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GCSU is a great school if you want the small-town feel, professor-student relationships, and a tight knit community holding up your academics and student life.
For those who enjoy having a smaller teacher student ratio, but still feels big enough to enjoy the college experience; this school is for you. This campus overall is a beautiful, friendly, outgoing environment that is filled with an abundance of events such as Greek life, sports, etc. throughout the year to keep students engaged with the campus and town itself.
I liked the smaller matriculation and the fact that you see familiar faces everyday unlike the larger universities. I also liked the housing being so close to campus so it didn't take that long to get to class. I liked the overall size of the campus and the layout was easy to understand. The professors were very knowledgeable about their subjects and the smaller class size helped me to feel comfortable asking and responding to questions.
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Professors are amazing! They are so nice and forgiving and understanding. They answer all questions asked to the fullest extent needed.
GCSU is an amazing smaller university located in a quaint town called Milledgeville. This school offers a variety of activities and clubs that allows every student to feel comfortable and fit in.
Georgia College has been such an amazing experience for me. The faculty are always very generous and helpful. When I first began at GCSU I was not sure what college was like. It was a very big change for me. I was very homesick at the beginning, but I began to make friends and adjust to a busy college schedule. The nice faculty and students made me feel welcomed and at home. I hope everyone will consider GCSU for college. It has truly been amazing so far, and I can not wait for the next three years as a student there.
I am a freshmen at Georgia College and State University. I have loved every second of being at this school. I loved how small the classes are because it helps you get to know your professors and allows you to focus more. I highly recommend!
It is a very good college with many things near by for students to do. It also has many helpful teachers willing to go the extra mile for any student who asks.
The professors care about each of their students by providing optimal educational opportunities. A majority of the professors are respectful and value their students' opinions and input.
Georgia College is a great school. An excellent campus with lots of learning opportunities. Georgia College is a great school. An excellent campus with lots of learning opportunities. Georgia College is a great school. An excellent campus with lots of learning opportunities. Georgia College is a great school. An excellent campus with lots of learning opportunities.
I love GCSU so much! It's the perfect fit for me. The small campus and class sizes make me feel right at home.
Georgia College is such a lovely place. The environment gives off a hometown feel and is it small and quaint. Everything is close by and so easy to get transportation to. The people are friendly, as well as the teachers (who actually care about your grade). The food is amazing too, there’s chick-fil-a, Japanese food, Mexican and so much more. And there are advisors who will help guide you in the right direction if you may be lost in life. The dorms are nice too and they really do try to pair you with someone you will connect with. The financial aid office is the best, they try their absolute best to help you in any way possible and I appreciate them so much. Overall I really do enjoy Georgia College and all that they offer. My experience there so far has been an extremely beneficial one.
I am a freshman and have had a good experience so far. There is a lot to do both on and off campus. Everyone there has been welcoming and has made the transition easier for me.
I love the friendly environment that GCSU has to offer and how easy it is to get connected on campus! If there is something that GCSU doesn't have then you can make it yourself!
I like the small town feel to it but I would like to see other minorities attend and for more majors to be available.
I just finished my first semester here and I absolutely LOVE it! Everyone is so nice and genuine and it's all about your successes and making sure that your time here is worthwhile. The facilities are great and I never felt out of place in terms of the community feel.
When I went to visit Georgia College and State I really loved the way the campus was set up, and the laid back feel of the college itself.
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Before I arrived to the campus, I already fell in love with Milledgeville. The town has so much character with so many sites to offer. With a lake less than 30 minutes away and Savannah, Georgia only a little over an hour away, how could one not love it. Georgia College and State University offers internships available for students with their major. Not only does the college offer study opportunities for the students, but they also offer a variety of activities. What I love the most is how diverse the place is; there is a place for everyone.
I really like the dorms here compared to at other colleges I have seen. I love that there are no community bathrooms. The gym is very nice and if you live on west campus you have no excuse not to go. The classes at the gym are really fun! The teachers will help you with anything you need if you know how to ask correctly and it is within reason. The campus is beautiful and you can walk everywhere. You can even walk downtown from campus which is also very convenient. The downside is after a while you realize that this is a very small town and there is not much to do. That's why it is important you get involved in clubs or greek life or anything that you're interested in. That will help you stay occupied. The nightlife here is also pretty fun but it gets boring after a while.
My experience at Georgia College was both enlightening and stressful. As it was the first college I attended, I was anxious and incredibly excited to live on my own and start learning to live life independently. The classes were small and personal, which I liked. As a student, I felt comfortable talking or emailing my professor because they usually knew all their students personally thanks to the class size. I did experience a couple hiccups with teachers who did not have my best interest at heart and advisors who really were not setting up the best educational path for me. Besides flaws in staff, the rest of my Georgia College experience was great and I would advise younger generations to try it out.
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