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I love the driven and community-based environment. Great atmosphere! The professors and alumni connections are excellent.
The Georgia Institute of Technology is a dynamic learning environment that provides students with a rigorous yet collaborative educational experience.
Challenging academics, great location, beautiful campus. So many things to experience and so many great opportunities.
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I absolutely Georgia Tech! All of the students and faculty members strive to create an open and dynamic environment.
Georgia Tech is an awesome school. However, it is a very hard school academically. If you do not study prepare yourself for failure. Georgia Tech is a very diverse school with many different nationalities.
I liked the diversity but hated the academic environment. Georgia Tech was one of the most toxic environments I've ever experienced, and I was born in Detroit. People shouldn't have competitions over who is suffering the most or whose mental health is the worst. I can't wait until I leave this hellhole.
Building car models with my father as a child inspired me to study Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech, which drove me to modify and race my personal vehicle; I am a car enthusiast through and through. I graduated from Georgia Tech in 2012 and felt fully prepared to begin my job with GE Power.

In my time with General Electric, I have held six positions in five different businesses, impacting five distinct functions. I have continuously developed my leadership and management styles and have been exposed to diverse functions within the manufacturing arm of these businesses. My roles have enabled me to contribute to projects at all stages of their lifecycles, to interact with both customers and suppliers, and to travel internationally.

I attribute my success with GE to the rigorous academic structure and well rounded cultural exposure of Georgia Tech. I wish to see the Yellow Jacket community continue to thrive in Atlanta, and to continue to pour donations to the campus.
As a mechanical engineering student who is graduating soon, there are parts about Georgia Tech that I appreciate and others that I really hate. Georgia Tech has made me into an extremely effective worker and problem solver, but this has come at the cost of further developing any sort of business or world sense. Classes become so tedious that any interest soon wanes after starting. I've been able to have several amazing internships and study abroad opportunities, and will be graduating with an amazing job. Personally I think all of those would have still been possible for me while also being able to get a more social, lively and engaging campus experience.
Based on my first semester here, Georgia Tech is a wonderful university that has some of the prettiest sights I've ever seen and has some of the most modern facilities available to college students for free. My main highlight would be the Invention Studio, a huge laboratory filled with all kinds of heavy duty machines: 3D printers of various sizes, lazer cutters, a water jet, and even a plasma cutter! The campus can be a bit overwhelming in terms of size in the beginning, but over time you get used to it.
The Georgia Institute of Technology is exceptionally well known for its biomedical engineering program, and I am specifically interested in contributing to research in the Wallace Coulter department of Biomedical Engineering. Through Tech's extensive resources and stellar education, I hope to further develop my existing ideas on a more efficient cure for lung cancer. Georgia Tech provides me with students with more perspectives into my ideas of treatments for Lung Cancer. Aside from the aspect of possible research into Lung Cancer, Biomedical engineering is also extremely versatile; it covers everything from the basis of engineering and physics to advanced medical theories, allowing biomedical engineering majors to be adaptive to the future workforce.
There are few African American students at Georgia Tech. This situation must be improved. The university has to encourage Black students to apply at Georgia Tech and help them benefit more scholarships.
The professors are intelligent, classes are very challenging and inciteful; the students are hardworking and matured.
Wonderful!! Teachers are very smart. Great extracurricular activities offered. The community of Georgia Tech is great and really pushes you to pursue your dreams and careers; however, with this all being said, the teachers sometimes are at Tech for research and not teaching therefore not caring about the students. Also, the atmosphere of Georgia Tech can be stressful a lot of the time.
Georgia Tech is a very academically demanding school but prepares student for the workforce. This ensures that after graduation the hard work that students have put in pays off in the form of full time jobs
Academically, it seemed difficult for engineers which I was not. Obviously, if you are trying to be an engineer, GT is perfect. If you get in, go. The price, the location, the education. I was not one and transferred to UGA as I was not socially happy. Since, my quality of life has been so much better and I had no trouble finding an internship.
Georgia Tech is an amazing school with a very open atmosphere and an amazing campus. The professors are very helpful and allow for an open atmosphere within their classes and are very communicative.
I could not have picked a better college to attend! It has the major that I was interested in, Mechanical Engineering, as well as a great investment for my future. The professors have been excellent and have been more than willing to answer my questions. The food is great, and GT provides several dining options throughout campus which is big plus when I have classes at various places on campus. The dorms for freshman are traditional dorms which are not fancy but adequate. I have found a place that I love. I have made great friends that I suspect that I will have for the rest of my life.
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Georgia Tech is a place where people go if they want to study in classes and go work for a company, then settle for the American dream. Personally, I don't see it as a place where people go to change the world, but more so work for others who will change the world.
I applied to this college due to 5 main reasons:

1. I wanted to major either in biomedical engineering or economics. This school has a biomedical engineering program that is unparalleled to others.
2. Georgia Tech is a school with one of the highest return on investment in the nation.
3. Georgia Tech is not that expensive (Even for an out-of-state student) compared to other competitive schools.
4. Georgia Tech has amazing facilities and staff.
5. I wanted to surround myself with nerds.
It is a great engineering school and has a beautiful campus. Atlanta is a fun city to live in! I love telling people I go there, and them immediately having more respect for me, because of its reputation. There are a lot of international students, and the gender ratio is closing.
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