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Georgia Tech has a very nice cmapus that mixes the historical brick buildings with new, modern glass ones. However the freshman dorms are very small and in need of renovation. Relatively safe campus.
Georgia Tech is a horrible school. The environment is so stressful and everyone is so negative that it’s hard to be happy or enjoy yourself. I thought classes were easy last semester but I ultimately transferred because the campus vibe was so awful. The dining halls are nasty and have few options if you have dietary restrictions, and the dorms are tiny and riddled with cockroaches. I found the student body to be rather unfriendly and snobby while I was at Tech. I transferred after one semester because my experience was so horrible.
I thoroughly enjoy my education at Georgia Tech! The professors are well informed and effectively communicate the material, and the people are all very friendly and easy to talk to. Finally, the academics are rigorous, so you know you really are learning the information well.
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Georgia Tech is a prestigious research university located in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, a fast-paced, growing community at the crux of the city's current boom. Not for the faint-of-heart, Georgia Tech is highly rigorous and consistently churns out some of the best and brightest minds into all areas of business, with a specific emphasis on the technology sector. Classes will push even the smartest students out of their comfort zones and will imbue in them a powerful work ethic which generates top-rate employment opportunities post-graduation. Student life is often described as "work hard, play hard" with students sharing a common bond over their collective academic struggles. The student population is very diverse and easy access to Atlanta allows students the opportunity to explore and take a break from their studies.
It's an amazing school. I love options in the computer science class curriculum. Everyday there are career events, groups to join, projects, internships, and research opportunities offered. I have great room mates and now live off campus in an apartment. The dorms and dining halls are not my favorite, but there are other choices. The work is very challenging and you need to be prepared to work harder than you ever have in high school. But, when you graduate you will have an excellent education that will help you get a good job in your field.
This school in wonderful. Each and everyday I am pushed to my limits with being creative and innovative. I am able to pursue my degree while being involved in clubs and sports on campus. The environment is very supportive and is very diverse. The professors are the best and want to help you excel at what you do each and everyday.
Georgia Tech is a great college to be in with the perfect mixture of rigorous academics, social diversity and fun.
Georgia Tech has very good academic programs, all professors are top professionals highly engaged with developing an innovative scientific and engineering. environment which may allow one to fully develop as a scientist or engineer.
Great college that challenges students and offers them countless opportunities including research, study abroads, and internships. Tech strives for its students to be great and offers resources to help students achieve that. One of the best colleges one can go to in GA where one can acquire an impressive education and thus career opportunities in the future.
It's a challenging school and it can make you feel pretty sucky at times but other times youll feel super smart and accomplished.
Georgia Tech is an incredible public school focused primarily on engineering and can be found in the heart of Atlanta. The social life is quite good despite its reputation for being a nerdy school, which it undeniably is.
Georgia Tech encompasses the quintessential college experience. The campus is small enough that you can make it to all your classes on time but large enough that you can easily find the perfect group of people to fit in with. It's hard, but it's not that hard and they provide a lot of resources to help you succeed. Also, unlike a lot of places, there aren't any crazy politics or indoctrinating policies that get in the way of learning. Finally, everyone there is smart and understands how hard it is being away from home at a pretty difficult univesity, so you will be surrounded by very encouraging and helpful peers.
There’s plenty of opportunities to succeed at tech if you have your goals set. I just finished my first semester here, and I have a phenomenal internship lined up for the summer and plans to do research this spring. If all you do is show up and go to class, the resources that are at your disposal are wasted. Every student wants each other to succeed, and the student body shows few signs of being cutthroat, so that’s a big plus at a rigorous school.
I like that the location is in the heart of Atlanta and it has a wide range of people at Tech. There are a lot of professors that care a lot about their research and some who truly care about their students.
GT has a prigram call "The Freshman Experence". I suggest all Freshman should attend this program. You will be able to learn the campus life plus getting credit hours. This program is during the Summer. When you start in the Fall you will have already adjusted to campus lufe.

With being on my own for the first time, it's been wonderful. I feel safe because the school has enough provisions in place to protect yiu and the campus.

Even though I ranked very high in high school, GT showed me that no matter how intelligent you may be, you will and can be challenged beyond belief.

My 1st semester was extremely difficult because I forgot my grand parents were not arround me for the reminders to do things which I took for granted. I pulled myself together before it was too late to improve my grades.

I will be starting the 2nd senester shortly and know what to expect.
It is an excellend school with amazing student life and academics. The professors are amazing and the job placements after graduation seems pretty nice.
I enjoy the academic prestige, and the close knit community of the computer science and engineering students.
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Georgia Tech is the most prestigious school I have ever had to honor of attending. The students are being taught revolutionary things due to amazing professors. They are the future of America. Such a beautiful campus and atmosphere.
The environment is one where competition encourages collaboration. Everyday you see students who want to be the best, realize they are surrounded by students better than themselves. So they use this as an opportunity to work with the better students and grow as individuals. The professors encourage the students to work harder while keeping them in a nurturing environment so that in case they fail they can get back up and succeed. To top it off the campus is gorgeous and constantly being updated.
GA Tech provides so many resources to help students do well in class and in the real world such as helpful seminars, internships, coops, and mentors.
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