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Georgia Southern University Reviews

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Georgia Southern is a great school. The campus is beautiful. The staff are nice and inviting. The dorms are nice. you can have your car on campus. There are a lot of resources of campus.
I was a student athlete at Georgia Southern. I love the atmosphere and teachers. Food was great but you get tired of it. Nothing is farther then 5-10 minutes away so that is so nice! They need a new football and volleyball coach!!
I love the community here at GSU, for incoming freshman and transfer students you have to find a group of individuals that are going to challenge the way you think in a good way, for you to push yourself and make you strive for greatness. If you have people encouraging you and are in your corner then you will fine unbelievable results.
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The atmosphere is great. The classes are not too crowded. I met a lot of different people from different backgrounds and ways of life. If you go to class and not party a lot then it will boost your chance for success. It is easy to get caught up in the party scene although the town doesn't have their liquor license.
My past four years at Georgia Southern has been a roller coaster of experiences but I would do it all over again. My academics, social life, and athletics have all had its ups and downs but there's been a learning lesson through all of it. I learned the importance of not procrastinating for a test or big assignment, I experienced who can be considered friends and who I need to keep at a distance, and most important I learned how to continue to push myself even if the outcome doesn't seem likely. Being at Georgia Southern has shaped me into who I am today and I wouldn't change it for anything.
Everything I’ve experienced so far is great. I just think they need a better system for taking calls from the students
Overall, I am enjoying the school and online format. I do wish there were more classes that focused on Special Education instead of General Education, especially since I am majoring in Special Education.
Georgia Southern is very diverse so you can meet all different types of people. The food is amazing and there is always an event happening around campus. Most of the professors are really detailed while others make you learn on your own.
Georgia Southern is a "melting pot" of students from all over the United States and countries around the world. I like this because we are exposed to various cultural and ethnic backgrounds, and this makes going to college a great social learning experience in addition to the academic learning. Honestly there is nothing that I would change based on my experience as a student there.
I liked the student life opportunities. For example, the clubs offered good opportunities to interact. The college cafeteria served quality and tasty food through the day. If I could change something, I would probably change the location to somewhere with more things to do. Currently, the town in which it is located is very small.
My experience as a GSU Eagle has been life-changing. I started my college experience here early attending the EIP program that allows freshman the opportunity to come in early and gain college credit. That experience was very helpful in guiding and pushing my academic college career forward. GSU has many resources on and off-campus that allows students to get involved. From the football games to the community forums held, GSU strives to keep diversity and achieves that through engagement with students. Even though the school may seem large, it has a small community feel that lasts throughout your years attending. The downside to this small community feel is that the school is located in a small rural area. The school tries to keep the area modern and active but there could improvements to the area that would help boost the economy. Nevertheless, Savannah, GA is close in proximity and the campus usually stays active throughout the year to keep students occupied.
The pick up soccer culture here is what self shaped my perspective of the school. Every single day without fail we would play for a few hours. Students from tons of different countries and majors would join. I met so many different walks of life and it really is a large scale small feel university like they advertise. Because I met these folks with soccer I was consequently introduced to tons of other people. The diversity is top tier.
This University has a very special place in my heart. People are absolutely lovely and nice! Food is amazing! They provide us with a lot of healthy lifestyle options (including vegan and vegetarian foods and a sports and recreation center.) The campus is gorgeous, with lots of green areas and eco-friendly as well. Proffesors are nice and fun! Everyone was welcoming when I came here. Dorms are very nice and honestly looks like a hotel. Overall, I wouldn’t choose any other Uniersity over mine. GO EAGLES!
I like the campuses and other students at Georgia Southern, for the most part. I like how the campus doesn’t have too much going, but still have ways for students to have fun. The professors are really good and willing to help you learn the material to your highest potential. Lastly, the cafe is great with your unlimited swipes and it has a lot of different choices to pick from.
COMING FROM METRO-ATLANTA, STATESBORO IS NOT THE PLACE TO GO. Rather be in the city than the country. It's not much to do in Statesboro because there's not much around. It was like they placed a school in the middle of nowhere. If the school was somewhere else, it would be good. If I wasn't apart of a transfer program, I would've left earlier.
Just like the advisors said during orientation, "the experience here at Southern is what you make it!" As long as you get out there, and meet new people, you're sure to enjoy yourself.
Georgia Southern University has very friendly staff and students. The campus is very beautiful; it is big but there are buses all over campus. I also enjoy how much they prepare their students for their freshman year. There are so many different programs and clubs that they have to offer. The RAC is also such an amazing feature and it comes with a pool and lots of equipment. The only thing that could be improved is the variety and taste of the food. But, overall this is a great college to attend!
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The small town feel of Georgia Southern puts me right at home. Students attending the school are friendly as well as the community around the school. Also, the sports teams are dang good too! Nothing like being an Eagle!
Georgia Southern offers GTech level education at a price far more reachable by the average student, and without the atmosphere of stress. The campus truly does feel small, even though it is an averagely sized campus. The atmosphere at Georgia Southern University is relaxed, and the faculty is understanding as long as you put forth the effort to succeed. Many student organizations exist on campus that offer both entertainment and education, as well as real-life experience that can be put twards a career.
Beautiful campus and a excellent staff. Georgia Southern is the perfect place for kids who feel nervous/anxious about leaving home and living on their own.
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