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In my time spent at Georgetown, I have observed the mindset of the students; each one is dedicated to growing as a person, is always intellectually insatiable and is willing to invest in others. They represent the ultimate coalition of people-oriented people, servant-leaders, and diversified-unity.
Georgetown University was my number one choice because unlike other prestigious universities, Georgetown offers and inclusive and cooperative environment. The school not only emphasizes academics, but also there is a focus on student involvement and pursuing one's interests. Coming from a competitive high school, Georgetown helped reduce my anxiety because the community is very supportive and offers adequate resources and networking opportunities to succeed.
When I'm on the main campus, the undergraduate students a bit of a preppy, entitled vibe that I dislike. Granted, I may just be being judgmental as I have had pretty little actual interaction with them. But, in my experience, the graduate students, for the most part, are diverse, supportive of each other and down to earth,
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It’s my dream university, It has excellent medical program, good education.
, And it’s always clean, they always help students who aren’t not able to pay money to attend this university, it’ A safe place to go especially if you put your mind for to study and you know that you’re going over for to study.
My experience as an undergraduate at Georgetown University has been amazing! I love the university's commitment to investing in each individual student and enriching their academic experience. Georgetown is also intentional about increasing the diversity of the student body and faculty. There is a club or organization for everyone on campus.
Georgetown's greatest strength is the student body. They are the ones that have knowledge on campus about the best way to access resources. While many resources exist at Georgetown to help students, they do not advertise them in any way so it is left to students to help connect each other to them. The various centers on campus connect students with jobs and internships in sectors as varied as community organizing to internships at government agencies.
I think Georgetown is an amazing school for creating connections, recruiting incredible professors, and exposing students to a diverse set of ideas and values. However, I would like Georgetown to focus more accommodating student's needs and to lower the tuition.
As an incoming freshman, my experience with Georgetown so far has been wonderful! The pre-academic year advising and support from all departments in the administration is comprehensive, and the current students who have connected with us to provide advice have made Georgetown feel like home already.
As an undergraduate and a young adult, Georgetown is situated in the perfect place to experience life on your own for the first time. It is a welcoming environment and the students are so nice and inviting. Something I would like to see changed about Georgetown is the career development and outreach program. The career center is, unfortunately, not extremely helpful when students are looking for internships or job opportunities in the workforce.
Georgetown University is a great school in a fantastic location with respected and inspiring faculty in many subject areas.
After my first year here, I'm absolutely certain that Georgetown is the place for me. Because social -- and often intellectual -- life centers around student organizations, I've had the chance to meet people who share my passions. In lieu of Greek life, student organizations host parties that foster a sense of community that centers around something deeper than hazing or a few Greek letters. The professors are caring and encourage you to think for yourself. Another thing I want to emphasize is the effect of Jesuit values. I was hesitant about them coming in because I'm not religious, but Georgetown doesn't shove religion down your throat. Rather, the school makes a concerted and largely successful effort to instill Jesuit values into all aspects of the community, such as the values of empathy, care, and intellectual risk-taking.
Georgetown wasn't my first choice college, but I'm very glad that I ended up here and would so it all over again if I could. Although it's far from perfect, it has everything that's really important at the end of the day. Great academics, beautiful city, and stellar people.
I like the academic standards that Georgetown University holds its students too. I wish the university had more diversity amongst its students.
Georgetown is a great place to attend for graduate degrees in International Affairs, the network of alumni and professors are valuable as are the courses offered.
Georgetown opened the world for me. Great location, great professors, and amazing classmates. Awesome university!
Georgetown is amazing. It gives you the best of both worlds: a vibrant campus community, and access to one of the world's most influential cities. While Georgetown's amenities are relatively poor, their education is world-class. Join clubs, your social life will largely revolve around them. Get to know your professors, they are leading scholars in their fields, and simply brilliant.
Georgetown University is a beautiful campus surrounded by many opportunities as it is in the heart of Washington D.C. It's Walsh School of Foreign Service is second to none and is a great place to pursue international affairs and many more areas as well.
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I truly loved Georgetown as an undergraduate student and I am returning to get my masters in the fall! I studied physics and had very small classes. I was able to develop close relationships with my professors and peers in the department. I also loved Georgetown's core curriculum that forced me into classes I didn't think I would enjoy but ended up loving!
I really love the campus and the city atmosphere! You get a lot of breaks because it is a catholic university but that's good! The work load is heavy so make sure its something you can handle. Worth it in the end, you will most likely get a job right out off school.
The culture in the business school isn't great but overall the school has been a phenomenal experience
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