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I like the school the way it is, I attend the Augusta campus. There are no dorms so I stay at home. There are no sports but they attempt to try different activities to get students involved. The student body is nice and everyone is different in their own way. The professors help you to their fullest potential. Sometimes we get free pizza. Parking lot fills up fast.
i love this school. Everyone, including staff and students, are so helpful and very nice. Anyone you talk to can answer your questions and its just perfect all around.
I am taking online classes at this college. It's fine, the classes are manageable. Some support is offered to students. The tech department doesn't seem to be great and the online format is a little bit dated. Overall, its okay.
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Georgia Military is a great school! They have much to offer to all students. The professors are wonderful and are more then glad to take time out of their day to sit down and chat with students about anything wether it be class related or just life choices.
I classes with GMC through their campus in Columbus, GA. The professors and advisors were thorough and were very helpful. Great outside resources such as tutors and library were available. I had a great experience here!
I love the campus and how much it involves its' students. It provides numerous opportunities for students to get involved in community service and work. It is very easy to register for classes and to talk to advisement if help was needed. Teachers are very open to taking criticism on how to improve teaching styles to ensure that learning is effortless for their students.
I attend the Fayetteville campus and so far its ben good. The teachers are nice and teach well and the work is easy to grasp.
Georgia Military College in Warner Robins is a phenomenal junior college. Georgia Military College provides great instructors and professors that assist college students in developing advanced critical thinking abilities. At this institution I was able to complete the course work to attain an associate degree in business administration. Their classroom facilities welcome small audiences on a mission to academic success. This campus also provides superlative advisement and financial aid assistance. The advisors are friendly and take time with students to make sure they are on the correct path to graduation. However, it would be nice if Georgia Military College added more degree programs such as atmospheric science, finance, and meteorology. I enjoyed the school’s work study program that offered students with great grades time to work and study. Overall the school is just a wonderful place to start when transitioning from high school to college.
My experience at GMC was a positive one. It's a good school to work on raising your GPA and a great starting point for your academic career.
Georgia Military College is a great small college to attend if you are looking for convenient secondary schooling. The Augusta campus has tremendous professors and amazing staff. Because the Augusta campus is not part of the main campus in Milledgeville, the small campus does not have a food facility, just a few snack/drink machines. Also, because a lot of the students attending there are adults with families and careers already, high school students, or students looking to get there associates degrees there are no parties or athletic programs.
Great experience at GMC! Faculty is very helpful and there to see you succeed! Classes are based on quarter system rather than semesters so be ready to learn quick.
I really love the fact that the people who work here care about your future. As long as you try your best and use the help give to you.
Georgia Military College in Augusta, Georgia is an awesome community college for students who have been out of school for three years or more. Admissions, faculty, and staff create a very friendly environment that can make one's college experience blissful. There are no gray areas at this school so what you see is what you get. To keep spirits high, the GMC staff will host pizza parties, popcorn parties, and bring in goodies to celebrate the Georgia Military College anniversary. The academic curriculum is not too challenging but does require to put forth some effort. Free tutoring is also available all throughout the week as well. Resources are readily available to all students that attend GMC.
Well for starters it’s a great school even though I attend another gmc campus which is located in Valdosta Georgia. I can still complete this survey because we all focus on the same goals especially understanding the QEP which is also known as the quality enhancement plan which focuses on makeing students really think and make better choices, also known as critical thinking.
I absolutly love GMC. It is a great school where all of the teachers care and are very willing to help!!
My experience here has been good for the most part. There are many different people here and it's okay. As far as the students goes some are really nice while others not so great. Attitudes early in the morning is not a good look for any student.
Wonderful college. All professors are excellent and seem to really care about their students' success. Highly recommended. Cost of attending is a lot more affordable than a four year university.
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This has been a great experience of college for me. The professor are great and want you do your best and they do everything they can to help you get propered for text and exams. All in all it's a great college.
I am a current student at Georgia Military College. I love this college. It has been the greatest experience yet. My instructors are awesome and very knowledgeable of the content they're teaching. They're always willing to help.
I loved that I was able to start a new club easily and could work with the school closely to help achieve this personal goal of mine. I will always be grateful to the tutoring lab and the help they gave me to help me reach my all time lifetime goal of getting honors in college.
What needs to be improved is that the prep school is in a way "the bully" of the school. If I was down stairs eating lunch in their cafeteria, I would be told that I couldn't sit where I was anymore and had to leave. The cater more to the prep school than to the actual college students. I ended up finishing my degree online because of how the school handled that situation as a whole.
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