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Georgia Gwinnett College Reviews

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Very crowded, not enough parking spaces. Teachers are alright. Food is good, definitely a lot of diversity on the menu.
Amazing school to receive one-on-one study time with professors. Along with the dedication each professor provides towards the personal learning experiences, the school is very affordable.
The college is extremely diverse and has well taken care of facilities. It is continuing to expand. It has only been around for about 13 years and due to that it feels modern and has constant internet access across the facility. There is a bit of a problem with parking since the school has very many commuters (including myself). Unfortunately does not have many sports programs but has many other interest groups and clubs. Many events are often held around campus.
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I am currently a sophomore at Georgia Gwinnett college. My experience so far has been amazing, it gave me a chance to get a sense of the college lifestyle and got a chance to meet new people in a such diverse campus. The college faculty and professors are really helpful in regards to any question or concerns you might have. In class, I have met professors that are so good at what they do but I have met professors who shouldn’t even be teaching. One thing I would like for the school to improve on is parking. Anytime of the day there is always a struggle to look for a parking spot and that has impacted me getting to class on time. Personally, they really need to construct more parking lots to comply with the vastly large number of students that attend this school. Overall,it has been a pleasantly fun experience and do recommend this school.
I really liked how the professors are willing to help the students. I remember my first day of class where I was afraid of meeting new teachers and students but the professors I took tried to make the class more engaging and how they where willing to help me improve in my studies. There are also tutoring services that helps the student when he/she doesn't understand something in class. Some of the things that I think needs to improve is their parking services as you need to come to school early to get a parking space which ends up taking most of my time. The school also needs to create more scholarships for students based on their merit in order to give them a boost to learn harder.
GGC is a great school! The teacher here are amazing and are always willing to help and answer your questions. The community is close as we have several opportunities each week to connect and reach out. I love the environment, because you feel safe and you feel surrounded by friends and colleagues that are there to support you and push you towards your goals. the advisement and staff are dedicated to ensuring you pursue your passions and guide you in the right direction. The fitness center and the on campus restaurants are so convenient for the commuters like me. I love being GGC Grizzly.
The Campus is very new. Class size ranges from 15-25 students. Your teachers are your mentors. Students are very nice and friendly. The cafeteria is very spacious and has many variety of foods.
Great school for students interested in creating a personal connection with their professors. Class sizes are small and professors are caring and accessible.
As an upcoming freshmen, I want to feel welcomed and safe at my college. Georgia Gwinnett college provides an environment with positivty and diversity. There are various clubs and opportunities for students to socialize and learn.
It is a great school to attend very fine tuned small classes but I believe it has room to grow. The campus sort of reminds me of a glorified high school which is not a bad thing because it seems familiar in a sense. With that being said, I think they should expand the school by adding more teachers and adding activities along with that they could acquire the open land around them even if it is for a green space and not to put buildings. Georgia Gwinnett is a very young school opening its doors in only 2012, its student population has grown larger than the campus itself. I think thats the only problem the school has which that the faculty doesn't realize the school is bigger than what it really is. I think it was maybe a bit unexpected to grow at such an alarming rate, so the school itself needs to grow to accommodate the student body with more facilities and grow from a big high school to an actual college campus.
GGC has been a true blessing for me. I transferred in the fall of 2016, and I have had nothing but the greatest amount of help and support from all my professors.
I really like the campus. It’s dorms are like hotels. The professors are very understanding of your academics. I was very happy to move on the campus because of the activities that were being presented. The campus itself is medium size. Classes are small but very effective.
I have attended Georgia Gwinnett College for 2 years so far and I am a rising junior. This college is fast-growing and an affordable 4 year public school. Class sizes are small (24 students on average) and professors are very helpful to students. The faculty of professors are highly accomplished and the academics is excellent as a result. The campus and dorms are very beautiful. The student body is very diverse and friendly. Your experience at GGC is what you make of it as there are many ways to get involved in clubs, organizations and sports. Majority of the students are commuters like myself, but nothing should hold you back from get involved in fun activities and being active on campus. GGC is a fairly new school (est. 2005) but is fast-growing with new buildings being built and new majors being added almost every semester. The school goes above and beyond in helping underprivileged students succeed with cheap tuition rates and excellent tutoring services.
Georgia Gwinnett College is very affordable, especially if you are paying for college on your own. I believe the school should provide more personnel and resources in order to help students develop and have more opportunities to succeed.
This coming up fall will be my second semester at GGC. I love the school its a fairly new school founded in 2006 has very updated to technology very efficient. I also stayed in housing very nice sized rooms compared to other universities it is decently priced. Students especially residents tend to be very involved I will love to continue to grow and learn at this school. Academically its exceptional as well just wish there was an expansion of some majors and academic programs that are provided.
The community is active and has great professors, I look forward to going there every other day. Its very convenient for me to attend that college since its not that far from me. Regardless of distance, the opportunities are presentable here and you can start a career path in this college.
Such a great school and cost efficient! The class sizes are always 25 students or less and the professors really care about student success. There are many diverse organizations on campus so you are always welcome to get involved. The dining hall is nice, but the food is poor. The dorms are a nice size as well with a diverse group of individuals.
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It is a very good school. The teachers there are a HUGE help. You will like the environment because its friendly, SAFE, and they have fun activities every week, sometimes educational ones to.
I spent three years in Georgia Gwinnett College and my experience was exceptional. I developed very close relationships with my professors which helped me grow as a student as well as a person. Class sizes are small which allows professors to give as much individual attention as needed. Overall I enjoyed my time at GGC and I learned a lot of things to take with me in my future career as an engineer.
Spring 2018 was my first semester at Georgia Gwinnett College and it was a great experience. I like the college because it has a good amount of people with small classrooms so you will be known by your name in your classes and not a number. Most of the teachers are very helpful. There are many different group;s and organizations that one can join so that they can fit in somewhere. The school is extremely diverse which is great. Most importantly the price for my classes were fairly cheap. I loved my dorm room as well. Georgia Gwinnett College is a great pick.
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