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They have really good professors willing to work with you and a good program. Just be careful if you have an issue with Financial Aid, they don't always work with you.
professors are all caring, they really want you to succeed! diversity of students, many clubs to join, i enjoyed my time spent on campus though online was a better fit for me
GHC helped me prepare to transfer to a four year college. I was able to earn my degree while getting paid to go to school because it's so cheap. Attending this school helped me save thousands in loans! It's a nice start if you don't mind commuting and you actually learn here. The professors are extremely willing to help, you just have to reach out to them first.
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Overall, Georgia Highlands has been an excellent place for me to get my core done before I move on to another university. It is an affordable and still very academically challenging college. I have not had any issues with transferring hours to other colleges. I thoroughly recommend it to people thinking about going with this route. It is worth it.
Super kind people and a very awesome environment. It's like a huge family! From the admissions office to the lunch lady, there's not one person I don't just love being around!
So far the college is incredible. It is a small environment with huge help and aid around every corner. Professors are extremely personable. The staff is helpful as well. For a for year institute, I have to say I am incredibly impressed.
I have been attending Georgia Highlands college for 2 years now and I would definitely recommend attending this college for multiple reasons. For one this college is cost friendly which can be very beneficial for majority college students. This college also has great professor and classes can be challenging, but professors are wiling to work with you. Overall Georgia Highlands is a great school to get a feel for college life before transferring to a University.
I have just started school again after being out of high school for 6 years. The staff made the process super easy and got everything done in under 2 weeks. I would highly recommend this school.
I enjoyed that I was able to pay for classes, as it's pretty cheap. The Cartersville campus is very nice.
Georgia Highlands is a very good college for people who don't know what degree the want to earn yet or for people who are coming back to school.
Overall a great starter school, although I do know people who have gone here and gotten full degrees. Great nursing program.
I liked Georgia Highlands. I took online courses for my 2-year degree in Liberal Arts (general studies) here. The instructors were all helpful, some more than others. For the most part, I found success at this school taking Web based classes. I am now about to graduate!
I love Georgia Highlands, the multiple campuses has allowed me the opportunity to not only travel but broaden my amount of friends. I am also able to participate in any club I would like and I really like to be involved. Georgia Highlands is a college I highly recommend. I made the best decision choosing to go here, I could not be happier. Thank you Georgia Highlands!
Georgia highlands provides an excellent education for every college student. This community college gets students ready for a 4 year college or graduation from Highlands.
Georgia highlands is a very good college after high school, because they have to many programs where we can move on
Georgia Highlands to me is a very standard school, providing the and meeting the basic needs of every student. The professors here at the Douglasville site are helpful, and understanding. Which is great because they take the time to re-teach a portion of the lesson which we did not understand the first time through. Through my experiences here being at this school, there's not a thing I would change about it.
I went to the campus in Cartersville which is a really nice campus. The classes aren't too big so you're able to have more interaction with the professor. All of my professors that I've had have been wonderful! If I ever needed extra help, or if I had a misunderstanding, I would either talk to them after class or shoot them a quick email. They were always there for me to clarify information or answer any questions I had. One thing that I don't like is that Cartersville is not an area where there's lots of things to do. I mainly had to stay on campus when I had my break in between classes because it's not a very fun town to be in. But, honestly this campus is great and I love sitting outside to study on nice days. GA highlands is a very easy going school for someone who is looking to further their education and start slowly by easing in to college life at a smaller school.
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This college will take good care of you. Also, great to do your 2 years of college then to transfer since it will be cheaper!!!!
The main campus is awesome and the staff is really nice. i love going there and wouldn't change a thing.
Georgia Highlands is a great college for students who are looking for affordable education options. Georgia Highlands offers the same academic courses you would receive at 4 year institution for a more affordable price. Georgia Highlands is also a smaller university so you're able to gain more one on one learning from your professors.
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