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I am a freshly transferred student at Georgia Southwestern State University. They have a time period where your application fee is free.
My learning experience at GSW has been great. The teachers are nice and engaged. You can tell that they truly care about you.
My advisor for GSW did not really give me the proper information for my major. The school is beautiful and the classes are really easy to find once you know your way around campus.
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I loved everything about GSW! Everyone is really nice and they are willing to help you. I wouldn't change a thing about GSW.
GSW provided me with a very personal experience with professors that care about your future and want you to be as successful as you can be. The entire college community is so tight-knit that you feel like you become apart of a family when you attend.
GSW is AMAZING!!! My freshman year was GREAT! The staff is always ready and willing to help you and if they don't have the answers for the help you need they go out of their way to get them. My sister graduated with a teaching degree and I am so happy I chose to follow her footsteps, all the way to GSW!!!
I spent my first two semesters as an online student after transferring from a two year institution but my contact with the Georgia Southwestern State University staff from the admissions office to my advisor as well as teachers has been awesome. They are always available to talk to me about my concerns or anything that I needed help with. I cannot say that about the college I transferred from. I plan to earn my Bachelor of Science degree from Georgia Southwestern State University and then move on to acquire my Masters degree in Physician Assistant studies.
Georgia Southwestern University is a very spirited campus filled with lots of activities and resources that is very helpful to students. What i would like to see more of is diversity and student participation ,also more Greek life on campus.
I love GSW. I have been attending through a dual enrollment program, and my experience has been nothing but positive. The professors are helpful, and the classes are small, so it is easy to form relationships with both classmates and professors.
Georgia Southwestern State University is a great school! Their academic programs are excellent!!! I feel so safe on campus the entire time I'm there. The college is very diverse and the class size is great. The teacher-to-student ratio is good which allows me to have one-on-one teaching with the professors.
It’s been okay. Some of the professors are horrible, which you expect. I just struggle finding my niche. I’d love to see a more diverse population.
GSW gave me an opportunity to fail, but helped pick me up and gave me another chance to succeed. I think they just need better communication skills.
GSW is a great school filled with teachers who want to see you succeed (minus the standard few that couldn’t care less.) In the last 3 years I’ve grown to love the small campus and class sizes, along with the ability to know at least one person every time I walk into a new class. My only complaint is the parking situation, which is less than ideal for commuters and on occasion, residents as well.
I love the small town feel of the school and how I’m able to easily meet with my advisors and professors.
I have only been here a semester but everything is great. There are tutors here to help you get an A, ice cream in the cafeteria and it is easy to navigate around campus. Only Biology majors have class on Friday's, so we have a longer weekend and there are so many activities to do when you stay for the weekend!
Being at Georgia South has been such a great experience! All the professors are very helpful and seem to have your best interest when it comes to your education.
My experience at Georgia Southwestern State University was AMAZING. The professors are very hands-on and really try to adjust to your personal learning level.
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I love the facilities and the staff and faculty are amazing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The staff is not helpful at all. It takes months for them to accept one piece of paper. The rest seems fine.
The college is located in the rural part of GA. I attended the school for about 3 months. I LOVED IT ! The students , and teachers are friendly . They will make you feel at home. The only down side to the school. There isn't many activities for students on the weekends.
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