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Its a great school! love the one on one learning experience.
teaches everything you need to know about the cosmetology, nails ,or skin care field. prep for state board ready.
Gci is a awesome place to go to if you are looking to be a massage therapist or a nail tech and cosmetology. Gci is a very handsome in school and very good at explaining everything to you if you don't understand it and we'll help you understand .the staff is all about you graduate and getting out their and doing what you come to school for it's. it not easy but it's very fun and informational
Taking the morning classes gives me opportunity to be in school while my kids are in school, and be a mom in the evenings.
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Given the opportunity to attend the local pro football games is a major deal. With this I plan on giving my best of sample massage and gain clients in the process.
My experience with the professors is great. Being that GCI is a small school, if i have any questions, the professors are there for me. Its like having a personal tutor and go to school at the same time.
once i complete the program, Georgia Career Inst. will assist in job placement as well as giving me the opportunity to massage at some of the local spas. This will enhance my career as well as give me the opportunity to gain massage hours.
with massage therapy, i am able to branch out in many different aspects and travel as well. my goal is sports massage with the curriculum we will be attending the Tennessee Titans pro games and will be on the lower level to network and massage as well. With my business experience and my people person personality this makes for a great opportunity for business.
the hands on is so important. i really enjoy the fact that while learning the different massage techniques, we also get to learn on each student. hands on mixed with study materials gives you a better understanding of what your learning.
I would choose it again because the teacher's and sudents are really fun and support each other thoroughly, but sometimes there is a lot of change going on and teacher's don't always let students know what's going on they should be more open because we are all adults.
they help you get to the goals you set for your self
I like the school and staff very much
Transfering credits was not applicable. Signing up was exptremely easy. They offered a night and an evening course choice and the hours are very doable, especially as a working student.
The cost is similar to any university or other college I have attended. They put all the costs together and provide you with everything you need (massage table, books, etc). The financial aid office was wonderful in explaining everything I needed to do. I had never had anyone walk me through the financial aid process like they did at GCI.
Lots of diversity. Although mostly girls in the feilds of cosmotology, there are still a few boys as well. They are very driven.
Staff is great about hooking students up with post grad opportunities and job placement. Graduation rate is high and the students already have networking skills and contacts by the time they graduate.
The staff at GCI are great at pairing up students with potential employers after graduation. In addition, the services provided while the students are in the program provide many connections to post grad employment as well.
Cosmototlogy, ethstetics, massage therapy, etc. The professors and students are so close nit. I had a wonderful experience registering for classes. They all made it super easy to want to be there. The curriculum is very rounded, getting in to all the aspects of each certification.
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The massage program academics prepare you for the job market! They are thorough. The instructors are helpful & knowledgable.
The massage program has wonderful instructors that not only are knowlegable in their subjects but have real world experience in their field!
The value is excellent! The process is straightforward and there was no surprises.
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