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I truly loved Georgetown as an undergraduate student and I am returning to get my masters in the fall! I studied physics and had very small classes. I was able to develop close relationships with my professors and peers in the department. I also loved Georgetown's core curriculum that forced me into classes I didn't think I would enjoy but ended up loving!
I really love the campus and the city atmosphere! You get a lot of breaks because it is a catholic university but that's good! The work load is heavy so make sure its something you can handle. Worth it in the end, you will most likely get a job right out off school.
The culture in the business school isn't great but overall the school has been a phenomenal experience
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The Catholic Ivy League School. Student are taught by Secretaries of State, former Cabinet members and ambassadors. Washington DC’s most selective and favorite university.
Social life and student culture completely centers on extra-curricular clubs and organizations. Students are required to live on campus for 3 years and most of the on-campus housing is older and not well maintained. Educational opportunities are incredible - incredible professors, visiting speakers, and the opportunity to use DC as a resource for coursework. There are very few bars near campus, so social life is generally on campus or in another neighborhood.
Love my major and the uniqueness/specificity of study options at georgetown. The 4 school culture is singular in its effectiveness and developing certain interests
Beautiful campus, teachers who are passionate about their subjects, and incredible city / surrounding area to explore. The social scene is centered about on campus clubs and student groups rather than Greek Life.
Georgetown is a great school. Despite drawbacks which are found on other campuses, such as mediocre food, aging infrastructure, and competitive club life, it is possible for every student to find their niche and have a fantastic time as a Hoya.
Georgetown is an amazing school!! Yes, the atmosphere can be very stressful and competitive, but you will meet some of the best people. If you focus on pursing what you love, you will be met with so many opportunities.
My overall experience at Georgetown has been positive given the rigorous curriculum and high standards of academic performance have provided a stimulating learning environment. This said, I believe Georgetown could really stand to encourage more critical thinking and adopt strategies to make its student and faculty bodies more diverse, because many classrooms have tended to resemble echo chambers at times. Less significantly but still important: I think the amenities and prepared food options available on and around campus are really lacking. What is available is not affordable and the majority of these options are not catered to those who are health conscious.
Georgetown George sounds a lot of fun but it’s also a lot of work the athletic division part of it was not the most when it could’ve been in fact the football team at one and two but overall I would say door so I was a great place to be is long as you’re not trying to play football
I like that Georgetown has a lot of resources, but some of them aren't very accessible. Very rich/white school, a lot of entitled and competitive individuals. Really lacking in music/arts scene.
Academic resources are great the internal portal should be more student friendly and consolidated. The classes are very interactive and engaging and you do learn quite a bit . It is my hope that cost to attend be brought to an affordable measure as it stands right now there is constant stress as to how to pay tuition let alone books and overall coat of living. A good education should come unreasonably priced especially for those adult learners wanted to improve their lives through education.
I love it so I am having so much fun and the college is so good I am living my life with the best people woooo this is amazing thx b xoxo gossip girl
It is a beautiful campus with lively students and a supportive atmosphere. They also provide internships which will serve as a asset to many students.
Overall, an incredible experience! The location is absolutely perfect and the campus is well situated. Challenging and blows most Ivies away.
Studying at GU is a very pleasant experience. The university provides fascinating courses taught by leading professors. But the school and Georgetown community is EXTREMELY expensive, so it is hard to budget. The city of Washington DC is expensive generally, as well.
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The Veterans department is wonderful. They quickly respond to emails and answer all your questions. They're a little slow on certifying hours; which can impact GI Bill funds.
Georgetown is a bit pricey but it offers world class professors and opportunities. The campus is beautiful but the dorm situation is poor. Some dorms are new and some are as old and rundown.
The academics are excellent and will prepare you for challenges in your career. As a student, take advantage of the professors' willingness to work with you to maximize your experience.
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