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I love the diversity and professors there. I wish they would add parking closer to campus. They need to make one lecture hall have better, more spacious seats.
I love the campus. Everyone is very friendly and there's so much to do that makes up for the lack of an exciting city. The professors are very helpful and so are the students.
It might be a bigger university, but it has a big heart to go with it. I've never felt more at home when I toured other campuses.
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the campus was extremely beautiful. My mom and i were late to our tour so we did a self tour. It wasn't hard at all to get around. The students were helpful and friendly when we asked questions. It felt like peace and positivity.
I liked the fact that Georgia University is well-diverse. They have programs that match my interests. I've visited the campus twice so far by competing in math competitions. Although, I do visit their souvenir stores, I never got a chance to buy anything yet. It is a beautiful campus, and the atmosphere is so comfortable to be in. I will be visiting Georgia Southern University in February 2019 once again.
I have yet to attend! With what I have seen and heard from friends and family it is a great school. I am excited to see what this school will bring me! Online the housing seems very up to date and clean. Admissions Staff has made this Journey ten times easier than it would have been .
Georgia Southern has a lot of great professors which has always been important to me. It’s grown a ton in the last 5 years and is continuing to grow.
Georgia Southern University is such a great school that is filled with opportunities. I have been a student here for two years and I have not yet had a bad experience.
Finding college is the most hardest and stressful thing to all senior students. I chose or I am thinking of going to this college because it is the fit college. It has everything I want: my major, my favorite sport, close to home, and the beauty of it. It is just perfect for me. I don't see anything to change yet. The school i always wanted Georgia Southern University.
Georgia Southern is a great college. It has many resources for the students to use to achieve he/her academic or life goals.
It’s a very good school, people are nice and welcoming. The not so good thing is that it is in a small town and there’s not much to do.
The campus is really nice and there are always events going on. I just wish that the school was located in a more "college town" since it's not much to do down here.
Georgia Southern became my second home. I not only found my passion for I.S. but also found my best friends. I can not describe the welcoming atmosphere and amazing professors who go above and beyond to not only help you learn, but to also help market you as a senior. Hail Southern.
So far the university has helped me in many ways. I will be attending as a freshman and starting towards my BS in Biochemistry. They have been understanding with my situation being in the military and very helpful in anyway they can so that I can get my education.
My experience here at Georgia southern university is amazing . I would definitely recommend anyone to come here . They truly care about their students and their needs.
I loved that my school was small enough that I got to build a relationship with my professors. I do wish they would expand the opportunities in the English department for students to get involved and increase the funding to such an important facet of the student experience.
Georgia Southern is a learning environment. The professors are easy to talk to and very helpful during office hours. The material is used as a catalyst to make the students educated and brighter individuals. I would consider my time there to be some of the best times of my life. Georgia Southern University is a platform for success.
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Georgia Southern University is a good school. The facilities and the campus are very nice. While it may not have the amount of opportunities that other schools may have, there are still good opportunities available for determined students.
I love the University. It turned out to be easy to get to classes as the campus didn't stretch too far. I do with that they would add more lamp posts to areas that are dark at night.
Georgia Southern has a beautiful campus and many professors that are willing to help you. Statesboro May be a pretty small, country town, but there are always events going on around campus.
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