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I always take online classes, they are harder than in person classes. Utilizing virtual office hours is important.
Overall good school. The counseling center is a great resource! The school needs more diversity and they need to crack down on bad athlete behavior.
It was easy to apply for this school. They offered a wide variety of online classes which made it suitable for someone that works full time. My advisor was available for questions more often than not.
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Online classes were challenging at times, but totally doable if you stayed on top of your work. I will say that oftentimes you would have to teach yourself hard topics. Having online options was ideal for me, though, because I worked full time. Most online classes required in person midterm and final exams, so you definitely had to know the material.
Most of my classes were online this semester due to COVID, but the professors really stepped up and made sure our learning was not negatively affected.
Georgia Southern has a beautiful campus and all of the students are so friendly. Its both a large and small campus feel, and its perfect for those looking for their new home away from home. I would recommend GSU to anyone, especially because of the Nursing and Engineering programs. I LOVE GSU!
Georgia Southern offers a wide variety of majors. They are very good about working with students to ensure on time graduation. The campus and town also offer tons of extracurriculars for all interests and all types of people.
Georgia Southern charges additional fees for online courses. I have had mixed times with professors, some are very good, some never reply to students and leave you completely alone to fend for yourself.
The school is very helpful when it comes to accommodating students in order to be successful during this semester. They have laptops that they loan at the library. They have classrooms open in order to do zoom classes, and they are very flexible with office hours.
Georgia Southern University is a good university, they have three different options when it comes to the campus you want to live and plenty of dorm living options. They have great resources, however, the Savannah dorms need some work.
I find it very interesting attend and very welcoming to attend here. The college experience is very good.
The professor are really helpful and help me repetitively on my first day find majority of my classes on campus. The campus is extremely big and clean the stuff are very polite.
Georgia southern has a good online learning experience because my friend went through and he said it's actually better than on campus so hopefully we shall see
Georgia Southern is a very good school. I really enjoy the environment and diversity. They care for their students and their education.
I did not take any online courses yet. I did not take any online courses yet. i did not take any online courses. I did not take any online courses yet.
I love GSU but the campus can be really confusing when trying to get to class. The parking is very strict as well. I love that you can find all your help through one email!
Online classes are pretty self explanatory, especially through ECore. I would prefer taking some online classes if you need to work while going to school
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I am positive the college did the best they could, but when it boils down to it, online learning is simply harder than hands on in my personal opinion. Knowing that I feel as if online work and grading should be slightly more lenient.
Southern has a great campus, the weather is always amazing, and for the most part, all the staff is very helpful. The one and only down side I can think about this college is are underdevelopment of the area around it.
As a first year student at Georgia Southern University, I was nervous about the campus because I never visited. Applying to the school was very last minute but once I got used to the school I am very proud of my decision. The campus is very welcoming to students of different backgrounds such as sexuality, religion, age and race. It was hard to get used to at first since it is a really big campus but after 2 months it was definitely easy to navigate buildings, classes and teachers. I would recommend coming to Georgia Southern University because the teachers, advisors and counselors are really hands on with all of their students. There are always fun activities going on campus so you won't always be bored! The departments are always helpful for their graduating students a job in the future. Georgia southern has changed my life for the better especially the clubs.
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