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I liked how easy it was for me to take online classes as a transient student but I hope they change their customer service because everytime I had a question regarding financial aid, tuition, registration, etc, it took forever for them to respond to me which by the time they did, it was too late. When I was able to get in contact with someone, they were extremely unhelpful and I felt as if I was burdening them by asking.
Their education is great; however, I wish they do certain things differently. For example, I wish they have parking just for students. The school is not really a campus, which means you have to cross a lot of streets. Sometimes the streets are not always safe. There is a lot of homeless people, which does make the students feel unsafe. However, GSU does have some professors that are great at teaching.
My experience at Georgia State University has been pretty excellent. My Instructors are very smart and clear with the syllables. The classrooms are always clean and there's always a seat for everyone. The university always has something going on for the students to socialize and meet others which i really like and think is unique about this school. My only wish is that it was cheaper but the education being given from this school is worth it!
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I love my Alma mater. It gave me a place to learn and grow about myself. I wish I would have take advantage of more opportunities. I was active on campus, but GSU offers so much more. I hope to be able to not only make my school proud, but one day become a donor to help those like myself accomplish the best from GSU.
I am a non-traditional student who took a lengthy break between high school and college. I struggled at first to integrate back into school. My main complaint about GSU is that it seems like the people who are supposed to be able to help students navigate the application, admissions, and financial aid processes, often don't seem like they know what they're doing. I have gotten a lot of bad information from people over the phone and sometimes even in person. I assume that most of the people staffing phones are also students, and (by no fault of their own) are not well enough trained in their positions. Once I got the hang of school things made a lot more sense and everything has gone a lot more smoothly since then. Now I actually really enjoy school and the challenges that come with it!
As a current freshman at Georgia State University, my opinion may not be valued as much, however from what I have seen although the surrounding location may look dingy, we are in the middle of busy and bustling city surrounded by large corporations. The facilities are amazing and their food is all right, but each student is encouraged to connect in one form or another to ensure that no one is left out.
This is a great school if your only intention is to get in and get out with your degree. The location of campus makes it lack the feel of a true college campus, but is located in an area with tons of opportunities for its students. Student life is quite dull, considering many students here commute and are gone on the weekends. The dorms are nice and the dining halls are pretty good. Overall, the education aspect is there, but you will be bored here.
Their nursing program is very competitive and one of the most high ranked in the state. They have a very diverse population. The give a lot of financial aid t students. And it's kind a cool to walk around the city to go to class, just not in the winter.
Good professors and if you like the city, you'll like Georgia State. Some buildings need a bit of updating, and parking is also limited unless you want to park all the down at the stadium.
I've recently went to orientation as a transfer, and I was impressed by the many accolades thee school has under its belt. Also, the students who were informing us were polite and very helpful on general questions asked by other students.
I really liked the people there. It was a very diverse environment. I would rather live on a campus rather than have the college in the city but it was very nice overall.
I love GSU. The professors I have come in contact with are qualified and informed. The diversity around campus makes for varied perspectives in class discussion and connecting with others. There are more campus resources for students than any other school I have seen. GSU truly promotes success for students who might not have otherwise had the opportunity to be successful.
I love my school. There are a ton of organizations you can join. We have a ton of resources. Whatever you need help with, there is somewhere you can go. For freshman year, I was at the writing studio every week getting help with my essays. The diversity is there. Great location to maneuver around Atlanta!
I am a commuter student, so I cannot speak fully to the experience of the college, but the curriculum and professors are amazing. It is a large college, but advisors and other staff are extremely helpful, which lends it a small college feel. Perhaps my favorite part is that the campus is nontraditional, seated in the heart of downtown, and sprawling for multiple blocks. If you are someone who thrives in urban settings, this is the college for you! In addition, it is incredibly diverse, and I, as a queer student, have felt incredibly welcomed.
I loved the campus. It makes me feel very included and safe. The way the students interact with each other is awesome. Love the honors college. Brings challenging topics and issues that I believe all students should experience. Love the one on one time the professors give you during and after class time.
I love the diversity and everyone was very personable. I felt very welcomed here and hope to pursue my education at Georgia State University.
The administration and overall education level are so good. There are lots of courses. professors have an excellent ability of teaching and their first priority is to make the study more understand. Their office work is so fast and co-operative.
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I actually like attending GSU. The professors are good at teaching the required material. They take their time to explain the topic and ask any questions that pop up in the minds of the students. You actually get to learn here. The campus is pretty nice; it's in the city of Atlanta. There is great diversity here, with many students of many races.
I have only been in Georgia state for one semester. Being an international student, it is a new experience being on a new campus.
It has been great , the various offices I've visited with issues have been very helpful. The professors are very nice and willing to help.
However, some parts of the campus have a lot of homeless people and it makes me feel unsafe sometimes.
The experience i see in Georgia state unversity is that they have a good campus and good people that stay in the campus and they have some returns on investment.