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GSW is a great school filled with teachers who want to see you succeed (minus the standard few that couldn’t care less.) In the last 3 years I’ve grown to love the small campus and class sizes, along with the ability to know at least one person every time I walk into a new class. My only complaint is the parking situation, which is less than ideal for commuters and on occasion, residents as well.
I love the small town feel of the school and how I’m able to easily meet with my advisors and professors.
I have only been here a semester but everything is great. There are tutors here to help you get an A, ice cream in the cafeteria and it is easy to navigate around campus. Only Biology majors have class on Friday's, so we have a longer weekend and there are so many activities to do when you stay for the weekend!
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Being at Georgia South has been such a great experience! All the professors are very helpful and seem to have your best interest when it comes to your education.
My experience at Georgia Southwestern State University was AMAZING. The professors are very hands-on and really try to adjust to your personal learning level.
I love the facilities and the staff and faculty are amazing.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The staff is not helpful at all. It takes months for them to accept one piece of paper. The rest seems fine.
The college is located in the rural part of GA. I attended the school for about 3 months. I LOVED IT ! The students , and teachers are friendly . They will make you feel at home. The only down side to the school. There isn't many activities for students on the weekends.
I enjoyed the small classroom atmosphere of GSW. The professors showed that they really cared about my academics and many of them saw my potential to excel past GSW. I was able to be successful at GSW and maintain a 3.85 GPA which allowed me to transfer to UGA
My experince at GSW was the the most memorable college tour I've ever been on. It offers my choice of field of study to become a nurse . The campus is so beautiful and breath taking. The administrators actually take the time out of their day to make sure everything is up to par.
Georgia Southwestern State University is a very great school. It very competitive in many ways and the school's standards pushes you to go beyond just passing your classes. Although it is a tough school, it really prepares you for the field that you are majoring in.
Georgia Southwestern State University is a nice family school. What i mean by that is, at this school the students feel at home away from home. Everyone is kind and the teachers truly care about the education for the students.
GSW is a beautiful school with a personal feel. Every professor I've had has been great in their own right. They will always make time for you and will go above and beyond to get you the help you need. Americus is a small town, so you can practically live within a ten-minute radius of every store and the school.
Overall Georgia Southwestern is a good school, and I enjoyed my freshman year there. I like that the campus is small and everything thing is close. This school is excellent with academics, and they have a great nursing program. Although the school is in a small town, you can still find things to do and have enough fun without getting side tracked.
Through this first year, it has been hard but also easy. Some of the professors are understanding and love to teach and help students to get a degree. Some of the professors decide from day one that they teach and that's it, they reader there notes for that day and say go study. Overall the campus is friendly, peacefull, and affordable with the help of finacial aid.
This school has a good online program for Business majors. The teachers are really helpful. The teachers provide video for students to watch . Testing are pretty decent.
I am an out of state student and this is one of the best colleges that I have researched and able to attend.
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The school is okay there not a lot to do socially. But academically I think it's one of the better schools. I think it is a good school with a good price.
My experience at thins school has been really good so far. The teachers are nice and the tuutoing center is alwasy there for you for whenever you may need them.
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at GSW. The professors are amazing, and the school is small enough that you are able to develop close and meaningful relationships with them. I feel that I grew and learned so much during my time there. There is not a lot to do on campus or in Americus, though. If you are looking for a good and affordable education, I would highly recommend GSW.
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