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As of now, I enjoy Georgia State University. The classes and teachers are a bit above average. The academic life here is average, but the social life here is pretty low due to it being a university that lies within a major city. Overall Georgia State University is another academic institution where what you get depends on what you put in. Do you best and you will have the chance to be great.
I love the students and peers. You're surrounded by like-minded people that will encourage you to do your best and help you out if you need it.
Such a big commuter school. Georgia State is so big with so many students. Not for someone looking for a smaller campus or intimate setting in classrooms. However, the option of taking online classes is a plus.
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I enjoy the diversity here and big school setting. I wish we had more facilities and resources available. The professors are great and do a great job explaining and teaching. Feels like home and really enjoy living in the city.
It is a growing experience. I transferred here after my sophomore year from a smaller college. It is in a busy area in the city of Atlanta, and a huge commuter school. There is always something going on around campus. Overall, besides financial aid chaos, its a great institution.
I go to the Perimeter campus over in Clarkston. All the teachers I have had have been veru nice, and willing to work with students who need help. Our SGA is very active and are constamtly holding events. The only negative I have is that 2 of our financial aid advisors are very unhelpful.
So far my College experience has been great at Georgia State. The campus is unique because its all over downtown Atlanta so all your classes, dining halls, and dorms are fairly scattered which gives your the opportunity to really explore the Atlanta culture and lifestyle. Also, there option to go to different perimeter campuses around Atlanta and still have your credits qualify comes in handy with time and money. Furthermore, there recreation center is out standing, staying open until late hours and opening early hours which gives all the students a flexible enough time to hit the gym and work out. Georgia State is an excellent school to go to and I Am really looking foreword to my. future years at Georgia state.
Love the diversity! This being said, though, activities represent the majority of the minorities in attendance, catering to only those who have interest in pop, rap, and R&B music, reality TV shows, etc. There are MANY students who have interest in genres outside of thee norms.
At this point, I have attended Georgia State University for two semesters. I am attempting completion of Bachelor's degree in Spanish with a concentration in International Business. I would like to mention that the Spanish department has given me a more broad and excellent command of the Spanish language. Before beginning with GSU, I had already had a level of fluency that permitted to communicate with almost anyone. However, after this one year (and special thanks to Moreno, Torres, Rodrigo, and Schligh), I am well on my way to developing Spanish appropriate for the professional and international world. Attending GSU has been an awarding and very positive act, both in investment and return, for my life.
In my opinion, Georgia State is not a top notch school. The campus sits in the middle of downtown Atlanta which limits parking for students and doesn't offer a lot in terms of housing options. The tuition is more-or-less affordable for most students, but the administration and financial aid department are useless when looking for other methods of payment. The one stand-out feature of this university are the teachers; the amount of care and dedication which many GSU professors supply offers hope to students who would normally not have much luck exceeding in an academic environment. The school offers different after school aids to students, including departmental tutoring and complimentary practice training sessions for testing in competitive programs, such as the GRE and MCAT. Overall, I would only recommend attending Georgia State University if you're looking for a solely academic college experience. Beyond this, you may be better off attending a school in a "college town" setting.
My experience at Georgia State has been fairly good. I enjoy the professors and learning new material that I could apply in my life. A few things, I wish could change is the theft problem and homeless people causing a disruption when I walk to my classes or eat at a restaurant.
I like the whole city into college idea but it starts getting tiring when you have to walk back and forth between buildings and trying to get there on time.
Georgia State University is a wonderful school full of many great students, coaches, and professors! I attended two years at Georgia State University on one of their satellite campuses in Dunwoody Georgia. The campus is absolutely beautiful and the perfect place for non-traditional students.
There are plenty of resources that can be taken advantage of here. Professors are nice and helpful and there are many opportunities in the heart of downtown Atlanta.
The area is pretty great, the buildings for my classes are walking distance. Most of the food places are walking distance. I wish there were a closer gas station or that there is just a closer convenience store.
This is my first year here but I already love it. the students and teachers are very nice and helpful. It is very diverse, which I love! everyone helps each other out. the campus is always clean.
Georgia State is a really good university. It's very diverse and has many equal opportunities for every race or background. The staff are friendly and helpful.
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Georgia State University is an incredible school. The staff helps accommodate students and makes it their duty to get students to graduate.
I like that it is diverse and it is right in the center of Atlanta. Literally everything is around and everything is accessible. The courses, by what I've been told are rigorous so you are being challenged with every course you take. It's also great that they have transportation for you so that it is not a problem to get to your classes and whatnot.
I love the overall city-vibe Georgia State offers its students. I have had great professors and have ntended many of the fun events this school offers.
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