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This college was average. The food was good and other restaurants were nearby if you didn't want campus food. Also, the teachers were nice, but human.
Its all really great and easy! One thing you want is for things to go easy going when you apply and smoothly, they do a great job of it. Just make sure you are on top of things!
I love the way that the school helps students and me with work we don’t understand. The clubs are great and it helped me make new friends. The school is super diverse in classes and anywhere you walk around campus.
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I love the family based community, i love the education intensity yet linear and easy to adapt to, i love the professors, they listen to the students needs and Taylor their way of teaching to best help the students.
My experience at Georgia Perimeter has been amazing so far. My first semester went by fast and I loved my classes and the teachers I had. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s too far from my house , there should be more campuses around Georgia, so that way it would be easier for some of us.
From all the years I have attended Georgia Perimeter College, I have enjoyed learning and having the professor's I had teach me. Made lot of friends and was a great experience they could change the prices on certain materials but other than that a well considerable School.
I dual enroll at GPC/now GSU. I love the options for classes and the on-campus activities. Everyone is very nice and i feel safe on campus.
This school is pretty average in terms of most things here but what makes the school "very good" in my opinion is the small classroom sizes and the openness of the professors. It is very easy here to develop relationships with your professors and seek help from them, ESPECIALLY during the summer when the class sizes are much smaller and there are way fewer students that each professor has to serve.
I love the online learning platform. The professors are knowledgable and are genuinely interested and invested in your success. Student Accounts could use some improvement though. You can never get in contact with a live person in Student Accounts unless you go to the office in person, which is not convienient for me since I'm an online student. Thats the only reason I rated this school a 4 instead of a 5.
The campus is very diverse and all my teachers have been excellent. They have a strong online presence, plenty of clubs and activities, and are very affordable.
Gpc is great school it has resources for if you need help with your class after you finish your 30 hours you automatically get accepted to gsu
I haven’t yet been in attendance but I’ve visited and it’s amazing. LOVE the campus and smaller classes.
the people are always available to help when I have questions.the website is easy to use and also has many answers to any questions.
I get to go back to College after raising 2 kids 6 grands l am 64. My bucket lisy Master in Business Administration
While Perimeter is used as a stepping stool, to later move on to Georgia State's 4-year program, it seems as though it's put on the back burner. You'll need an arm and a leg to receive assistance throughout the school, administration wise. Academically, the teachers there try their best to cover the required work for the course. However, the admissions, financial aids office and book store, is always a hassle. I think they should hire more friendlier, helping, and attentive workers.
The application process was easy and admission staff was extremely helpful and made sure that I could get into school with no problem.
Georgia Perimeter College has unexpectedly opened many doors for me in terms of education. There are professors that genuinely care about their students and want them to do well for their future. Professors are always available outside of class hours as well. As far as the campus goes, each campus is not as spacious, but they do try to provide the best for the students. The main campus includes a cafeteria, bookstore, library, and even a gym. I don't regret choosing Georgia Perimeter College as my first step in my college education.
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I have taken 6 classes so far. The classes are interesting and easy but require time management. I love Geology. It has been very interesting and useful. Economics was fine but the professor was very libertarian.
My experience at GPC has been a great one so far on my journey. When GSU took over the school I had my doubt because any time there is a merge there are always hiccups along the way. I can honestly say that the transition went smoothly and it was also to improve GPC. Now the school offers a direct pathway to transfer all my credits to GSU and continue on my educational path. If I had to change anything it would have to be more weekend classes available for students. Other than that I have enjoyed my experience here.
Georgia Perimeter is very conveniently located to where I live and an overall good community college. Since it's connected with Georgia State and it's satellite campuses, I have the option of taking classes at another location if a particular class isn't offered at my primary campus. My instructors are very knowledgeable and nice, but many are foreign which can make understanding their lectures somewhat challenging.
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