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Taking classes at Georgetown has exposed me to the college life millions of students experience everyday. It's been amazing interacting with students who actually go to college and hear about how it's so different from high school.
As a transfer and low income student, I would consider my GU experience to be a difficult transition. The people here are very smart and driven, yet possess a degree of ignorance towards those unlike themselves. With the bubble of affluence here, the social scene is challenging. However, the area is gorgeous, my professors initiate engaging discussions, notable speakers/guests visit the campus (Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, USA Olympians, Airbnb Execs), the drive is contagious and everyone is doing EVERYTHING ("hillternships," volunteer work, case competitions, five clubs, knows three languages, started a school in Africa, plays the get it).
I like the opportunities that are available at Georgetown University. In fact, employers often times recruit directly on campus. The professors are intelligent, engaging, and passionate, they really want to see you succeed. Georgetown's dining halls and dorms could be improved and they are actually starting work on those two items over the summer. Another thing that I wish was different about Georgetown is that there are very few traditions, most of student life is focusing on academics, sometimes a little to much.
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Academics are hard but it's worth it! The job opportunities, the connections you make, and everything in between makes it all worth it. Wouldn't change a thing if I had to relive my college decision process
Amazing campus. Brilliant professors. Endless opportunities. I couldn't have been more proud of/happy with my choice.
While Georgetown is a great school academically, there are several aspects of life on campus that are not as amazing.
the campus is very good I enjoy everything about it and am very happy being here. this campus is good and I would recommend it to others
Absolutely amazing. These rankings drag it slightly down because of city bias (housing quality, price, endowment). I encourage all to apply.
There is such a diversity of thought, opinion, and experience among the students here. The admissions department does a fantastic job of crafting a well-rounded class as a whole whose members reflect almost every background and walk of life. Each and every student I have met at Georgetown has a very distinct set of passions and goals, but everyone seems free to explore those to an incredible degree of depth no matter where those passions may lie.
I am loving my time at Georgetown! As a freshman, I have been exposed to many great people, professors, opportunities, and more. I would not trade my time here at all.
I loved the location, the history, the traditions, and the many opportunities. I did not like the lack of mentorship. I only met my adviser once, when she signed my major form. Best of all were the other students, from whom I learned the most during my time in college.
Great campus life with many diverse events and conferences going on daily. Professors are great professionals.
I am currently enrolled in their master's program in program and portfolio management. I am not impressed with the quality of the instructors, especially for such high tuition rates. Our last two courses were basically mirror images of each other, with one instructor hardly present and never responding to questions. The other instructor never realized who his students were.....accomplished professionals with many years of experience. If I had to do over again, I would have never enrolled at Georgetown University.
Online student with on campus mandatory requirements. Pay for what you get in education, preparation for real world experience and lifelong connection to Georgetown. Student support, IT support, and faculty support have been fabulous.
Great school! Well worth the money. Great teachers and programs. Also has lots of clubs to join and lots to do.
It is a very good college. I love how it is catholic and wouldn't change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Visiting Georgetown's campus was amazing. Great college town atmosphere and amazing academic program.
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My professors have been the absolute best, classes (for the most part) are between 15 and 20 students. The campus and area are stunning, and there are no campus recognized Greek organizations, so people really focus on school and a diverse range of clubs.
It's been fun so far, I've really been able to be challenged academically while also expanding and learning about myself socially. Great academics and social life make for a memorable college experience.
Georgetown is a very unique school. It's a really nice campus in an amazing area, and its location provides students with many great opportunities. The academics are rigorous but high quality, and the students here are great.
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