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I like the academics and athletics but the campus seems disjointed from the busy metropolitan area. The commute is decent on some days and the presence of its students allows me to learn more about the varying majors that have converged upon its campus.
I went to the Dunwoody campus, so no dorms or housing available. It is an old school, and it is also quite small. Some teachers are better than others. Computers in the library work the best.
What I love most about Georgia State is the professors. No matter what class you take the people teaching are knowledgeable and involved with their classes. They are always there to not just help you pass their class but also succeed.
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I love Georgia State one because of the location. It is in the middle of everything and there is so much to do no matter when where or what time.
Georgia State University's administration do not care about helping you. They do not check their emails and most mails are often left unopened. If you try to call them, they usually transfer you to another call just to get rid of you. Sometimes the transferred called are left unanswered. They are always in a rush to get the job done and have a terrible attitude. The administration and faculty are little to no help.
I love the location, the diversity, and freedom to express yourself. The new dorms are nice. I like how they are trying to make the area look nicer. I would like to see them lower their tuition cost and have better advisors.
Georgia State University is very diverse, has excellent academics and academic support, and a worth while investment. The major disadvantage is the area surrounding the campus can be unsafe at night, discomforting students from late night study sessions.
GSU has a very diverse campus. There's plenty to do and tons of clubs for every interest. The teachers are helpful and the advisers take your schedule seriously and suit them to your abilities.
As an independent first generation student, I have not experienced the best assistance and guidance from GSU. I have felt that GSU is not as student centered as I wish it war. Honestly, I have been thinking about changing schools.
Not safe. Huge drug problem. Don't get a professor with a tenure. They will screw you over because its hard for them to get fired.
Georgia State University is a good school. The campus is big, there are lots of fun activities to do, and I love it. The professors are helpful and friendly. They will go out of their way to help you succeed. It is a good school for students who want to commute. You can park at the stadium and catch shuttle buses to campus. There are always police officers around to escort you around the campus so that you feel safe and secure.
I loved my first year in Georgia State. it was a wonderful experience getting to meet new people and being based in the city was a plus!
The University is very diverse, people from all over the world here. The professors are great and very helpful. Tutoring for any subject is free and they will help you one by one.
Overall, I love it! I'm a film and media major, so being in Atlanta is perfect for me. The classes are pretty good, the teachers and advisors are really helpful, and there is always some kind of activity or celebration to go to.
I like the fact that GSU is very diverse, and the students are very friendly! They have many locations, and all the campus are very organized. The professors are very good, and helpful.
Georgia State is not for everyone, but yet it has something for everyone. The campus is extremely diverse and you are bound to run into various types of people in your classes and around campus. Safety can be an issue, but you are in the city. Just be smart.
Georgia State University is an evolving institution. It is truly a gem in the south with engaging professors and a world of opportunities in Atlanta.
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I love the campus being on the city, and I think the flow of Georgia State works smoothly. The classes are convenient for every student. I love the ability to stay off campus but still be walking distance from campus. One disadvantage is how spread out the campus is.
I love being at Georgia State because it brings so much diversity not only with students but professors as well. Not only that, the job opportunity around campus is outstanding. The amount of networking and connects you can make.
It's a great school. It is a very technologically advanced in a thriving urban setting that you will fall in love with.
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