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I have taken 6 classes so far. The classes are interesting and easy but require time management. I love Geology. It has been very interesting and useful. Economics was fine but the professor was very libertarian.
My experience at GPC has been a great one so far on my journey. When GSU took over the school I had my doubt because any time there is a merge there are always hiccups along the way. I can honestly say that the transition went smoothly and it was also to improve GPC. Now the school offers a direct pathway to transfer all my credits to GSU and continue on my educational path. If I had to change anything it would have to be more weekend classes available for students. Other than that I have enjoyed my experience here.
Georgia Perimeter is very conveniently located to where I live and an overall good community college. Since it's connected with Georgia State and it's satellite campuses, I have the option of taking classes at another location if a particular class isn't offered at my primary campus. My instructors are very knowledgeable and nice, but many are foreign which can make understanding their lectures somewhat challenging.
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As a student at Georgia Perimeter College I feel A's I think had grown largely since it has merged with Georgia State University, which is one of the best business colleges in the U.S. One specific thing I admire and learn a lot from on this campus is the diversity. Student and teachers come from all around the world which different backgrounds and cultures. I have met many students here like myself who are first generation college students. I am a proud daughter from a first generation family. I have more access to activities and clubs that I am benefiting from and truly appreciate. I am good acedmically because of access to tutors and a big library with helpful resources such books. I am also transitioning to the Georgia State University next semester and the process to transition is easier than to transfer and that is all thanks to Georgia Perimeter College for merging with Georgia State University!
I have been at the Alpharetta location for three years, and since then we've merged with GSU. This college only offers associate degree programs. Since we are such a small campus, involvement in sports and recreational activities aren't substantial. However, since we became part of GSU, that has been changing. I would recommend coming here to get your early classes out of the way. We are located near many restaurants and fast food places. That's convenient because the campus does not have a cafeteria. There is no on-campus and off-campus housing, but there are plans for them as we expand. This is a great transition school. If you are looking for a big university community, this is not for you. But people are friendly, and classes are small. The education is good. I would recommend​ it.
The professors are knowledgeable and they take their time with instructions. They have multiple locations throughout the Atlanta Metro area. I have taken both online courses as well as classes on campus and the quality is the same.
I have enjoyed going to Georgia State University. One of the things it has taught me is that I am more than capable of doing anything if I put my mind to it. In addition, the teachers that I have learned from seem to understand the material and try to make analogies.
The college offers distance learning. This is great for students like me who need to work in order to pay for college. Going to school online lets me meet people from all over. It allows me to have a flexible schedule. The professors are also from different places. Overall, the experience has been great. I would recommend this school to anyone who wants an affordable college before attending a university. You are able to take liberal art classes and a few classes in your major at a reduced rate.
An overall good college, even with Georgia State Universities recent purchase of the college. Some of the courses have been shortened due to a merging of GSU and Georgia Perimeter course standards, so some courses can feel slightly rushed, but still overall teach you the required material in a timely manner.
I think Georgia Perimeter is a good school for people that are undecided about what college/university they are trying to go. There are also some cons and that is the enrollment for your classes. It can be a pain because I had two experiences were my classes got deleted because of a "glitch in the system" and they couldn't help me, they just told me to enroll in a different class and it completely messed up my classes.
I completed my prerequisite courses here for nursing so that I could transfer to a 4yr school and was overall pleased with the experience.
The tuition here is cheaper than most 4-year colleges, which is about $350 per credit hours(out of state). Georgia Perimeter College is under the system of Georgia State University, so students enrolled in Perimeter College are considered Georgia State University students. So students in 2-year programs are allowed to use the resources at Georgia State University. For examples, the library, gym, clubs... etc. There're five campuses, students can take classes at any campuses as they like.
In the fall of 2016, I applied to the Newton campus as a MOWR student, and they lost my application. I ended up going to Athens Tech (recommended over Perimeter). I applied once more for Spring 2018 after transferring out of a school I didn't like. I have sat on hold for at least 30 minutes each time I've called. I applied 2 months ago and have been waiting on a letter. I called and each time I asked "is there anything else you need from me to complete y application?" Each time the answer was no. It turns out, there was something "wrong" with my file and YES, they did need something more from me. Now I have to wait another month to get an answer because they lose for Christmas and might not get into any classes. PERIMETER COMMUNICATION SUCKS.
Teacher are very open and understanding. So many different events and cool stuff always around campus!
Since I began studying Chemistry at Georgia Perimeter College, I have always tried to take full advantage of every opportunity that I can. I have volunteered in the Tutoring Center, I have joined various organizations and programs (Math Engineering and Science Achievement, Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program, Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, etc.) and I have done a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at Princeton University. I take everything in life as a learning experience. Through these great opportunities, I have learned a few things about myself. I enjoy studying Chemistry, and I wish to continue doing this for the rest of my life. During my college experience, I have studied abroad in Guatemala, Spain and Canada. Through these experience, I learned that I LOVE traveling. Georgia Perimeter College has allowed me to take advantage of all of these opportunities while keeping my student debt to a minimum.
My experience at this college has been great so far. There is nothing for me to complain about honestly. The facilities are held up to the best condition and the students are encouraged to use all the tools at their disposal to help them excel in their studies. The food is great and is worth the money your are paying for. The campus has events to keep students in the loop by interacting with one another. There is no parties that take place on campus, which is something that is great considering the calm like environment that suits the campus. Georgia Perimeter College is 4/5 overall for establishing an environment to up hold students to be successful.
The overall availability of classes, very dedicated staff and want people to succeed by all means unlike a large university.
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Perhaps my favorite thing about my experience thus far is how engaged and caring my professors are. In all my classes it is clear how passionate they are about their subject. They care about my success as a student, and work so very hard to make learning enjoyable for the class as a whole. Every student should be made to feel that their success is possible, and that they have someone supporting them every step of the way.
I enjoyed going to GPC because it helped me get associate based classes at a cheaper rate and makes transferring to a four-year school easier to do. I would've liked it if the school had taken more care for the student body and how they ran their offices, most of the people working there didn't seem to know what they were doing. I had to take numerous trips there to make sure they didn't mess up my paper work, and during one semester they had causing me to pay out of pocket for school.
I like the ease and accessibility of online courses. The professors were responsive, helpful, and enthusiastic. As an online student, I enjoyed participating in group discussions with other students. I prefer online classes at Georgia Perimeter because of the flexibility they offer.
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