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GCSU is an amazing public liberal arts school. There are always learning events to attend that help you step out of your comfort zone and to be more involved. It's a school where you can stand out from others. GCSU helps you gain the courage to go out and attend job fairs, which leads to multiple students landing internships: even full time offers after graduation.
I love GCSU. From the first day I arrived as a freshman to now being a junior I have loved every minute of it. If I had to explain GC in one word it would be, community. Everyone is so friendly, and no matter where you fit in, you will be loved and accepted.
My experience with GCSU has been great. From the first day I started the bridge program to now being a sophomore, I knew that this college was for me. The professors here are so welcoming and take the time to help you with any class. The college also as a place in the library where you can go to tutors and ask questions about any subject you may be struggling in. Besides the college, the location itself is filled with great people and a lot of fun activities.
Review Georgia College & State University
So far, within a few months, my experience has been well. Georgia College is great. I've realized many people acknowledge the crimes present and the fear of their safety, I hope crime rates go down.
Georgia College is one the best schools to attend if you appreciate smaller campus setting, where you really know your teachers and they know you, where you have multiple opportunities to thrive no matter what your skill set and where being there never feels like your trapped in class but you feel like your paying for knowledge.
Georgia College is a pretty good university to attend. The campus and atmosphere is amazing. Students and Professors are very welcoming. The school, academics, and housing are also usually pretty worthwhile. Though, you can find things to do, Milledgeville is a bit small, and the food at the Max isn't much to brag about. Overall, GC is definitely a school worth trying out.
Georgia College is not conducive to people of color. This school wants to diversify its student body by appealing to potential students during tours and the like. But it neglects the students it has already recruited. Meaning the retention is poor. This is due to the culture of the campus and the ignorance of some of the non-minority students coupled with the lack of attention from the rest. All of the students need to be exposed to dealing with colorism, racism, prejudice, privilege, and gender identity. Just to start. All of this could definitely make this school one that is more tolerable and inviting on the inside and out. Other than that. The academia is top notch, housing has its perks, and student life keeps you busy.
Georgia College is a great school for a smaller feel and more attentive education. If you're looking to have a good mix of education and party I would choose here. If you're looking to have more fun go to southern.
I love being apart of the Georgia College community. I love the fact that everyone there wants you to be awarded every opportunity to achieve your goals.
Though it has a bad rep for being a "suitcase school" and having many students transfer out, I have had nothing but great experiences here. The smaller class sizes have allowed me to connect with my professors on a much more personal level. In addition, the small size creates a wonderful community within Georgia College and Milledgeville.
GCSU provides a great environment for really getting to know your professors and fellow classmates, due to the small size. Everywhere you go the odds are in your favor of bumping in to someone you recognize.
After driving through what seemed like an endless view of forrest, I was very pleasantly surprised when I reached Milledgeville and subsequently the GCSU campus. The campus was very beautiful, with lovely architecture both modern and traditional. What those buildings house is a state of the art learning community, with all the newest high tech bells and whistles. As well as the people who were in the buildings, which one would find to be some of the most pleasant and friendly around. All and all it proved to be quiet the school and a place that could facilitate the sharpest of minds.
My professors are good but sometimes hard to understand.
It's ok. You do meet a lot of people.
Good way to meet people
I love the workout area..
Great school - love the campus
Review Georgia College & State University
I really like it here. You guys so an amazing job at making everyone feel welcomed and I appreciate that. The professors care and are passionate about their jobs as well as their students success in their life, and later in life as well. There are a lot of courses but I wish there were more foreign languages available like Korean! I do like the class sissies as well, more one on one time and that goes a long way.
the career center is honestly amazing. They try so far to help aid the students of gcsu and I appreciate that so much. Just last week they had tons of different jobs come together and gave students the opportunists to put their name out there and hand them their resume. I thought that was extremely helpful.
I feel like the school does an amazing job at trying to keep their kids safe because they genuinely care for one another and I love that. It's just with downtown being only a few steps away with tons of bars and clubs, some kids do tend to indulge themselves in that kind of behavior. But I haven't personally witnessed someone overdoing it.
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