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Georgia Southern University has the most amazing professors; they really love teaching! I believe that GSU'S professors eat, live, and breathe the subjects they teach and they are the best part of my experience at GSU! However, the worst part of my experience at GSU has been parking on campus. Parking on campus is expensive and you will still have to hike to your classroom. Good luck future students!
One of my absolute favorite things about Georgia Southern is that while on, you can feel the sense of community. Everybody is very and forthcoming as well as willing to help. Due to the roommate matches Georgia Southern does, I am now rooming with three girls who have become my best and closest friends. Teachers also care about their students actually knowing and understanding the material rather than just having the information memorized for tests. The teachers at Georgia Southern are also willing to assist their students even when the problem has nothing to do with the class material, but is instead more personal. Everyone is treated as an equal at Georgia Southern and it is refreshing to say the least. Due to all this, I would give Georgia Southern a high rating.
My time at Georgia Southern has been demanding. The business program at the university is very strict, knowable and optimistic. The professor here are wonderful, they lead you in way that is accommodated with respect, fairness and equality. The campus is beautiful. The study environment is very peaceful and the entire community here is open-mined, open-hearted and open-armed.
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Georgia Southern is a fantastic university. They took away my major when adding in Armstrong; that's the only problem I've had with Southern. They have an institutional GPA as well as your regular GPA as well.
My experience at GSU has been great! I will finish my graduate degree this December, and have had nothing but good experiences.
Financial aid flopped for fall 17. But wasn't always like that. You're better off living in an apartment than on campus granted that the wifi.
Beautiful campus and a lot of resources. Dorms are convenient and more spacious than I expected, and maintenance is easy to request. Tons of ways to get involved.
So far, I am loving everything about GSU. This is the perfect college for me. I am a freshman in the honors program and pursuing a Marketing degree. The environment is absolutely beautiful and the diversity is amazing! I don't think there is anything bad or wrong with GSU. There are so many wonderful opportunities of involvement here on campus. I plan on graduating from here with my MBA (Masters of Business Administration). I would definitely recommend this college to other students looking for a college to attend.
I am currently applying for Georgia Southern and I have nothing but a great experience with them. The admissions advisors have been nothing but helpful to me through this whole process and have shown me extraordinary opportunity's that I had no clue about!
It's a great university. I love the experience that I am getting here. The experience helps me to see the different diversity within the different cultures with the different types of people that they allow onto the campus
Great accommodations for special diets. Beautiful campus with a big school feel. My parents and enjoy what trey have to offer.
My overall experience here has been better than what I expected. I am very concerned with my safety on the campus as there are always incidents occurring on campus that could make me feel unsafe and scared to be here. The environment is very diverse and friendly despite the safety concerns.
Georgia Southern University was one of my top choices. A small campus with a big feel was why I chose Georgia Southern. The campus is beautiful and easy to get around so you'll get to your classes within 15 min. The professors that I've had have been really god. They were very attentive and understanding when I needed the help. Everyone is so friendly and it has made my experience here a great one.
I like the teacher student interaction with each other. the school staff makes me feel at home. I feel as if the grading scale should change in order to make test balance out.
The Georgia Southern campus is absolutely beautiful! All the professors and staff are incredibly helpful, genuine, and so nice. The student dorms are all modern and clean. Both dining commons have a wide variety of food available with numerous accommodations and the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable .
If you have never heard of Georgia Southern University then you must be living in the stone ages. GSU, the real GSU, is multicultural from the academics to the football field. It has a culture all in its own. The school is home to 30,000 students and takes care of them all. Going to southern has taught me to value and appreciate my friendship as well as learning how to prioritize my life.
My experience here has been great. I love the campus and the helpful recourses I can get any time I need them.
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Georgia Southern is a beautiful campus. It's absolutely humongous; I had to ride my bike to each of my classes to get there on time. Now that may sound like a hassle but the greenery and lake are definitely worth it. Student life is forever ongoing. There is always something to do on campus. You'll never be bored and your social life will never be dull. I assure you that you'll make a friend or even two. It's guaranteed.

As for the city of Statesboro, well, it's small and big at the same time. There's plenty of places right around campus that you can go and grab a bite or be entertained. Most of them are even open after midnight! Seriously, those places exist in this state. So if your studying and you want a midnight pie, Dominos delivers bro.

I enjoyed my time at Southern and I wish that I could've stayed longer. It is the perfect college experience.
Georgia Southern is more diverse than people think and it is not a really expensive university. GSU still provides quality education and degrees. The dining commons food is usually good and the dorms are very nice even though they range from $800- $4,000 for housing.
Georgia Southern University is a great school for many reasons. It has a "small feel" environment but it holds upwards of 23,000 students. Georgia Southern has almost everything to facilitate your interests with many different clubs, athletics, and activities. I have met some great life-long friends here in the short period that I have been attending. There is a major for everyone as well. Overall this is a great place to receive your education!
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