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My experience so far at GGC has been great! It is an affordable college. The class size is not that big, even better to pay attention and get more help by the professors. They have professors who truly respect with situations happening outside of the class. Since the first year I have attended at this school, it has been expanding especially with the variety of courses. For a four year college, I recommend any student to attend GGC.
There’s several things I like Georgia Gwinnett College it can a safe environment and everyone gets along just great!
I would recommend ggc to anyone who wants to farther their education in my opinion getting to go to this college is a steal for the price
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So far the teachers are very laid back and not to overly concerned with student readiness unless it's glaringly obvious. They have a tough love tone to them where they are aware of the fact that you've just finished high school but are treating you with the same respect as they would any other adult.
My experience at Georgia Gwinnett College so far has been a great one.
The college is very diverse and the professors really want you to succeed and are always willing to help.
The professors and the campus are great. There is some diversity and the food is actually pretty good.
I liked Georgia Gwinnett because the teachers had more one on one time with the students about their work and would answer all the questions they had about the work they were doing
I thoroughly enjoy my time at GGC, the students, professors, and faculty provide an excellent experience for me. Everyone respects one another and is treated equally, including professors. I like the atmosphere and feel about the school.
All the professors I've had are amazing!! Most of them are very understanding with work and family life outside of the class. The campus is really pretty and open. Since it is an open and walkable campus, make sure to always have an umbrella. Parking could be better though.
It was a great College to attend. Professors really cared and I always felt safe. It was four years well worth it. I was able to maintain a work schedule and full time student. It was very diverse community. The campus is not only safe but so is the area with many places and things around. They college community starts feeling like family which helps leaving home.
Georgia Gwinnett College is a great college for students who struggle with academics and cant afford other colleges. It has great professors , library where you can study all day, delicious food courts, easier to pass classes, less students in ones class so its easy to pay attention. Basically its like high school however, homework is given, quizzes are mostly online, and assignments are easy to do. What i would like to approve is that it should get bigger, more bigger classes, and more healthcare programs. Therefore its a easy affordable college with great education.
I have only toured the campus and I already love it. I have a friend that goes there and she loves the atmosphere so much!
Its a very impressive school. The education is amazing. Its my first year of college and i still have all A's. The classes are not too big which is actually really helpful because you can ask the teachers questions and you can have one on one learning experience with the teacher. You have to try to fail if you go to this college because all the teachers, and staff actually do care about your education unlike other schools. The students race and ethnicity here is very diverse unlike any college i have ever seen before. One thing i would change is the food. If we had a better cafeteria here this school would be perfect.
The professors are very accessible and supportive. Having smaller class sizes is also a plus, so that you can meet other students and get to know the professors, as well. The only downside is the very limited parking available.
I like that diversity is definitely there and exists. The professors are avaliable for you so easy access when help is needed. Each student is never left behind and GGC never fails to always remind where to get help from financial help, counseling, reporting incidents, to any questions regarding to the campus like housing and so on. The classes are not huge and intimidating. I always feel welcome and excited to come to class. Only complaint would be parking. Sometimes i can find great parking or just get lucky. I think GGC needs at least 2 extra parking areas.
This college is by far the most diverse and calm college I have seen. Professors are extremely professional and they are there to help whenever you need them. They don't have office hours so you can meet with them whenever you want as long as it doesn't interfere with their classes that is! Overall what a College!
This school was horribly disorganized, they do absolutely NOTHING to help you out with any problems you may have.
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Georgia Gwinnett College is a very good school. The teachers are great they are always there to help you understand and learn.
This is a great college to attend. The campus is beautiful and the tuition is affordable. The advisors "Mentors" go of their way to keep you engaged and to make sure you stay on course and are motivated to stay on track. You will have your mentor's phone number, and they will call freshmen to check on their progress.
The Kaufman library is huge and a resource that they teach every student to use. They also participate in the Georgia College system's E-core program so you may qualify to take some of your core classes online. The only negative about this school is that, while it does have programs for non-traditional students, it is still geared more towards the traditional college student. So, while you will be able to take some courses at night and or on Saturdays, you will still have to go to campus during normal business ours to get some questions answered or necessary items completed.
Georgia Gwinnett College is an excellent place to be for your college years. I'm so happy I decided to go.
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