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It is a great school because you get meet a lot of different people and the teachers teach very well.
I loved the size of GGC while I attended school there. It was big enough to get the college experience but small enough to feel like you were an actual person rather than just a face in a lecture hall full of hundreds.
The school is great but some things should change around there. Some professors are decent but there are some that lack of importance in communication when really needed.
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The GGC campus is not large, but rather intimate compared to others. It is clean and well kept. And over the past year and a half, I've enjoyed my time spent thus far. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to kick start your college career, I recommend applying to GGC.
Georgia Gwinnett College is a very good school. In fact the lecturers are always ready to explain the course to us if we do not understand. Finally the lecturers respect the students.
Georgia Gwinnett College is very misleading. Business Majors beware of accreditation. Though the school as a whole is accredited, their business program is NOT !! Google and go on to the schools website and type in Business Program Accreditation. You will see that the program is not accredited, nor has it ever been. I caught it early and I'm glad that I did . I wanted to write this post so that more students are aware and don't waste their time and money. The campus is new and fresh and beautiful but don't let that blind you from doing your research .
Georgia gwinnett college is a new college, the campus is small, and safe the classes are small. The teacher are great, they are willing to help students that are struggling. Ggc have the AEc ( academic enhancement center) that help students with homework, students can make appointment or walk in ask for help, and received free teaching. The academic enhancement center help me a lot with my homework. The dining wall is like elementary dining wall, they don't have a lot of vegetables.
This College prepare you for the industry with it amaizing professor and classmate. I'm an IT student precisely software development. Being a grizzlies is awesome and no one can't stop a grizzlies to reach their goals
The experience at GGC is very exciting. The student life is very interesting with activities and mentors getting involved in the student life. Student life is very productive with attending classes, eating lunch, attending daily activities such as lunches, getting together and discussing topics that are making daily news. It’s a very exciting and well put job.
This is my first year at Georgia Gwinnett and so far its been okay I guess I would say. Its pretty dull sometimes because they don't have an active basketball, football, and other sports you would think a school would have. The learning is good depending on which classes you take. You do have to walk to class at certain distances because there isn't on-campus transportation. They do have nice off campus trips that they organize monthly and their free. They need more housing options though.
I've been here since my freshman year in 2015 and it's been great so far. I plan on graduating here in 2019!
Teachers are very helpful. The disability office is great if you need accommodations. Banner is great because it lets you see what classes you need next.
I advise people to check your major before coming here so you don't take unnecessary classes.
Also if your a party person this school may or may not be for you. If you like parties then UGA or GSU will suit you better.
The housing is great because every student gets their own suite within the dorm!
It is AMAZING. The professors are super nice and funny. They teach extremely well. At first, I was a bit, okay extremely nervous, going into college because I know how different it is. But thanks to the professors and just the amazing atmosphere there, it made adjusting to college so much easier. I’m very thankful for GGC.
Georgia Gwinnett college is very good school to attend. The professors and students are together make this place, excellent to come and learn. There are very clean and organized. GGC is very diverse, you get to meet new people and have communication with them. Georgia Gwinnett college will put you in the path to success.
My experience so far at GGC has been great! It is an affordable college. The class size is not that big, even better to pay attention and get more help by the professors. They have professors who truly respect with situations happening outside of the class. Since the first year I have attended at this school, it has been expanding especially with the variety of courses. For a four year college, I recommend any student to attend GGC.
There’s several things I like Georgia Gwinnett College it can a safe environment and everyone gets along just great!
I would recommend ggc to anyone who wants to farther their education in my opinion getting to go to this college is a steal for the price
So far the teachers are very laid back and not to overly concerned with student readiness unless it's glaringly obvious. They have a tough love tone to them where they are aware of the fact that you've just finished high school but are treating you with the same respect as they would any other adult.
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My experience at Georgia Gwinnett College so far has been a great one.
The college is very diverse and the professors really want you to succeed and are always willing to help.
The professors and the campus are great. There is some diversity and the food is actually pretty good.
I liked Georgia Gwinnett because the teachers had more one on one time with the students about their work and would answer all the questions they had about the work they were doing
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