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Spring 2018 was my first semester at Georgia Gwinnett College and it was a great experience. I like the college because it has a good amount of people with small classrooms so you will be known by your name in your classes and not a number. Most of the teachers are very helpful. There are many different group;s and organizations that one can join so that they can fit in somewhere. The school is extremely diverse which is great. Most importantly the price for my classes were fairly cheap. I loved my dorm room as well. Georgia Gwinnett College is a great pick.
I started at this school as a freshman and my first year was amazing. I enjoy the helpful assistance from the school staff and also the students. Georgia Gwinnett is a great school to keep away from distractions and to concentrate much more better on your major.
Georgia Gwinnett College is a four year public institution with almost 14 thousands students. I am currently a sophomore here. I love GGC because the professors and staffs at GGC are extremely helpful and dedicated for the student s' success. The tutoring center of GGC is an excellent source of learning and getting help for school projects and homework. Besides these, small classroom size makes a huge difference for any students to get the best learning environment. The dinning hall is also a great place for eating where someone can have the taste of different food. Overall, GGC is undoubtedly a great school with an affordable tuition cost, and I feel proud of my school.
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This college is very diverse. One thing I would change would be offering more scholarships and help to students who are not in state tuition so they feel more welcomed.
I moved from New Jersey and decided to go to this school because it wasn’t too far from my house and I wanted to compute. But I wasn’t really a big fan after one semester there. I feel like the professors are literally just there to take attendance and that’s it. I don’t like feeling like I can’t go to my professors for help, and that’s exactly how I felt at this school.
I am a parent of a student that attended the college and i like the environment because it was safe as well as the academics. Very good school
I've had a great first two years at GGC. The school is very diverse but I wish there were more events taken place on campus.
I started going to GGC 2 years ago and I'm very well pleased with it! The small classroom sizes and simple type of feel the campus is good! The school food isn't the best but it's still improving as well as the parking and school atmosphere! But, most of all the tuition is cheap and affordable to anyone who's starting to try to get into college.
This college is very beautiful! The classroom sizes are small enough for professors and students to get to know each other and the school provides professors with iPhones specifically to make the professors more accessible to the students. I have been going there for almost five years now and I live on-campus. If you plan to commute parking can be a bit of a hassle. It is still a fairly new school so of course it does not have a lot of majors yet. Each year this place continues to grow. And with the growing population the school finds more innovative ways to fit the needs of its commuters and residential life. It wouldn't hurt to take a tour and see for yourself. The school is currently adding a new building since we have so many students now. I guarantee that if you apply you will be accepted!
What I mostly hate about GGC is the parking. Always should spend at least 20 minutes to find a parking, no public transportation to school. professors are nice but it depends on you, overall a really average school
Many of the professors came from bigger schools, like UGA, Ole Miss, Spelman, etc., so you are definitely getting a good education. The school was and still is trying to combine technology with sustainability, and they seem to be pulling it off. Speaking from a biology major perspective, there were some good research opportunities and the professors were exceptionally supportive. You were encouraged to present at local symposiums and regional conferances. The professors truly get to know and attempt to understand their students, so you are actually a person and not just a number. There does not seem to be distinctive groups on the campus, as I have seen people from different ethnicities, genders, religions and economical classes all talking and working together with no problems. Overall, my experience had been extremely positive and I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
My experience at Georgia Gwinnett College has been a joy. The professors are understandable and helpful. Being a smaller college, they are very hands on with there students.
I love how there are so many different students and teachers with different backgrounds! It made my overall experience here at GGC more exciting and it forced me to be open minded and learn more about the world around me.
What I liked about Georgia Gwinnett college is that they have nice dorms, a nice neighborhood/location, and have a cheap tuition that is much affordable.
I will be an incoming freshman. I attended orientation and was able to meet and speak with prospective students and professors. The campus is small but I'm sure that won't make a difference. I look forward to becoming a a graduate of GGC
The school is a great start to college, However, the professors can appear to not care sometimes. The classes are not too challenging, however, these are general education requirements. The class sizes are nice, with none of my classes being bigger than 30 students. All of the places to eat near the college offset the lacking quality of the cafeteria. People here can be nice as well, the hospitality is nice, and I think there is a group for everyone that wants to fit in. The school in my opinion offers a reasonable experience for the price, and is a worth while introducton to college life.
What I like about Georgia Gwinnett College is how close is it to where I live. What I don't like about the college is, the teachers don't go to a certain extent to help students understand the concept of a new chapter or assignment.
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GGC has been very good to me in the 2 years I've spent here so far. My professors are very knowledgable and coursework is very fair for the class level you take. Campus is super comfy; there's infinite electric outlets to plug up your phone or laptop and study. It's mostly a commuter campus so I haven't taken part in many campus activities, but the campus culture is very vibrant and friendly. People will tell you GGC has a bad rep since its a community college but my experience here has not matched any of that BS!
Georgia Gwinnett College has a very intimate student-teacher relationship. There are not a lot of students in the classrooms, which allows for more one-on-one time with the professors. Also, professors are very efficient on responding back to you when you send them an email of text message. Although the professors are amazing, Georgia Gwinnett College's downfall is the lack of communication between admissions and students.
If you're somebody who doesn't have the funds to afford a big time college, GGC might be a good option for you. Without all the extra stress of worrying about paying too much at the end of your schooling, GGC offers the experience of a lifetime with memories and the education that you can't experience at other small schools. The faculty and staff are always eager to help out their students with whatever their needs may be to the best of their ability. I can't stress it enough; if you don't have the funds to go to those big time schools but still want to get that degree, GGC is here for you!!!
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