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I'm extremely pleased with the amount of resources provided here. Both academics and non-academics. There are so many options for one to receive academic help. The campus is beautiful and there are always events happening that give you good welfare.
Georgia Tech has been pretty great! My best friend is a current attendee and she feels right at home on campus. The Greek community is wonderful and supportive and there haven't been any issues with sectionalism or discrimination.
Georgia Tech is great, it has always been my dream school. However, the academic load is very difficult to handle. Our school almost requires and pressures students to apply for internships and co-ops, so it is very difficult to balance trying to find a job, academics, and social events. However, overall the school is great and filled with great professors and people.
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Georgia tech is an immersive experience. A lot of people think that it's tough but it isn't. There is just so much to do that most people end up taking more things than they can handle.
Since I came over to Georgia Tech I've been involved in research and robotics. I also joined the rugby team, a sport I have never played in my life. GT allowed me to follow my dreams by enabling me to pursue a neuroscience/ engineering degree. Hopefully, I will be able to do more research in that field to help people less fortunate than I am.
Excellent school. TONS of resources for difficult classes and students create a very collaborative, non-competitive environment. Many professors are outstanding, but there are a few duds in the mix. Excellent study abroad opportunities for all majors that are often overlooked. Beautiful, modern campus with excellent, updated facilities. Campus food is bad. At Tech, you are surrounded by intelligent people that make going back to the normal world strange.
Georgia Tech is definitely rigorous but provides many useful career and academic resources and opportunities for students. I do wish that there would be more study spaces because it is always really difficult to find a table to study at on campus.
I started at Tech in the fall of 2019, so I'm still pretty new, but so far my experiences have been great. The coursework is hard and the standards are high, but that's what I expected from an institution with Tech's reputation. The student body is extremely active and holds tons of public events on campus.
I love Georgia tech. The campus is beautiful. The academics are amazing. The faculty are great and there are so many opportunities.
This is the best place on earth. The academics are great, the student orgs are fantastic, the social scene is great. Everything about it (except for the food) is more than anyone can ask for.
Also, the campus is beautiful.
Georgia Tech is a very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very good college
My daughter graduated from Georgia Tech three year ago with full satisfaction and highest honor. She loves challenging academics and friendly people on the campus and is sure to recommend the college to others without second thoughts. As an international student, my daughter landed a job in one top US IT company with very good compensation. She thinks all the Tech students are well prepared for the outside world.
The school is extremely challenging but it is worth 100% of the effort. You put in what you get out and there is frankly no better way to put that. There needs to be restructuring of some classes in terms of the workload but the professors are always there to help and guide you along the way.
Its a very competitive university but its have been to difficult to get in even though with an excellent GPA and SAT and TOEFL scores
I am an incoming freshman attending GT. I've visited the campus and went to the orientation, and I really like the whole atmosphere. Everyone seems very unite.
As a student at the Georgia Institute of Technology, I have access to countless opportunities provided by the school. While the housing isn't the best there are many student organizations to take part in, removing from the time you spend in your dorm. Also, the academics of the school are superb, all the professors I have had have cared about the students. Overall the Georgia Institute of Technology is a great school with great return for the payment you make.
Georgia Tech is really academically challenging (can take a toll on your mental health if you're not careful) and really expensive (living-wise). The campus is pretty with modern design. While there are good and bad teachers like any school, the academics are top-notch. It is much more happening if you have a car or take MARTA, as it's near midtown and downtown Atlanta; not just a college town.
The day to day organization of classes and programs can seem a little hectic at first. However, the faculty and students in charge take great care of new students
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Love it here! Yes, it is as hard as everyone says it is, but if you don't want a school that challenges you, then go to a different school.
Georgia tech is an amazing place to grow and develop as a student, especially if you are planning to do engineering. There are many resources available to you to develop new technologies and plenty of great mentorship and networking opportunities.
Georgia Tech teaches every student the value of hard work. Students who are accepted are used to being the smartest person in the room, but they are in for a surprise when they come to this school. Just being smart doesn't cut it here- you have to be willing to work for what you want. This life lesson carries Tech's students to amazing places the rest of their lives. No matter what you major in, Tech's name is recognizable all over the world. It's an investment in a student's future. In terms of party scenes, Tech is very much a 'work hard party hard school,' and many students take part in Greek life. Its sports teams could use a little work, but it's students do get in free to football games!!
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