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Georgia Tech is a very academically demanding school but prepares student for the workforce. This ensures that after graduation the hard work that students have put in pays off in the form of full time jobs
Academically, it seemed difficult for engineers which I was not. Obviously, if you are trying to be an engineer, GT is perfect. If you get in, go. The price, the location, the education. I was not one and transferred to UGA as I was not socially happy. Since, my quality of life has been so much better and I had no trouble finding an internship.
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Georgia Tech is an amazing school with a very open atmosphere and an amazing campus. The professors are very helpful and allow for an open atmosphere within their classes and are very communicative.
I could not have picked a better college to attend! It has the major that I was interested in, Mechanical Engineering, as well as a great investment for my future. The professors have been excellent and have been more than willing to answer my questions. The food is great, and GT provides several dining options throughout campus which is big plus when I have classes at various places on campus. The dorms for freshman are traditional dorms which are not fancy but adequate. I have found a place that I love. I have made great friends that I suspect that I will have for the rest of my life.
Georgia Tech is a place where people go if they want to study in classes and go work for a company, then settle for the American dream. Personally, I don't see it as a place where people go to change the world, but more so work for others who will change the world.
I applied to this college due to 5 main reasons:

1. I wanted to major either in biomedical engineering or economics. This school has a biomedical engineering program that is unparalleled to others.
2. Georgia Tech is a school with one of the highest return on investment in the nation.
3. Georgia Tech is not that expensive (Even for an out-of-state student) compared to other competitive schools.
4. Georgia Tech has amazing facilities and staff.
5. I wanted to surround myself with nerds.
It is a great engineering school and has a beautiful campus. Atlanta is a fun city to live in! I love telling people I go there, and them immediately having more respect for me, because of its reputation. There are a lot of international students, and the gender ratio is closing.
I appreciate how most students here are so future driven. They want to challenge themselves and work hard to invest in their future and to succeed. I think that their can be improvements to the life on campus with the food and dorming experience.
My experience at the Georgia Institute of Technology has been excellent thus far. Because I took advantage of the Challenge program during the summer of 2017, it made my transition into the fall semester smoother, and I adapted to the college environment with ease.
College is all about opening doors of opportunity - Georgia Tech does just that. In an academic sense, every subject is integrated with technology which allows students to earn a degree that better prepares them for a more technology-driven society. In a social sense, Tech may not have all the parties like other schools, but they have a diverse group of students from not just different races and economic backgrounds but different states and countries and interests (most of us are nerds at heart with unique passions for other things too...and yes, things beyond robotics and math team as well). The faculty are great, providing a lot of research opportunities or connections. And the ATL area is not only a booming city to have a fun college experience, but it's a place to find career opportunities with nearby, world renown corporations and institutions. I'm so happy and proud to be attending GaTech and wouldn't want to spend my time as an college student any other way.
Georgia Tech is a highly respected institution with a beautiful campus. My experience has been very positive and all my professors have helped me grow professionally and academically. Academic excellence is the standard at Tech and the rigor in this program exhibits that.
There are abundant resources available to everyone at Georgia Tech and it is helping me to succeed everyday. My only downside is how new my degree program is (Neuroscience) so its hard to find internship opportunities or study tools.
It is amazing school with a lot of resources however it does come with a price of being incredibly difficult. There is a reason the acceptance rate is 20% and decreases every year as new students join. GT is a wonderful school especially if you are interested in a career in STEM. After graduated with a bachelor's of science from GT, you would set for life.
Georgia Tech is a very rigorous school. It has challenged me and broadened my horizons to learn, understand, and appreciate more about the world around me. It also has plenty of resources for various STEM career paths. However, I notice that many students suffer from mental health or depression from the school and I wish the school was more supportive and professors were more understanding about that.
Georgia Tech doesn't mess around, academically. It's a place of intense stress, often of isolation and sleep deprivation. Sometimes I feel the administration sees me as a mere number, never caring about my well-being as a human unless it involves my ability to pay them. But that said, I've learned so much and grown as a person, I've had many exceptionally good professors (more than the bad ones) and given that I will probably be one of the lucky few who will graduate (or rather, get out) in four years as planned, I suppose the phrase "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" holds quite true. I'd love to see improvements in our campus mental healthcare system, however, as it's difficult to cope with the pressures of this university as a neurotypical person, let alone as someone with a history of mental illness.
Georgia Tech is an amazing college to attend for not just STEM majors but also those that want to learn a new language. Most of the professors really care about their students.
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The school is great, environment and people wise. However, life here is hell on earth. I don't wear my seatbelt when driving to school in hopes of dying before getting to class. BUT, it'll all pay off at the end, so I highly recommend it. It is extremely cheap for a top-notch university, and is sure to turn heads on a resume.
A great school that lives up to its reputation. Although very competitive, the generally caring faculty encourages growth through well directed guidance.
I really like the opportunities that Georgia Tech provides. It doesn't matter who you are or where you come from because Georgia tech provides an opportunity for everyone. I would like to see a change in some of the academic staff, I haven't experienced any bad professors, but many of my friends have had professors that can be a bit unreasonable.
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