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I enjoy the academic prestige, and the close knit community of the computer science and engineering students.
I am a High School senior looking for a school to call my own, to study, learn, socialize and grow. I toured Georgia Tech and it felt like this school could be the one for me. I felt at home and comfortable with the enviroment. The school was beautiful and the buildings were modern and high tech. The tour guide was very involved and enthusiastic about what the school has to offer the incoming freshman. I look forward to getting accepted at Ga. Tech, that maybe I can become a yellow jacket.
I am a High School Senior, but after visiting the campus, I fell in love. I experienced nearly every aspect of the school as if I were a college freshman.
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Georgia Tech is the most prestigious school I have ever had to honor of attending. The students are being taught revolutionary things due to amazing professors. They are the future of America. Such a beautiful campus and atmosphere.
The environment is one where competition encourages collaboration. Everyday you see students who want to be the best, realize they are surrounded by students better than themselves. So they use this as an opportunity to work with the better students and grow as individuals. The professors encourage the students to work harder while keeping them in a nurturing environment so that in case they fail they can get back up and succeed. To top it off the campus is gorgeous and constantly being updated.
I love Georgia Institute of Technology. It is my dream to go here and be a Yellow Jacket. The campus is so amazing and I love it.
GA Tech provides so many resources to help students do well in class and in the real world such as helpful seminars, internships, coops, and mentors.
Just entering as a Freshman. Georgia Tech is an exceptional academic institution, but is so much more. There are numerous organizations, clubs, extracurricular activities that students can participate in to enhance their college experience. They also have many support systems in place to help make students successful academically. Looking forward to my time here.
I absolutely loved Georgia Tech. During my undergrad and grad studies, I was exposed to so much opportunities. I like that all teachers and students are very intelligent and socially aware. Being a student at Tech was definitely not an easy one. I was always sleep-deprived and was always busy working on projects, homework and research. It was still worth it no matter what
The dorms/housing in general in Atlanta, tuition, and meal plans are expensive. Some class sized are huge. However, you will probably get the job you want if you show that you graduated form Georgia Tech.
Awesome school with a fun and great campus, nice college life, located in midtown Atlanta witch is a fun area and feels safe. You just have to work hard to be here professors are great.
The school provides a lot of great resources that are easily accessible. The faculty and students are all very friendly, and everyone is here to help you grow as a person.
School for STEM students primarily, if you have a passion for that, this is the school to go to. There are many clubs and organizations to join so there is always something to do. The party scene is mostly in the Greek life, who are located right on campus. If you come, you should feel confident in getting a high paying starting salary right out of college with no problem.
I regret nothing about choosing to go to Georgia Tech. It's a school which challenges you to grow and develop while helping you rise to the challenge.
The time I experienced at Georgia Tech was so enjoyable for me. Everyone is not only intelligent, but they are willing to help you in any way possible. The students that I have met have been extremely kind and welcoming.
Depending on your major, Georgia Tech can be tough. A lot of professors care more about research than teaching, but if you can optimize your schedule to find the best teachers, you'll be fine. It's a great school, and everyone in and around Atlanta assumes you're super smart when you say you go to GT :)
There are so many free resources available to help you succeed, such as one on one tutoring, online study materials, and recitation classes. They also have an amazing student rec center that was used for the Olympics when it was held in Atlanta.
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Love the college, professors are great, classes are interesting and fun. There's a lot of hw given and it's somewhat difficult, but it's a good education nevertheless.
I have only been a student here for a few weeks. However, in the short time I have been here, I have seen and met representatives of many diverse cultural backgrounds. There are all sorts of resources that can be utilized in order to be successful.
Georgia Tech has outstanding academics, and it provides the opportunities and resources necessary for all students to excel. The quality of food and housing on campus leaves something to be desired.
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