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This is only my first transfer semester here but so far my experience has been mainly positive. The school offers a multitude of in house services that help foster and cultivate student's success such as the scholarship center and career center. They not only allow you to leave with a degree, but with connections and experience that will actually allow you to obtain employment in your career field. I also feel that Georgia State has the perfect atmosphere and location. It being nestled in the heart of downtown in an open campus as opposed to a closed off and isolated campus is a reflection of my more urban, modern sensibilities.
The campus is decent, people are nice, and professors are pretty cool. Would like to see more student unity
Well since I’m a student athlete. I can say on the student side of things, the school has a long way to go. They give us teachers that bad,ey speak English. But I’ve learned a lot from Sociology which is my major. On the athlete side of things. The programs is very unorganized, people with power steal, finesse and uses players as lab rats. GSU could be the biggest school I. Atlanta if the people in the sports athletic department would treat it like they care about it as much as they care about other things.
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Good teachers. A lot of amenities. The only downside is the bus schedule for the school transit system. The drivers are always late. A little rude.
I loved the scene of the school- it's the heart of Atlanta and so many opportunities and events to be part of that are a few steps away! I also love the diversity among its students: GSU is a place that embraces and welcomes uniqueness. The aspect(s) that are not as great about GSU is that for some people, the constant noise of traffic and other downtown hustle may be overwhelming; financial aid office and other offices to serve students are slow.
Georgia State University (Clarkston) is a very well brought together community college for students seeking to get their associates degree. Even though there are no dorms, it is good for students that are in the area to further their education without having to pay the extensive fees of a 4 year college. The campus is full of student life and activities that come with the athletics. In addition, the campus includes a recreation center that has fun activities, such as ping pong, uno, a workout area, and a basketball court that is open to all students. The professors are somewhat helpful when it comes to distributing information on their expectations for the semester (i.e. office hours, curriculum, and test dates/assignments via the syllabus). On the other hand, there could be a few adjustments; the general parking lots could be improved to fix more students that provide their own transportation & help center/bookstore/gymnasium representatives could be more helpful for students.
Georgia State University is in Atlanta and is a wonderful campus full of good teachers who value education and make sure that you actually understand the material. It’s a nice size and not very hard to learn your way around
I had committed to Georgia State and I regret my decision so much that a few weeks before school started, I quickly scrambled to apply to another college that was still taking applications (I was offered guaranteed transfer somewhere after a year so my first year didnt matter as much).

My adviser was super sweet, but everyone in other departments such as financial aid or even just the people that answer the phone are extremely rude. When you call anyone at GSU for help, the phone will no joke ring for 30 mins until someone can finally be bothered to pick up. I did not feel respected at all at the few days I spent here during the student welcome events and just campus visits. They boast their innovation and rankings, but most people I know that attended GSU usually transfer to Georgia Tech where their time and goals will be respected.

There are shootings and robberies nearby all the time. The only thing that impressed me was the dining hall food I ate at my time there.
The institution is in the heart of Atlanta. It's surrounded by the rich History of the state and as result creating a site not only attracting a diversified group of people but also creating a learning environment of some sort.
Georgia State is very diverse and offers many different pathways and help finding the career that is right for you. The Atlanta campus falls right in the downtown area. Living in the city provides many resources to students and opportunities that might not come along at a school in a more rural area. If you’re worried about class size, don’t be! Though the classes can be pretty packed, the professors do a wonderful job of teaching and providing information to reach them personally. Tutoring is all over the place so you can always find time in your busy schedule to get the help you need to pass your classes! There are many different clubs and organizations at Georgia State so everyone feels involved. Being a panther is something to be proud of!
Georgia State University offers a diverse environment from the students and teachers to the subjects and courses offered. There are a handful of professors here that have really offered so much to my education and skills for life and for that I truly appreciate this school. The campus offers so much more than a traditional college because it sits in downtown Atlanta. And the school itself offers many programs and benefits for all types of students. I think the best thing about this school is its ability to cater to so many people in many different aspects and its liberal environment that welcomes all perspectives. My major complaint is the leadership and their lack of willingness to fairly compensate the committed professors and staff. This issue has led to many great academics leaving the school, which is truly a loss.
The Admissions office has been extremely helpful through each step of the application and enrollment process.
GSU is so inclusive, innovative, diverse, and beautiful that I look at my time here as a huge blessing. I've met the best people, made exciting networking opportunities, and had some of the best moments of my life here.
Georgia State is very diverse and it continues to grow! Overall it’s a good university that provides many opportunities for students to succeed.
I wouldn't say that Georgia State is bad school, neither is it the best school in the nation. I think the main reason behind its average reviews is a list of the following:
-Professors tend to be lazy, especially for Computer Science majors.
-Campus isn't that safe, as it's located in downtown, and anyone can walk right into a school building.
-Tying with the above reason, anyone can also attack fellow students and put them in physical/mental harm.
-The communication between financial aid and student tends to be poor as well, at least in terms of email.
-Number of students are growing, which is a good and bad thing. (Good because this means more money for the school, and bad because now it means more space to handle the increase of humans.)
Aside from the issues listed, this school is suitable to graduate from; you can't get a bad rep from Georgia State.
Wonderful school with great opportunities! Great professors with and local city to explore with lots to do. The gym is nice and the area is safe before a certain time. Past 8 make sure your walking with a buddy when it gets dark.
Georgia State University located in Downtown Atlanta making the school unique since it is the urban area. So far, I love attending Georgia State University. I love the diversity of this school that make me feel like I truly belong here. Furthermore, the professors here really do care about their students.
I am looking forward to graduating this school next spring.
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I attend the Perimeter College branch of Georgia State so I haven't experienced the Atlanta campus. However, from my experience at Perimeter, I know that the staff is committed to help you succeed and the diversity of the campuses is excellent.
Georgia State University is an amazing place for those who wish to seek out a vibrant experience within a diverse landscape. Located in the heart of metro Atlanta, the campus allows students to explore an urban setting where they can try local foods and come in contact with people of various backgrounds.

In addition to the local area, the level of academic education at Georgia State is very good. In my experience, the professors are helpful and respectful to their students, assisting those who apply themselves and offering aid to those struggling to learn. Chair directors for the individual departments are also helpful to students caught in any more difficult situations and offer connections into a potential line of work.

If one fault is to be addressed, it is the issue of housing. Students have struggled to find and maintain a place to stay on campus with the limited dorming areas.
I really like the campus and all the professors are really helpful. the area are really nice and calm.