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Georgia Highlands College Reviews

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My experience at Georgia Highlands is beyond exceptional. The learning that you endure at this school is above great, and the teachers here go far and beyond to make sure you are learning all that you need plus more. When being on campus I feel safe enough to walk around campus to each class even being that I take late classes to fit my day to day life schedule. I also love the diversity on the campus meeting and seeing people of different cultures. The food is also great plus there are other restaurants that are not on campus but a really close.
AMAZING school to attend. I love the professors and their drive to see students succeed is so comforting. Also I appreciate how GHC has free tutoring for students.
I like that it is smaller than most colleges because I feel that it’s easier to speak with advisors and get help from my professors. If I could change one thing I would want my school to offer 4 year degrees for all majors, not just certain ones.
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I like being able to go to school and work at the same time. The web-based classes are wonderful to work with.
Georgia Highlands has given me the opportunity to become someone in life. I love the professor because they take there time to get to know their students on a personal level and to guide us to get to where we want. My campus in Marietta, GA is a nice campus if a good student life full of opportunities and activities. What I like interesting is the diversity we have and community around us. There is plenty of help to be received all around over any topic or doubt. I am very thankful for Georgia Highlands College and who I am will always be thanks to being a charger.
Georgia Highlands is an excellent choice for those who wish to save money or pursue an Associates Degree. Non-traditional students in particular will enjoy this modern and convenient layout. The professors are both knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach, and the faculty is very helpful. The one thing I would like to see changed is this: I wish the offered more online classes.
The teachers really want their students to succeed. They work with the students to help them achieve the grades that they want.
The school is OK, it is only a starter school which is decent for it. The teachers though are rough. I would strongly suggest checking rate my professor because if not it could lead to a failing grade.
I enjoy how easy the commute to campus. Classes are small so students can easily get help from professors when needed. It is extremely easy to get around campus and the school is extremely clean and the environment is friendly.
(ROME CAMPUS) Small enough to get to know teachers on a personal level and get extra help when needed!! Lots of events for free food and entertainment. Very friendly cafe staff. It is a commuter college so there are no dorms.
Georgia Highlands College offers a wide variety of degrees and experiences to help students in life. Whether a student plans on transferring or earning an associate's (and now bachelor) degree, this college serves as a great stepping stone to new adventures. There are numerous student organizations and a few honor societies that can better prepare and guide students into being well-round people. It is incredibly affordable and is available to nearly anyone since there are five campus locations as well as distance learning. There is a relatively small student population which helps in providing students with personal connections to professors and each other.
Georgia Highlands College is a great school! GHC has a small classroom size that allows the students to get to know their professor one-on-one. The Cartersville campus new and really nice!
They have really good professors willing to work with you and a good program. Just be careful if you have an issue with Financial Aid, they don't always work with you.
professors are all caring, they really want you to succeed! diversity of students, many clubs to join, i enjoyed my time spent on campus though online was a better fit for me
GHC helped me prepare to transfer to a four year college. I was able to earn my degree while getting paid to go to school because it's so cheap. Attending this school helped me save thousands in loans! It's a nice start if you don't mind commuting and you actually learn here. The professors are extremely willing to help, you just have to reach out to them first.
Overall, Georgia Highlands has been an excellent place for me to get my core done before I move on to another university. It is an affordable and still very academically challenging college. I have not had any issues with transferring hours to other colleges. I thoroughly recommend it to people thinking about going with this route. It is worth it.
Super kind people and a very awesome environment. It's like a huge family! From the admissions office to the lunch lady, there's not one person I don't just love being around!
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So far the college is incredible. It is a small environment with huge help and aid around every corner. Professors are extremely personable. The staff is helpful as well. For a for year institute, I have to say I am incredibly impressed.
I have been attending Georgia Highlands college for 2 years now and I would definitely recommend attending this college for multiple reasons. For one this college is cost friendly which can be very beneficial for majority college students. This college also has great professor and classes can be challenging, but professors are wiling to work with you. Overall Georgia Highlands is a great school to get a feel for college life before transferring to a University.
I have just started school again after being out of high school for 6 years. The staff made the process super easy and got everything done in under 2 weeks. I would highly recommend this school.
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