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Georgia Southern University Reviews

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Georgia Southern University is a good school. The facilities and the campus are very nice. While it may not have the amount of opportunities that other schools may have, there are still good opportunities available for determined students.
I love the University. It turned out to be easy to get to classes as the campus didn't stretch too far. I do with that they would add more lamp posts to areas that are dark at night.
Georgia Southern has a beautiful campus and many professors that are willing to help you. Statesboro May be a pretty small, country town, but there are always events going on around campus.
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I love the campus and all the things Southern offers for involvement. The RAC is also one of my favorite places.
I know with the merging of 3 different campuses all at once there are issues that are needing to be addressed from the forefront that is coming from students and facility that is not being heard or seen.
It's a small college in a small town but if you put in the work you cna learn a lot from the staff and students here.
I really enjoyed and loved my visit there . I am considering Georgia Southern as a school to attend.
I am just now starting as a freshman online, but my older brother has been at the school for a few years and his experience is some of what inspired my decision to attend! So far, I am happy. I look forward to continue to learn more about my school and experience being a college student. Thus far, I like my classes and my professors, as well as my classmates. The experience is different online for everyone, in comparison to being on-campus in a classroom. However, my professors are interactive and allowing for my classmates and I to be interactive. It's a very interesting experience.
Great school, lots of student organizations, and the campus is fantastic. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a campus with little traffic and alot of students. Partys happen almost daily so that's always fun and most professors are nice and care about your success.
Georgia Southern is a big university in a small town and I love every bit of it. First of all, it’s comparatively a lot cheaper than almost every other university. Second, the faculty and staff, both academic and administrative, are excellent, and they’re truly invested in the students. Last but not least, there are all kinds of opportunities for involvement and student leadership. I highly recommend GSU.
My absolute favorite thing about Georgia Southern is the RAC. We are all one big family when we are getting in shape together. It ranges from basketball all the way to volleyball. Another thing of the campus that I like is the dining halls, we have a buffet style dining hall and the food is always fresh. One correction I would like is Financial Aid I don't know if I'm the only person that has this problem but, All my documents even if it's exactly what they ask for gets sent back and not approved until almost the deadline meaning I have to scrounge up a large sum of money practically out of nowhere.
Georgia Southern is the perfect university for those who want to attend a big school but still want to feel at home. It is plenty of clubs and organizations on the campus for you to get involved in. The football games are always fun as well. The dorms are some of the best dorms around, even though they can be a little on the expensive side. Overall, enjoy going to this school and this is my senior year so I am proud to be an Eagle!
I would like to see more education and less of a party scene. I feel like freshman we were so close to the bars that one of the only ways to have fun was to go out and drink, which is why me and a lot of people didn't make it past their freshman year.
Georgia Southern University is the perfect school for unparalleled team spirit, unbreakable core values, and unrelenting southern hospitality. The school's ora has done nothing but drive me to be a better person and show me what hard work is all about. I would recommend this school to anyone looking for a town that is small, but big hearted community to call home.
UGA has both classes online and on campus which makes going to school a lot easier, the professors are willing to do all the can to help you succeed. As a Non-Traditional student I recommend GSU.
Georgia Southern is a very nice school in the small town of Statesboro. There isn’t a ton of stuff to do, but it is less than an hour from Savannah. I have loved most of my teachers and classes so far.
It is more than friendly! All the professors and students there are fun to be around with. Academics and sports are balanced out well. Whenever you need help with a matter there is always someone you can contact. Whether is regard academics, your food, or your safety. There are lots of student life activities to be involved in. No matter who you are, you are always welcomed!
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The school environment is very nice. People are friendly and it's easy to make friends. The food is great and the meal plan is worth it. The school's bus transportation is not the best. Some of the classes are too big 100 plus students. With classes that have a lot of students, you are most likely going to have to teach yourself the material because the teacher doesn't have enough time in a class period to interact and help each and every student. Also, the financial aid office needs a better system of answering calls and emails in a timely manner.
Georgia Southern is a great school. The campus is beautiful. The staff are nice and inviting. The dorms are nice. you can have your car on campus. There are a lot of resources of campus.
I was a student athlete at Georgia Southern. I love the atmosphere and teachers. Food was great but you get tired of it. Nothing is farther then 5-10 minutes away so that is so nice! They need a new football and volleyball coach!!
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