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I enjoy attending Georgian Court University because of how small the school is. Everyone has a great friendly relationship with each other.

I am a huge fan of the education system as well, because each Professor takes the time to connect with their students, which creates a great relationship between the student and professor.
Although the campus is small it is also very beautiful. As a commuter parking was fairly easy to find and it did not seem as I missed very much on campus. Emails are frequently sent as they held various campus events creating a bonding experience between all students.
GCU has many opportunities for success. They have a wide variety of majors and minors so anyone can find something right for them. They also have a lot of clubs so people can get involved and meet new people.
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I love this school so much! The campus itself is beautiful and it seems like such a close-knit community. There is a reason why this was my top choice and why I'm going here next fall.
Love the small class sizes, the professors remember you and know you by name. School of education is amazing, highly recommend GCU to education majors and anyone who wants to commute to school. Would not suggest living there.
Georgian Court is a small campus with a friendly environment. Since I started the Counseling Program I have had nothing but a great experience in my classes and on campus. My professors are very thorough and nice. I am overall enjoying my time at this University.
I am still currently attending this school but I am not on the Lakewood campus. Georgian court University holds classes at Cumberland County College and that is where I am taking classes on campus.
I love my life here at GCU. I like how diverse it is and how everyone knows everyone. I love the location of the school and how it's 15 minutes away from New Jerseys Shore. You never run out of all activities or events to attend every day.
Small, personalized environment that allows students to grow and flourish. It is a place where you will never be a number. The athletic department is growing more and more each year and is an ideal university for those who want to pursue teaching, psychology, or Exercise Science
Georgian court university is a very nice and spacious place. There is a heard of deer on campus even. It has very nice and up to date athletic facilities. The money you spend to go here is a good use of money.
As of right now I am a freshman at Georgian Court University and my experience here has been pretty boring. There are barely any events and rarely anything to do on campus. The academics and teaching is very well structured and the staff wants you to succeed. Also, the food is not very well cooked and not very tasty.
Georgian Court University is an overall great school. I am currently a nursing student and so far my first semster here has been very enjoyable. My proffessors are very well spoken and only want me to succeed. It may not be the perfect school but it sure is gonna get me to where I need to be, happy to be a lion!
This school is very high in its academic science and will make sure to let you know if you don’t attend classes on the regular than I suggest you don’t want to attend this school. They are very strict when it comes to academics and that’s what college is about. They know how to show you a good time when it’s needed but it’s all up to you to make your college experience a success. It’s not all up to them it’s a two way thing and if you don’t communicate with them they won’t do the same for you.
Georgian Court University's overall feel is relaxing, light, and one with a welcoming atmosphere. The focus on education has a strong emphasis on those who want to pursue their career goals, whether it is sciences or history. Not to mention, the architecture, layout, and overall rundown of the area with its memorable sights just feels good overall. The only thing that should be changed is the dorms; it seemed to be too crammed and kind of small, but certainly is not something that would harm the experience. Otherwise, Georgian Court University is a solid choice for those who may or may not be sure of their career choice or as to where they may want to attend.
Small classes but extremely high anxiety levels on campus.
You need to schedule your classes on your own. Some classes are offered only 1 semester per year so it'll mess up your sequence if you don't know what you're doing.
I personally like the atmosphere at Georgian court unversitiy. Everyone is friendly and the professors are really understanding and helpful. I would like for there to be a more variety or food choices on campus. The cafe and the dining hall have good foods but theu can definitely improve on adding more choices to campus.
I am a senior at this school, I transferred here in Fall of 2015. I really thought this place was going to provide an excellent education and a rigorous one where I would have academic growth. Unfortunately, my wishes and predictions proved to be very very wrong. This place is way overpriced for the education you get. The classes are not challenging enough at all, and you have to take mindless and useless gen ed classes that have nothing to do with your major, and the class times are unacceptable as well. This place is a joke, and please, whatever you do, don't let these clowns here fool you about how great this place is. They will lie to get you to come and be trapped at this so-called "university," which I don't think it is at all. Its old, outdated, rundown, in a depressing area, and not worth what you pay. I can't stand this place and can't wait to be done this upcoming Fall. Half the students here, as far as I'm concerned have no business being in a college.
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Academics and professors at the school are pretty good for some majors, but the social aspect and dorms are torture. It's probably a great school for commuters, but if you have to dorm, don't come here. The dorms are disgusting and barely cleaned, there's mold, the food is awful, and there's never any activities or clubs. It's not worth all of the money students pay. I'm transferring at the end of the year, because I couldn't imagine spending another three years at the school.
I enjoy Georgian Court because the class size is very small, the teachers are knowledgeable and personal, and I feel like I am receiving a great education.
GCU is a very small campus. Even tho it is small i liked how the teachers were able to give you 1v1 attention in classes if you are confused. I played soccer at Georgian Court University and the teachers were fantastic dealing with me when i had a game and had to miss practice. All the teachers and staff there are very nice and respectful. I would 100% recommend GCU to students. I believe it is a university on the rise to better and greater things.
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