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As a current junior at Georgetown, I can safely say that I am still in love with the campus as much as I was during my freshman year. The teachers have such profound, impressive backgrounds; the academics are rigorous; there are diverse communities and numerous communities with which students can identify. The Jesuit values are also very well incorporated into everyday campus life. The only thing that does need to be addressed are this: prioritization of mental health and facility maintenance. The administration does not truly invest into these two areas as much as they claim, and as a result, it has a negative impact on the physical, emotional, and psychological wellbeing of the student body. Moreover, the security of the campus is subpar - especially considering the geographic location of the campus.
Wonderful institution, with a beautiful campus, but could have better facilities. In a beautiful area as well, with lots of opportunities around.
When I went on a college visit this year, Georgetown University looked like an amazing campus. All of the students looked so energetic and I can tell that there is such a great community-type environment on campus. It seems like such a great school and it would be a dream come true to go there.
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So far my experience at Georgetown has been amazing because I was finally able to find people with similar passions for social justice and educational work. While in high school, I often had to shelter my interests, and so I settled on playing sports and building relationships solely off of playing pick up basketball. However, once I got to campus I was able to make meaningful and deeper connections with people who I had never encountered in high school. Together we push ourselves to achieve our dreams and become the best versions of ourselves in order to attempt to make a difference in this country.
Thus far during my experience at Georgetown, I have thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by such intelligent, thoughtful, and curious individuals. Whether they are students or professors, each and every person at Georgetown is incredibly bright and pushes you to strive for better. Additionally, the campus setting in the charming DC Georgetown neighborhood is simply unparalleled among other universities. Here, you have a distinctly unique combination of being in a city that offers a wide array of interesting and distinctive opportunities while enjoying all the social and academic aspects of collegiate life.
Georgetown was such a great experience for me personally -- I found the professors to truly care about their students and most of the student body was driven, intelligent, and genuine. The only downside is that their on-campus housing is pretty horrendous for what you're supposed to pay, but that is marginal to the education I received.
Georgetown is an excellent school, and I love attending. It definitely focuses on rigorous research, although sometimes I wish my professors included more hands-on activities. I wish there were more opportunities for project-based grades because most of my grades are based on 1-3 tests a semester, which I do not believe is the best judge of whether someone learned the material.
I really liked the campus and the energy. The professors are amazing and they are very educated. Many students are driven and know what they are doing. the school is great for liberal arts
I am a rising Junior at Georgetown University and have had a great time. Georgetown boast a diverse and interesting list of classes that range from the basics of religion to hands on biology research experience. Georgetown also has many student led clubs for students with a variety of interests and hobbies. There are performing arts groups, service organizations, eating/cooking societies, social justice clubs, and much more so that anyone can find a home in the hilltop. Those who wish to find something to do on the weekends can find many activities in Georgetown and the surrounding DMV area. In Georgetown alone there are movie theaters, bowling alleys, escape rooms, bike paths, boat houses, bars, and restaurants to entertain students and residents. All in all, Georgetown offers a knowledgeable and enjoyable college experience.
It feels as if I'm living in a pressure cooker. The environment is very stressful, not only academically but also socially. Classes are extremely hard, while professors are only mediocre. The social life is centered around extremely competitive clubs, both pre-professional and more socially oriented. While the school uses these clubs as a selling point, saying that they contribute to a student's well-roundedness and professional skills, this doesn't always apply because the clubs are selective according to a social hierarchy. If you're not a genius and super attractive, then good luck.
I went to Georgetown University as a sophomore high school student attending the Young Women's Political Leadership program. I stayed in the campus dorms and shopped and ate in the campus food courts. The food was wonderful and at a fair price, and the dorms were clean, safe, and comfortable.
I really like the professors and environment at this school. I think they can invest a bit more into their facilities but overall it's a very nice school and DC is a great area.
I will be attending Georgetown in Fall 2019, and I couldn't be more excited. I believe my experience will propel my professional career, but also allow me to grow personally. The brand name of Georgetown, along with the mission and vision of the school are two things that I value about the institution.
Georgetown is a good academic institution, but the facilities are extremely outdated and the food is terrible. For a school of about 7000 undergraduates, there's only one dining hall, and the meal plans are way too expensive. Everything has an added fee (like the gym and laundry). Georgetown has a pretty big endowment, but it expects us to pay for everything. Overall, I wasn't very pleased with my first year. Social life sucks and clubs are extremely competitive to join.
Georgetown University is an incredible university with top-notch professors and academic programs. Professors DO seem preoccupied with their research, but most genuinely care about students. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of the university is connected to how pre-professional it is. This can translated to club culture. People are more focused on getting jobs after graduation than most other schools. This is connected to Georgetown's return on investment, however. Well worth coming!
I wish that there was more diversity on campus. I also wish that there was more advice on careers that were not restricted to Finance and Consulting.
I graduated my MA in Policy Management from GU in 2014. I can say that Georgetown University is a very good school for all. Come and see.
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Georgetown has a School of Continuing Studies that is specifically designed for working non-traditional students. The program has excellent professors and the variety of curriculum that prepares students like me for different high level careers.
The most compelling undergraduate experience in the country, combining top academics, premier location, unlimited social, academic, research and professional opportunities, an active and diverse student body, top-notch and experienced faculty, and strong community.
The campus atmosphere is amazing. There could not be a better location for the college. There are so many place to get food, groceries, clothes, or anything you need. Right next to the nation's capital, it is a very history rich city.
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