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Studying at GU is a very pleasant experience. The university provides fascinating courses taught by leading professors. But the school and Georgetown community is EXTREMELY expensive, so it is hard to budget. The city of Washington DC is expensive generally, as well.
The Veterans department is wonderful. They quickly respond to emails and answer all your questions. They're a little slow on certifying hours; which can impact GI Bill funds.
Georgetown is a bit pricey but it offers world class professors and opportunities. The campus is beautiful but the dorm situation is poor. Some dorms are new and some are as old and rundown.
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The academics are excellent and will prepare you for challenges in your career. As a student, take advantage of the professors' willingness to work with you to maximize your experience.
Excellent customer service! I enjoyed all of primary contacts at Georgetown through the enrollment process.
In the heart of DC politics and government, the opportunities offered by the university are endless.
I love the diversity of course offerings and the high caliber of professors. However, the food isn't the most tasty and varied little. Certain dorms are older and more broken down than others, creating inequality among dorm residents.
Everyone at Georgetown is involved and committed to many different things that they are passionate about.
Georgetown University has a beautiful campus and stellar academics that make it a wonderful place to study. The town itself is quiet yet lively enough to make for a good place to go out on weekends. The only issue I have found with the school is that the websites and technological aspects of the program can be difficult to navigate, but these should be improving in future years.
GU offers a wide range of majors and minors across its colleges. The campus is isolated in the Georgetown community on a hilltop with lovely views of the river and surrounding city, but the isolation ends at the college wall. The access to the community and DC is amazing for internships, food, shopping and exploring the various museums of the city. GU professors are engaged and helpful, committed to students. GU facilities and dorms are state of the art and make being away from home a little easier to transition to. GU students are diverse in their race, gender, nationality and backgrounds and the student discussions and activities are amazing.
Taking classes at Georgetown has exposed me to the college life millions of students experience everyday. It's been amazing interacting with students who actually go to college and hear about how it's so different from high school.
As a transfer and low income student, I would consider my GU experience to be a difficult transition. The people here are very smart and driven, yet possess a degree of ignorance towards those unlike themselves. With the bubble of affluence here, the social scene is challenging. However, the area is gorgeous, my professors initiate engaging discussions, notable speakers/guests visit the campus (Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, USA Olympians, Airbnb Execs), the drive is contagious and everyone is doing EVERYTHING ("hillternships," volunteer work, case competitions, five clubs, knows three languages, started a school in Africa, plays the get it).
I like the opportunities that are available at Georgetown University. In fact, employers often times recruit directly on campus. The professors are intelligent, engaging, and passionate, they really want to see you succeed. Georgetown's dining halls and dorms could be improved and they are actually starting work on those two items over the summer. Another thing that I wish was different about Georgetown is that there are very few traditions, most of student life is focusing on academics, sometimes a little to much.
Academics are hard but it's worth it! The job opportunities, the connections you make, and everything in between makes it all worth it. Wouldn't change a thing if I had to relive my college decision process
Amazing campus. Brilliant professors. Endless opportunities. I couldn't have been more proud of/happy with my choice.
While Georgetown is a great school academically, there are several aspects of life on campus that are not as amazing.
the campus is very good I enjoy everything about it and am very happy being here. this campus is good and I would recommend it to others
Review Georgetown University
Absolutely amazing. These rankings drag it slightly down because of city bias (housing quality, price, endowment). I encourage all to apply.
There is such a diversity of thought, opinion, and experience among the students here. The admissions department does a fantastic job of crafting a well-rounded class as a whole whose members reflect almost every background and walk of life. Each and every student I have met at Georgetown has a very distinct set of passions and goals, but everyone seems free to explore those to an incredible degree of depth no matter where those passions may lie.
I am loving my time at Georgetown! As a freshman, I have been exposed to many great people, professors, opportunities, and more. I would not trade my time here at all.
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