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Both of my sisters graduated from GSU and I will be going there in the Fall. Because of their attendance, I have been all over the campus and experienced some of the college life there. GSU is pretty average, but all-around better than other schools in the area. It feels safe, has a lot of events, helpful staff, and a lot of school spirit.
Georgia Southern is a great school! Most of the student I know got jobs immediately after graduating. The campus atmosphere is perfect you can get a work out by walking around campus or you can catch the bus. The food is always hot and good. The party scene is amazing!! I learned early not to take morning classes. I really didn't like the Statesboro Police Department, but as long as you're on campus they don't bother as much.
It has been a great experience, people are very friendly and are willing to help you. In the process of transferring they have helped me with several questions I had. Inclusively they guide me to the correct direction to be able to do my transfer process successfully. There are many opportunities offered. It is a challenging University, but without a doubt worth it. The University is in great conditions and has all of the necessary utensils provided. Other students are very understanding and friendly. Many of them are willing to help each other.
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Overall Georgia Southern University is a great school. I would love to see the school get even more involved with the community. Classes are great although I wish it was easier to get into your required classes when you are a freshman and register last.
The campus at GSU is beautiful and always clean. It is the perfect size school, not to big but yet not small. The professors are real and truly get to know their students. Greek life is busy but I couldn't imagine my life without it, my new friends, and all of the opportunities within it. There are things to do for all kinds of people no matter your interest. I am involved in Cru Life so I am so excited I was introduced to this and was able to find a church that I call home.
Georgia Southern has a beautiful Statesboro campus with passionate professors that really want you to succeed.
I love the environment of Georgia Southern I just wish it was played somewhere else. It is surrounded by section 8 housing making it very unsafe for the students.
Georgia Southern is a great school to come to. There are so many opportunities on campus and many ways to get involved on campus. It is true when they say Georgia Southern is a "large scale, small-feel, research university". Dining could be better and the way to register for class can be stressful due to some class fill up faster than others. There is not much to of campus but most students go down to the closets city which is 45 min away and also the beach which is 1 hour away. Other than that it is generally a good school.
Going to Georgia Southern University and graduating has always been a part of my dreams. I transferred to Georgia Southern from a technical college and that was the best decision I could have made. Georgia Southern is a great college and it's always something going on around the campus. Every semester the university is growing and that's great. I like Georgia Southern because every student matters no matter your race nor culture. The only thing I wish would change about Georgia Southern is they have more resources to help students pay for college. Not everyone is fortunate enough to pay for college.
I am a GSU student majoring in IT completely online and I love it! I was a student at about her university and the experience was just not the same. I am very happy with my school and with the professors because they make you feel like you are at home!
Georgia Southern is a great university. The campus is absolutely beautiful and you get what you pay for when it comes to on-campus housing. Off-campus housing is great and inexpensive compared to most. The local area is terrible and could use more food options, shopping options, and options that appeal to a typical college student. The great thing is Savannah is only an hour away.
Georgia Southern faculty are extremely helpful. All of my professors have been easy to talk to and willing to help if I need it. Many of the clubs are very active and member-friendly. The dorm I live in is well taken care of, and the staff are quick to help if there is a problem.
Quality of education is highly dependent on the department you're studying in. If it's a smaller department (Physics, math, music, chemistry to a degree) there tends to be only one or two professors teaching all the major specific classes, and the ratio of good professors to bad professors is not great.
Georgia Southern has great professors that challenge you depending on your major. The overall atmosphere of the campus is beautiful, especially if you are looking for a more calm area to study unlike the city.
I completed a sport here at Georgia Southern University, but I felt that we were always invisible and the athletic department did not care about us. As for academics, i am a biology major and the professors are not very good. It was a hit or miss when it came to getting a good professor.
Georgia Southern Unversity is a great school. It is very resourceful. Campus life is incredible the campus itself is beautiful.
I like Georgia Southern because the campus is not too big, but not too small. There's a lot of ways to get involved on campus and the dorms are really nice. Overall, it's a great place.
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I really enjoy the admisions process at Georgia Southern. They are very friendly and really fast they answer any questions you may have. Everyone is always there to help, and they are very knowledgable of their degrees.
I like the environment and the people but they need more safety implemented. The school has great professors and tough but great classes and I have learned so much already. I am an upcoming Junior and cannot believe how far I have come since starting here. I have met so many amazing people, especially my sorority sisters! I love them all so much. This school means a lot to me and I wouldn't change a thing about my experience so far.
I am challenged with the academics here. Professors are very diverse and are highly educated. There is lots of research being conducted here on campus that students can participate in.
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