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GCSU has the perfect sized campus. It’s just right to be able to have a lot of friends but still small enough to not get lost in the crowds. I love everything about Georgia College and Milledgeville!
Georgia College is a very involved University. There is plenty of opportunity to get involved with the community and interact with the town of Milledgeville and really connect with it on a personal level. The dorms are nice and the instruction by professors is also of high level.
This is my first semester at GCSU, but it has been pretty good so far. Besides one of my online classes being unprepared for us, almost everything else has been smooth sailing. There were a few bumps with financial aid but that wasn't really this school's fault, it was my last school's. I'm looking forward to experiencing nursing school here!
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I really have enjoyed GCSU. It is what you make of it. If you get involved and make friends and focus on school you can and will enjoy it.
I love the environment of Georgia College. It is not a huge college and you need to get involved in clubs or organizations to really get the most out of your college experience. However, it is very homey and you will see familiar faces all around the campus. Very safe and pretty campus.
Overall Georgia College is an amazing school. Everyone knows each other. The faculty are great and love to encourage students. The school and city are beautiful. Professors care about students on a personal level.
My absolute favourite thing was how everyone was so friendly here! All the staff were very nice and helpful whenever I had any issues, which wasn't often in the first place because everyone was so helpful. Lots of my teachers seemed genuinely invested in how I was doing in their class and at GCSU in general.
The only thing I ever had an issue with was the mathematics department. Most teachers in that area did seem to care, but oftentimes I found they weren't able to teach the material quite as well as teachers in other areas. It would either be extremely difficult, with teachers going completely over my head, or very, very easy, with the teacher practically going back to basic high school math. It'd be nice to see some more focus on that area and to see it improve some.
But overall, this college has a very welcoming and warm environment and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a good start to college. Just maybe don't come here if you want to be a math major.
I like the small classroom size and hands on experience you receive from professors. There are also numerous tutoring opportunities to help you become the best student you can be. Georgia College offers multiples ways to get involved through several different organizations, such as sorority and fraternity life, volunteer and job opportunities, honor societies, clubs, intramural teams, and so much more!
My initial visit to Georgia College & State University was overwhelming with satisfaction. The campus is big with a historical taste. The campus appeared to be safe. I saw telephones onsite just in case there is an emergency. The student life center was my overall favorite because of the diverse smells that were making me hungry. The faculty/staff I met were friendly and helpful; which makes me excited I chose this university.
The atmosphere here of Georgia college & State University is very chill and quiet which is a good thing. There are perks to the food that is around this area and all the opportunity of different events happening whether on campus or downtown.
Full of UGA regects and rednecks, if you are from the city you will not be welcomed here. Very fake and superficial environment. Small class sizes does make for good acedemics but not all the professors really care about their job and cancel class many times over the semester.
I love how small and tight nit everyone around campus is. People are very open to opinion. I honestly love most everything about it. One thing I don't like it how we don't have a football team, but I can understand why we don't to keep the school number at a certain level. It doesn't have that university feel like it does places that do have football teams.
Georgia college has been great so far. I love the small town college with the big college feel. Really like the small class sizes that helps me focus more on whats going on in class. Also like how everything is truly with in walking distance.
Georgia College is a place for Young Life members and sorority girls to thrive. I enrolled intending on being a dance minor, but was very let down by the program. The people here are incredibly kind and welcoming, but if you are not in Young Life or a sorority, finding your group can be difficult. It is a small town, that is something to keep in mind, but if you thrive in small towns, you will thrive at Georgia College.
I loves the campus but I think their could be more food options that are closer. There are a lot of abandoned places that need to be cleaned up and turned into a grocery store or something. I loved how they offer free bus rides that run for most of the day and you only have to wait around 8 minutes.
I took one tour 3 years ago and now this place is home. Milly will always hold a special place in my heart. The school and staff is amazing and super helpful. The campus in the middle of downtown milly where it’s walking distance to restaurants and stores. The school is small enough for students to have a relationship with thier professors, but big enough to always meet a new face.
Georgia College and State University is a nice, small school that has a very home-like feel. Everyone I've met- staff or student- has been very helpful and kind. The faculty is very willing to answer your questions.
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Georgia College is an amazing liberal arts school with so many opportunities to grow and expand your knowledge. The campus is beautiful and the staff is incredible. Everyone is so supportive and loving. It has an amazing environment
GCSU is a great school if you want the small-town feel, professor-student relationships, and a tight knit community holding up your academics and student life.
For those who enjoy having a smaller teacher student ratio, but still feels big enough to enjoy the college experience; this school is for you. This campus overall is a beautiful, friendly, outgoing environment that is filled with an abundance of events such as Greek life, sports, etc. throughout the year to keep students engaged with the campus and town itself.
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