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GPTC is a very friendly learning environment for newer students like myself. So far, all of my instructors have been kind, understanding, and open to discussion.
This college offers a variety of pathways to participate in and I like that about it, however, some of their employees lack sufficient customer service skills.
I am currently enrolled at Georgia Piedmont Technical college and I have been a student for the past year. Overall I am satisfied with the Instructors and their knowledge about their field. I will highly recommend.
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Even though I will be starting in the fall, all of my friends that attends states the same thing that it's a great school. Teacher and advisors all wants to see you past.
Although they did not have the exact major I wanted causing me to attend for only a year, I did enjoy my time at Georgia Piedmont. I liked all the little events they held and even joined the Humane Society as the Humanities Director Dr. G is a great woman who made her classes enjoyable. I mainly enjoyed my time here because I appreciated or liked my teachers: Ms. Carthon, Mr. Macbeth, & Ms. Santiago
Georgia Piedmont has a very flexible learning program. Most of the teachers there are willing to help you get to where you want to be. All you have to do is be willing and ready to learn.
I am a duel enrollment student through Georgia Piedmont Technical College and I find the Newton Campus comfortable with professors who arw very helpful and attentive.
Some very good teachers in the computer department but the school does not supply them with any up-to-date equipment to teach with.
Registration process was simple; could tell that professor wanted students to do well.
Career center provides info re: available jobs & hosts job fairs.
job prospects look good; career center hosts job fairs & sends out mailings re: job opportunities.
Have primarily taken classes online; instructor was responsive, helpful & provided list of assignments for the semester early on so we could plan accordingly re: its completion; good variety of courses offered
curriculum relates to profession; facilities were conducive to learning; job prospects are good.
professors and advisors genuine care and support expressed re: achievement.
Financial aid part very confusing.
My instructors are very helpful and involved with helping to apply what I learn to my real world aspirations.
I was a great experience and the programs that are available fits the needs of many different types of students.
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My teachers are really flexible and understanding!
I'm not very tech savvy so I think that has a major part in my rating, and secondly it was a math class, my least favorite study.
Our Career Specialist Ms. Brenda Baugh is the absolute BEST!
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