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Georgia Tech doesn't mess around, academically. It's a place of intense stress, often of isolation and sleep deprivation. Sometimes I feel the administration sees me as a mere number, never caring about my well-being as a human unless it involves my ability to pay them. But that said, I've learned so much and grown as a person, I've had many exceptionally good professors (more than the bad ones) and given that I will probably be one of the lucky few who will graduate (or rather, get out) in four years as planned, I suppose the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" holds quite true. I'd love to see improvements in our campus mental healthcare system, however, as it's difficult to cope with the pressures of this university as a neurotypical person, let alone as someone with a history of mental illness.
Georgia Tech is an amazing college to attend for not just STEM majors but also those that want to learn a new language. Most of the professors really care about their students.
The school is great, environment and people wise. However, life here is hell on earth. I don't wear my seatbelt when driving to school in hopes of dying before getting to class. BUT, it'll all pay off at the end, so I highly recommend it. It is extremely cheap for a top-notch university, and is sure to turn heads on a resume.
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A great school that lives up to its reputation. Although very competitive, the generally caring faculty encourages growth through well directed guidance.
I really like the opportunities that Georgia Tech provides. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from because Georgia tech provides an opportunity for everyone. I would like to see a change in some of the academic staff, I haven't experienced any bad professors, but many of my friends have had professors that can be a bit unreasonable.
I love the students, campus and geographical location of Georgia Tech. The academics are incredibly hard and most students spend most of their time on academics. However, that's to be expected from such a prestigious school and well worth the respect that comes with being a Yellow Jacket.
Great college to be a student for. Food sucks ass, teachers are also terrible except for a few very good ones. Dorms are hell, Social life is decent, gym is the one of the best things, many students are depressed, failing is not un common even for high achieveing students
Georgia Tech is a great school if you're up to the challenge. The academics are amazing, but rigorous. You'll get a lot out of Tech, but it also takes a lot out of you. There is a place for everyone on campus; there are tons of extracurricular clubs and sports, as well as music and arts programs of every level. Most professors are very helpful and want to help you succeed in both your classes and opportunities outside the classroom.
The application process was very friendly and asked a variety of questions. Campus is beautiful, lots of construction going on of new spaces. No longer is tech just an engineering school, it is now home to a highly ranked liberal arts school as well with very esteemed majors. Study abroad also is made more accessible than ever, many students travel multiple times in their 4 years. Lastly it is in the city of Atlanta opening up possibilities for working with conpanies, making connections, getting internships. Georgia tech is an inexpensive for a huge return. When companies see a Georgia tech diploma, they will be fighting for you, regardless of your major.
At Georgia Tech I liked the accessibility of the campus to the surrounding city, the strong engineering program, and the learning and living community for freshman. Something I would like to see change is the classroom size for many core classes which can be filled with well over one hundred students.
Very good school - academics comparable to ivies, however it is a fairly large institution and can weed out people not as prepared
I love the atmosphere at Georgia Tech. Everyone has a drive to achieve their goal and when you are around driven people, you inherently become one as well.
Great education, but the culture is a bit too self-deprecating. Campus is nice, but they are always building something new, which leaves little time to appreciate it.
I have had a rough start with my college career and GA Tech has been willing to work with me so that I can continue my studies.
Georgia institute of technology has a beautiful campus located just outside of Atlanta's midtown area, with excellent students, staff, and academics. You can find whatever niche interest you have here or in the surrounding area.
Georgia Tech, a institution built on research, situated in the heart of Midtown Atlanta, is known worldwide for its academics. The students enjoy a wide variety of benefits outside the scholastic rating of the institute. Georgia Tech is a very diverse college, with a good part of the students international. The campus, having recently undergone extensive beautification, is more appealing than ever. The surrounding area has become nicer, making way for flourishing restaurants just off campus. All these reasons and more make Georgia Tech a school above most others.
This school will make you feel stupid 99% of the time since you are surrounded by geniuses. It's hard for Tech students to wrap their heads around being straight A students and valedictorians in high school and now struggling to get Cs. At the end of the day the things you learn (academically and about yourself/your work ethic) are unmatched. You WILL learn things you want to learn here, and you will feel more prepared when you graduate than your friends at other schools. GPA is often overlooked when recruiters see "Georgia Tech", simply because they know what we are going through. Overall, even though I often want to drop out, I wouldn't want a degree from anywhere else.
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Georgia Tech is really difficult, but it is a good challenge, and the teachers expect you to do well. Overall I love the atmosphere of the campus. The part I don't like is that some teachers try to fail students on purpose and brag to other teachers when they get a low average on their tests.
Georgia Tech is a great college if you really put the effort in to learn, although if you are in a major you are not interested in you will definitely not enjoy your college experience. The amount of work required to succeed is only worth it if you truly like what you are studying. The dorms and dining halls are sub-par, but everyone gets used to it. As far as the area itself goes, I have always felt very safe as GTPD and ATLPD are always patrolling on and around the campus. Atlanta is a great city to live in and overall and I am happy with my experience at this school.
The campus is gorgeous, and everything is within walking distance. The workload is very large, however, and there is a general air of sadness and stress around the campus. I'm constantly stressed out, and when I finally have a break, I find it hard to relax because I feel that I should be doing work.
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