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I love Georgia Southern University because of its "large-scale, small feel" environment. We offer so many things to all of our students to get involved in. The campus is beautiful, and we are expanding each day. I can not wait to share my experiences with others after I graduate. There is not one thing I would change about Georgia Southern University.
I like most of my teachers at Georgia Southern University. They are very passionate about what they teach. The tuition is very reasonable for a good school. A lot of people hate on the town, as it is pretty small, but it's not too bad. After all we're here to get a degree, not to have fun.
Georgia Southern is a great university. All of my professors have been really helpful to me as a student and completely understanding. They really want you to learn and do well.
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Georgia Southern is a great school! My favorite part of the school are the professors and other staff. Everyone is extremely nice and selfless. Whenever I need help with ANYTHING, there is always someone I can ask to get that answer. The environment here is great! It’s located in a small town, and everybody here has a lot of school spirit. Georgia Southern has the full support of the town and its people. Most importantly, the academics are exceptional. The professors are mostly always available when you need them, to provide help and support for each of their students. Although it is a fairly large school, I have a personal connection and relationship with all of my professors. And that is very important in College!
I love Georgia Southern, I made really great, plus it helped me grow and learn more about myself, and I'm not ready for the experience to end yet
The people are nice but depending on your major you could get stuck with poor professors. Half of the professors I have had know the material but do not know how to teach it, and majority of that half give you whatever grade you want. I have been on both ends where I recieved lower or higher than what I actually earned.
I have never made as many friends as I have in these past few months as I have throughout my life. It had been a while since I have come to the USA from India but people do not mind my accent and be accepting and understanding as they can. I do not know if it is because of the international orientation I have participated in but I know so many people from so many different countries though I couldn't make many new Indian friends I have a whole lot of international ones.
The staff are very helpful when trying to decide on a career or even help you achieve your career path goals. The campus is also very nice and appealing.
This college is great! Small town feel with a rather large college. There is always something to do, and the teachers I've had so far are great!
I love that it is a large campus with a small town feel which is what they are known for. The resources they provide us with are ridiculously helpful. The professors are awesome and make it a point to get to know each and every student if feasible. Great institution. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
I love all of the different student activities there are to get involved in. There's no way to be bored here, and there's something for everybody!
I really like the campus of Georgia Southern. It gives you a great college feel without feeling close to a city or having to deal with really any traffic. Everything is within walking distance and that is for sure an definite plus. You can get to 1 side of campus to the other in 15 minutes or take the buses that also run anywhere on canmpus. The only addition I would like to see is more activities hosted on campus/better advertisement of those activities. Some things aren't mentioned as great as they should be for as good of an offer that they give.
Every one is very friendly, and all are eager to help. The staff answers emails and questions quickly and effectively. A + Parties also.
Georgia Southern is perfect for anyone seeking a large scale, small feel university. It has so much to offer that you would not think. I’ve gained so much experience in the work force by taking service trips and by simply meeting new people!
I really love this campus. I enjoy walking to and from class knowing that I’m going to pass at least three people that I am acquainted with. I also like how the professor try to get to know you.
When I came to Georgia Southern as a freshman, I was quite sure what to expect. After being here for two years I feel that I couldn't have possibly made a better choice for my college education. At Georgia Southern the classes are taught by well qualified professors who are so helpful and genuinely want to see you succeed. It truly does have the small school feel, and is filled with great people and organizations so you'll never run out of activities to participate in.
It is a unique campus and the professors actually care about your learning. Their care is apparent in the way they teach and grade. The food is great and so are your peers. I have been extremely happy since I came to Georgia Southern and I will be a proud alum.
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Georgia Southern University is a large university with a small home town feel. There is plenty of organizations and campus involvement to enjoy. Georgia Southern University continues to grow with the expansion and consolidation of Armstrong State University (in Savannah, GA).
I like my professor and Nick in the Financial Aid office is awesome. He is always willing to help. The campus is great. Loving college life.
Attending Georgia Southern University has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! The town is just the right size, the campus is beautiful, and the professors are amazing. We have a diverse group of students that love to have a good time and still manage to attend class. The university is always finding ways to improve even if it may seem there is nothing to improve. I am proud to say I live in a great community and go to the best college around.
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