will transfer to a four year college. There is always some school or employer coming to our school so when you graduate you will have opportunities.
My major has just been switched last semester from Children Development to General Studies. I like that major because it leaves me to choose when I get my bachelors. I have a small work load due to my disability, You are reading about a miracle . In June 2015 I had a stroke and in August 2015 I had open heart surgery. Because of the programs that Germanna has I am able to attend.
I would choose this school again, why because it is a small college with teachers who really care about my sucess. I am disabled student and they provide counseling and writing to help me . The really are interested in you and you don't get that from many colleges that I have experienced.
I have enjoyed my teachers and classes, plus tuition didn't go up this year! The Locust Grove campus is beautiful. I am proud to be a GCC Bears!
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There is a large range of classes.
There are constant job and career fairs, which are nice.
The teachers will try to work with the students as much as possible.
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