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In the fall of 2016, I applied to the Newton campus as a MOWR student, and they lost my application. I ended up going to Athens Tech (recommended over Perimeter). I applied once more for Spring 2018 after transferring out of a school I didn't like. I have sat on hold for at least 30 minutes each time I've called. I applied 2 months ago and have been waiting on a letter. I called and each time I asked "is there anything else you need from me to complete y application?" Each time the answer was no. It turns out, there was something "wrong" with my file and YES, they did need something more from me. Now I have to wait another month to get an answer because they lose for Christmas and might not get into any classes. PERIMETER COMMUNICATION SUCKS.
Teacher are very open and understanding. So many different events and cool stuff always around campus!
Since I began studying Chemistry at Georgia Perimeter College, I have always tried to take full advantage of every opportunity that I can. I have volunteered in the Tutoring Center, I have joined various organizations and programs (Math Engineering and Science Achievement, Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation program, Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, etc.) and I have done a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at Princeton University. I take everything in life as a learning experience. Through these great opportunities, I have learned a few things about myself. I enjoy studying Chemistry, and I wish to continue doing this for the rest of my life. During my college experience, I have studied abroad in Guatemala, Spain and Canada. Through these experience, I learned that I LOVE traveling. Georgia Perimeter College has allowed me to take advantage of all of these opportunities while keeping my student debt to a minimum.
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My experience at this college has been great so far. There is nothing for me to complain about honestly. The facilities are held up to the best condition and the students are encouraged to use all the tools at their disposal to help them excel in their studies. The food is great and is worth the money your are paying for. The campus has events to keep students in the loop by interacting with one another. There is no parties that take place on campus, which is something that is great considering the calm like environment that suits the campus. Georgia Perimeter College is 4/5 overall for establishing an environment to up hold students to be successful.
The overall availability of classes, very dedicated staff and want people to succeed by all means unlike a large university.
Perhaps my favorite thing about my experience thus far is how engaged and caring my professors are. In all my classes it is clear how passionate they are about their subject. They care about my success as a student, and work so very hard to make learning enjoyable for the class as a whole. Every student should be made to feel that their success is possible, and that they have someone supporting them every step of the way.
I enjoyed going to GPC because it helped me get associate based classes at a cheaper rate and makes transferring to a four-year school easier to do. I would've liked it if the school had taken more care for the student body and how they ran their offices, most of the people working there didn't seem to know what they were doing. I had to take numerous trips there to make sure they didn't mess up my paper work, and during one semester they had causing me to pay out of pocket for school.
I like the ease and accessibility of online courses. The professors were responsive, helpful, and enthusiastic. As an online student, I enjoyed participating in group discussions with other students. I prefer online classes at Georgia Perimeter because of the flexibility they offer.
I wish they had more French teachers and tutors. I also wish students could take some classes at the Georgia State University Atlanta campus while still attending Georgia Perimeter.

The librar should stay open 24/7.
When I went to Perimeter right out of high school in 2009 they were very disorganized. It seemed like when going to an academic advisor for direction, there was no direction given. I took many classes that I did not even need in the 2 years that I attended GPC.
It's a great school to begin with adding to that after merging with georgia state it got more opportunitis it opened alot of doors to those who want to transfer to the downtown campus and end up with a four years degree .
the faculty and staff are very nice and educated. they really care for the student's success. the campus is well kept, and the environment is very friendly and safe. it has a very diverse population, which makes attending the school all the more interesting. you meet people of all ages and from all walks of life, and this just enhances the learning experience all together. very enjoyable school.
I love the variety in majors and classes to take at this school and the variety of options for taking the classes such as partial online or full time online, on campus, etc.
I love Georgia Perimeter College. It is a nice start to a great college life. It isn't huge and packed with students at every single corner.
The students there were helpful and friendly,additionally, the professors were to the point and well versed at what they taught.
At Georgia perimeter they have a wonderful staff . The professors are great at teaching and by far very useful
The summer course I took managed to fit all the course information into a couple of months amazingly but I wish they had a teaching assistant or study group to help the people who have issues maintaining what they learn in the class.
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When I first entered the grounds of Georgia Perimter College I felt like a little kid in a candy store. My eyes lit up like stars. I was so exicted to finally be done with high school and make my way into college. Then realization hit me, I am on my own now and my friends aren't here to walk with me, eat with me, or talk to me. I started to become nervous and anxious as to what this school had to offer. When I attended my first few classes of couse everyone is quiet and they're taking in all the information from the teachers. As days turned into weeks I was starting to grasp the whole college life. I started making more friends and I really liked most of my teachers. They treated like adults instead of children. Although I didn't really like my Chemistry teacher, she was great to talk to after class hours. I would describe Perimeter College as exciting, yet private.
I attend the Dunwoody campus. I haven't started classes yet, but my experience so far has been good. Something they could improve upon is communication between departments. Also, more one on one help for students who need advisement.
There's good teachers and bad teachers. The outcome of your experience is how you go about what you are given. If you try you'll do great. They give you a chance and you don't freak out for last minutes surprises. Its a nice area and I'm on two different campuses.
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