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Georgia College has been a terrific enhancement to my educational journey and has allowed me to feel welcomed in a smaller environment. It is hard to go off to college leaving behind your childhood home and knowing your life as a young adult has officially started. Georgia College has allowed me to branch out and get involved in ways I probably never would have if I went to a much bigger, more populated state school. My opportunities to shine and take the reins on enriching my career are endless and I am more than pleased with the two years I've spent there and look forward to the next two years I have to go.
I love Georgia College. It is a great school, with great professors who really want you to succeed. However, the classes are very hard to get in. I am constantly placed on waitlists for classes I need to take for my major. If they are wanting so much money from us, they should at least have enough spaces available for the classes we need.
Georgia College and State is one of my favorite places. I knew I wanted to go to school here after going on a tour. The campus is very warm and inviting and honestly feels like home. The students are all inviting and interested in the welfare of their education and livelihoods. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in the nursing program and I hope to be able to complete a Master's program in the nurse anesthetist field.
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I have had a wonderful time here at GCSU. The staff has been very informative and helpful! I would recommend this institution to any of my friends and family!
My experience at Georgia College was a wonderful experience. Georgia College is a beautiful college with a unique scenario. I loved the school when I first went for a a basketball game and ever since I was excited to get admitted. College is an experience worth exploring.
If you love small towns and calling your professors by their first names (and meeting them to edit your essay in their own coffee shop), then this is your school.
I went to school here before transferring to a different university this semester. My ultimate reason for this was because they did not have my preferred major. I wanted to go to a school where there is a major specific to my ideal career, and this was simply not gcsu. This was not very surprising though because gcsu does not have a ton of majors. Also, I did not love the size of the school (it is quite small) or the surrounding town of Milledgeville. It was just too small for me and I wanted to be somewhere that had more going on, which further meant more diversity and more opportunities. On a positive note, even though the campus itself is small, it really is great if you are looking for a small school. People are always sitting on front campus reading or playing frisbee, and there is nowhere you can go without running into a friendly face, which is always great.
Start college in the fall and i'm so excited for all the opportunities to be had at georgia college and state univeristy
GC&SU is a beautiful and small knit community preparing young professionals to enter the work force. GC&SU is the only public liberal arts school in GA & provides an array of opportunities to become involved. The only aspect GC&SU needs to work in my opinion requiring internships for all majors to gain real-life exposure and invaluable experience.
The campus is beautiful! Everyone is so welcoming. I absolutely love the small town feel. Its my home away from home. You can always find academic help in the library. Our football team is undefeated as well!!
Such a great school with a great environment and a staff that works hard to help you to have the most successful future as possible.
Georgia College is a great mid- size school in a great city that allows you to really acquire the feelings of being a college kid.
I love this school. It is in a quite small town. The campus is beautiful! I love studying on front campus. The professors are eager to get to know their students and help them in anyway possible.
GCSU is an amazing public liberal arts school. There are always learning events to attend that help you step out of your comfort zone and to be more involved. It's a school where you can stand out from others. GCSU helps you gain the courage to go out and attend job fairs, which leads to multiple students landing internships: even full time offers after graduation.
I love GCSU. From the first day I arrived as a freshman to now being a junior I have loved every minute of it. If I had to explain GC in one word it would be, community. Everyone is so friendly, and no matter where you fit in, you will be loved and accepted.
My experience with GCSU has been great. From the first day I started the bridge program to now being a sophomore, I knew that this college was for me. The professors here are so welcoming and take the time to help you with any class. The college also as a place in the library where you can go to tutors and ask questions about any subject you may be struggling in. Besides the college, the location itself is filled with great people and a lot of fun activities.
So far, within a few months, my experience has been well. Georgia College is great. I've realized many people acknowledge the crimes present and the fear of their safety, I hope crime rates go down.
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Georgia College is one the best schools to attend if you appreciate smaller campus setting, where you really know your teachers and they know you, where you have multiple opportunities to thrive no matter what your skill set and where being there never feels like your trapped in class but you feel like your paying for knowledge.
Georgia College is a pretty good university to attend. The campus and atmosphere is amazing. Students and Professors are very welcoming. The school, academics, and housing are also usually pretty worthwhile. Though, you can find things to do, Milledgeville is a bit small, and the food at the Max isn't much to brag about. Overall, GC is definitely a school worth trying out.
Georgia College is not conducive to people of color. This school wants to diversify its student body by appealing to potential students during tours and the like. But it neglects the students it has already recruited. Meaning the retention is poor. This is due to the culture of the campus and the ignorance of some of the non-minority students coupled with the lack of attention from the rest. All of the students need to be exposed to dealing with colorism, racism, prejudice, privilege, and gender identity. Just to start. All of this could definitely make this school one that is more tolerable and inviting on the inside and out. Other than that. The academia is top notch, housing has its perks, and student life keeps you busy.
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